11 types of coffee and what you need to know about them

Many people buy cheap coffee from the supermarket and never worry that there are noticeable differences between different brands, types of coffee, degree of roasting and so on. And there are also coffee lovers, who are in perpetual search for the best recipe and the perfect ingredient.

Regardless of the reason that determines you to consume coffee, the most important thing is the taste it has, the perfume that invades the room and the way it makes you feel. Each of us has his favorite assortment of coffee: with milk, black, small, long…

If you consult the menus and specialties based on coffee, you will discover an endless list. We didn't intend to exhaust it, we just want to help you understand what to expect when you order one of the most common ones.

American coffee

Yes, in the menus of pretentious cafes, that's exactly how you'll find it noted. It is one of the simplest options available on the market, obtained by adding water over a small shot of espresso. The origin of its name has to do with World War II, when it is said that American soldiers prepared it in this way to enjoy hot drinks longer.

11 types of coffee and what you need to know about them

Caffe Latte

Known as Cafe au lait or simply Coffee with milk, this is a second most popular option among coffee drinkers. It's about hot milk and a shot of espresso coffee. The characteristic frothy consistency is one of the most appreciated things in this recipe, also loved for its mild and unctuous taste.


Some voices claim that this is the most popular coffee brew in the world. Capuccino is a three-layered product that will remind you of a chocolate mousse cake. The first layer is a shot of espresso, above which there is a generous layer of boiled milk, which has a portion of milk foam on the surface.

Depending on the client's preferences or the mastery of the barista, above you can find chocolate powder or other small delicacy. Traditionally, this variety of coffee is consumed by Italians for breakfast.


To prepare the classic espresso, a small amount of boiling water is "injected" into a layer of finely ground coffee, then strained into a small cup. Although it sounds very simple, it is a technique that is very difficult to master with all skill.

Although not recommended for the faint of heart, espresso is the purest experience that coffee can offer. It's true, not everyone agrees with this option, but it can become a real experience, provided a skilled barista and an assortment of the best quality.

Flat White and Long Black

These two varieties of coffee come from New Zealand and Australia. In the case of Flat White, the boiled milk at the base of the cup, which has a creamy consistency, is poured over a shot of espresso.

For Long Black, the preparation is different: hot water is poured into a cup, then two shots of espresso are added. It is the opposite process to the one used for Cafe Americano, the result being a stronger coffee, with the characteristic foam on top.

11 types of coffee and what you need to know about them


Also known as Piccolo Latte, a macchiato coffee consists of an espresso shot to which a rich layer of milk foam is added. Although the description reminds you of a cappuccino, the result is generally better, because the boiled milk is missing from the recipe. Also, a macchiato a la carte is served in a small cup, similar to espresso.


When you order a "mocha" you will receive a latte to which a topping of whipped cream, chocolate powder or syrup is added. The jokers consider it an intermediate level between the cocoa milk of childhood and the coffees of adulthood.

Irish Coffee

This is definitely a type of coffee for "big people", because whiskey, sugar and a thick layer of whipped cream are added to the espresso shot. Do not imagine that we are talking about a low alcohol content; on the contrary, I would say it is enough! Irish Coffee is not a choice for the morning or the days when you have to drive…


A Vienna coffee is made from two very strong espresso shots and a thick layer of whipped cream, meant to replace milk and sugar. It is probably the favorite drink of those who love the intense aroma of espresso and want to combine it with the creamy consistency given by whipped cream.


Affogato is not, in fact, a coffee. It is also addressed to lovers of this drink, but is represented by an espresso shot poured over a dessert, most often over an ice cream.

11 types of coffee and what you need to know about them

Can I enjoy these specialties at home?

Well, maybe not all of them, or maybe not identical to the ones that an experienced barista would prepare for you, but some of them can be reproduced and tested at home. Or, in the worst case, they can serve as a source of inspiration for delicious recipes, seasoned to your own taste and taking into account personal preferences.

The most important thing you need for a tasty coffee – no matter what your favorite method of preparation is – is freshly ground "raw material". This is why aromatic liqueur enthusiasts often prefer to buy a coffee maker with grinder , which will keep the original flavor of the chosen assortment. In fact, it is considered a "barbarity" to use ready-ground coffee, which loses its flavor very quickly.

If you have another favorite method of making coffee, we still recommend you buy a grinder, which will allow you to get the perfect grinder for your recipes.

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