13 useful functions of refrigerators, in addition to the No Frost option

As it passes, refrigerators are evolving and manufacturers are innovating, offering more and more features. Some options prove to be extremely practical, and others will not be indispensable at all. Again, it all depends on how important you are and your preferences. Take a look at this article and discover the functions that will make your daily life easier.

Refrigerators have become so common in a household that it seems we don't have to pay much attention to buying them. Of course, when choosing, the size of the device and your budget are essential criteria, but you have to pay more and more attention to the more and more diverse functions proposed by the manufacturers.

Water or ice dispenser

Located on the refrigerator door, the vending machine allows you to constantly have fresh (filtered) water, crushed ice and ice cubes. Most refrigerators with ice dispensers require a connection to a water supply. But there are also refrigerators with independent tanks (which are filled with water).

Ice cubes are produced automatically as soon as they are consumed and stored in the door. A grinder turns them, if necessary, into crushed ice.

13 useful functions of refrigerators, in addition to the No Frost option

Super Freeze

As its name suggests, the usefulness of this function is to speed up the freezing time and is activated by a specific button. It limits temperature variations when large amounts of fresh food to be frozen or fresh frozen food are to be introduced.

Super Cool

On some refrigerators there is a button for Quick Cooling or SuperCool (Coolmatic at AEG) which lowers the temperature to + 2 ° C for six hours, then automatically returns to the optimal temperature initially set. I activate it before going shopping; thus, large quantities of fresh food after returning from the market will be quickly cooled.

A compartment of 0-3 ° C

Liebherr, the flagship brand of refrigerators, has developed a successful system on several of its models. It is a Bio Fresh area with 0-1 ° C, which includes three drawers, whose humidity differs: in the lower part, reserved for vegetables, it is 90%; in the upper part, 70%, the ideal rate for meat; the middle one can be adjusted as needed – 80%, for example, to promote fish preservation. Similar compartments can be found for Hotpoint, Arctic (FreshMax), Bosch (VitaFresh) products, etc.

Compartment for fruits and vegetables

Most NoFrost refrigerators are equipped with special drawers that ensure the temperature and humidity necessary for fruits and vegetables to stay fresh longer (EverFresh + at Beko, GardenFresh at Arctic, UltraFresh at Hotpoint, etc.).

Antibacterial weapons

Manufacturers have developed other technologies to fight bacteria, such as ionization (Ion Guard at Beko, IonAir at Gorenje, etc.). Sharp has launched its Plasmaclusters system that uses ionization to neutralize bacteria in the refrigerator and limit odors. The result on food preservation is quite impressive. The function is called Hygiene Advance for Hotpoint brand products.

13 useful functions of refrigerators, in addition to the No Frost option

Many manufacturers "align" the inside of their refrigerators with a special layer that contains an inorganic silver compound. The protective effect of this material comes from the natural antibacterial properties of silver. Present in the walls and doors of the refrigerator, ions destroy bacteria when they come in contact with the internal surface of the enclosure, and this coating remains active throughout the life of the device.

Another trick to fight bacteria is a filter that, by recycling air from the refrigerator, fights salmonella, listeria and bad smells (Active Odor Filter at Beko, Active Oxygen at Hotpoint, etc.). The lifespan of such a filter is six months, and the LCD screen indicates when it is used (at Whirlpool and Fagor, for example).

Outdoor digital thermostat

Some models have a digital thermostat on the door (sensitive controls, LCD screen). Temperature adjustment is done by digitally displaying it. The outdoor thermostat makes it unnecessary for the user to open the door to regulate the temperature and, therefore, limits the supply of hot air.

At a glance, you can check the temperature at any time. In case of an anomaly, the intervention will therefore be faster. The mechanical thermostat is sometimes located inside the refrigerator and takes up space.


To improve the accessibility of the refrigerator and save electricity, some models have double access: a door to door or 2 doors. A first door allows access to a compartment without having to open the refrigerator wide. You can put all the usual food there, you decide what you need more often. This door can take up the entire height of the refrigerator or only the top. It's called Door-in-door at LG and Food ShowCase at Samsung.

This door becomes transparent and the light inside the refrigerator turns on when you touch its surface twice. It allows you to check the contents of the refrigerator without having to open it. Therefore, the InstaView Door in Door function is very economical.

13 useful functions of refrigerators, in addition to the No Frost option

Glass shelves / anti-overflow / half shelves

Secured glass shelves are more hygienic, easier to clean and more resistant to bumps and scratches. Glass keeps your food fresh longer due to its ability to absorb cold.

Some shelves are anti-spill, meaning they have raised rubber edges that prevent liquids from spilling, which can be practical. Some shelves have 2 parts (CustomFlex at LG, Easy Access Rail at Bosch): the lower part slides under the upper part to form a half shelf. This optimizes the space in the refrigerator.


Most No Frost refrigerator-freezer models have an audible alarm, which warns that the door has not been closed correctly, thus preventing the temperature inside the appliance from rising. This feature can be useful for families with children.

There may also be a visual or visual and audible temperature alarm that immediately warns of an abnormal temperature change in the refrigerator.

Holiday Mode

The "Holiday" function can be activated in case of prolonged absence. Turn off the refrigerator and keep the freezer on. Some models allow the refrigeration part to be set at a temperature of 14 ° C.


The fashion of connected gadgets seems to catch on in the kitchen as well. And the refrigerator-freezer is the most requested appliance. It is the centerpiece of your kitchen and can become a real everyday assistant. Such representative models are the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator or the LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator.
13 useful functions of refrigerators, in addition to the No Frost option

With a proper management system, you can manage and control the refrigerator remotely, check the stock on your smartphone, view the contents of the refrigerator when shopping, receive an SMS alert in case of lack of a product, poorly adjusted temperature, expiration of some products etc. You can also control the refrigerator by voice using voice commands.

Multimedia support

Your refrigerator can also become a multimedia support via LCD screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB port, etc. For example, an LCD screen, which has an operating system, is integrated in the door and allows you to watch TV, listen to music, surf the internet, view photos from your phone, etc.

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