14 types of cutlery and how to use them

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Since ancient times, people have built cutlery from polished stones and bones to hunt and eat. Such creations, adorned with feathers, jewelry and even notches, existed around the table even in the Middle Ages, when forks became a reality. At the court of King Louis XIV, in 1669, the sharp hunting knives were finally replaced with some blunt or less sharp, the first stainless steel objects appearing only in the 20th century.

The forks appeared in the same period as the knives, having only two fangs and being used only for cooking and serving, because it is considered that eating with something other than the hands is an offense to God. The ancient Egyptians were the first to use forks as cutlery, and in 16th-century Europe, Catherine de 'Medici was the one who brought these utensils to French tables.

The spoon was originally carved from wood, bones, stone or shells, its name is modern, English, coming from the Anglo-Saxon word "spon", which means piece of wood or wood chip. It has existed since the time of the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks and Romans, the design evolving over time until it reached the current style, dating from the 18th century.


The table knife

It is used to cut anything in informal situations, often with a serrated blade. It can be found in sets of cutlery, but also in pieces, in whatever style you want.

14 types of cutlery and how to use them

Butter knife

It helps to spread butter and jam on the bread without destroying the slice, having a pleasant and functional appearance. It has no teeth, the blade being less sharp, a quality product with a robust body, made of stainless steel, to keep its shape for several years.

Steak knife

It is often found on the table, and you often find it in specialty stores, and beyond. It is indispensable for dishes that include pieces of meat, because you need something that cuts well. It exists on multiple sizes and styles, sets of this kind being offered as a gift on different occasions.

Dessert knife

Although not as quickly found in a traditional kitchen, knives can play an elementary role, especially in a formal setting. A slice of cake or a tart is consumed more tactfully and elegantly using a fork and knife, having small and practical dimensions.

The refined appearance of the cutlery helps to elevate the table. Some sets may have a higher cost and can be found relatively harder than other more popular cutlery, but there are also affordable options.


Salad fork

It is most often found on formal and informal tables, being used, obviously, for salads. It is medium to large in size, suitable for many dishes, because people do not always respect the etiquette, especially on regular occasions in the family.

14 types of cutlery and how to use them

Dinner fork

It is made of stainless steel, usually with generous dimensions, because this utensil is created to be used in the main course or in most dishes that also involve a source of protein (in the form of meat). It is, without a doubt, the most used fork among cutlery, so it should not be missing from the kitchen.

Dessert fork

It is smaller than the others, but just as robust, withstanding the test of time, especially when it is made of a quality material, such as stainless steel. It offers an elegant alternative to serving desserts, especially for people who adhere to the rules of fine dining, where each dish has its own cutlery.

Seafood fork

Not everyone will need such a utensil, especially when the family does not eat shells, but in formal situations, where such a dish will be served, it makes a beautiful impression. It is the only fork that is placed on the right side of the plate, and is recognized by the three fangs.



In any home there are several such pieces that are used mainly for mixing drinks, dosing spices in dishes or consuming soft desserts. Anyone who drinks coffee or tea has at hand a collection of at least six pieces.

Fortunately, any set of cutlery also contains such pieces, as a rule, they can be purchased separately. To complete a meal serving coffee, tea or dessert, it should not be missing.

14 types of cutlery and how to use them

Classic spoon

It is not missing from any house, it can be used for all kinds of kitchen activities, besides cooking and eating. It is the basic piece for any housewife, being used for everything that requires a spoon, from morning cereals to soups or broths.

And, because it is found in any specialty store, and even in supermarkets, it should not be difficult for you to find such options that you can use daily. For more formal meals you can use a classic set of cutlery for 12 people or less, made of stainless steel, which has quality finishes, and which will look great.

Teaspoon dessert

It is obviously used for consuming softer desserts, whether it is mousse or cakes with top and cream. You can find it on the tables arranged more formally, elevating the appearance of the settlement. When you want to impress your guests and serve dessert, you will not miss the table.

It differs from other spoons and teaspoons by the fact that the edges are slightly serrated, usually to be able to cut the countertop.


It no longer needs presentation, being the one you use to eat soups. It can be replaced by the usual spoon, but it is more elegant and has a rounder shape and slightly deeper, being smaller than a normal one, but bigger than a teaspoon.

Spoon of broth

It is found at formal meals, being used to consume very light or liquid soups. It has a smaller shape than soup and is not as common in simple sets or shops.


This utensil is part of a trend, not being found in the case of formal dinners, but rather in people's homes. The appearance is clear, consisting of a spoon with fork fangs, fulfilling a double role. To get such a piece, you will have to look for it in online and offline stores, because you will not find it in classic cutlery sets.

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