3 desserts containing coffee that will amaze your guests

Although it is better known as a drink, coffee is also a very popular ingredient in the field of confectionery, bringing flavor and personality to the recipes in which it is used. From simple snacks and quick puddings, to the well-known tiramisu, the sweets you can include are numerous and appetizing.


Less recommended for the little ones, but a delight for young people and adults, coffee sweets combine in a unique way, the seductive aroma of freshly ground beans, with part of the energizing effect of a liquid coffee. Coffee is one of the ingredients that turns an ordinary recipe into an elegant and sophisticated preparation, starting from the well-known tiramisu to creams and sherbets.

If you love the idea of such a dessert, we offer you some tasty and easy to approach recipes.


Chocolate and coffee pudding

For this pudding you need 1 cup of coffee (250ml), hard and aromatic, ready prepared, 30 – 50ml of brandy and 200g of: butter, sugar and dark chocolate, simple. Put the butter and sugar in a bowl and mix the composition until the sugar melts and you get a smooth and fine texture.

Grate the dark chocolate on top and integrate into the mixture, then add the brandy and coffee. And this time you have to mix well, until the ingredients are completely incorporated and you get a homogeneous cream, but it is the last step. Pour the mixture into molds and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, then you can serve it.


3 desserts containing coffee that will amaze your guests

Coffee cream cake

Here is a recipe that the little ones can enjoy, because the share of coffee in the composition is a bit lower. The list of ingredients includes: 500ml liquid cream for whipped cream, 250g mascarpone, 200g biscuits, 90 butter, 200g powdered sugar, 12g gelatin, 60ml coffee, a tablespoon of ness, one tablespoon of cocoa and vanilla or rum essence. The format is similar to cakes, so you also need a round or rectangular tray.

For the dough, crush the biscuits as small as possible and mix them with the butter, previously melted, until you get a bound and homogeneous composition. Put the dough in the tray and level well with a spoon, so that you get a layer as uniform as possible in height, then put the tray in the fridge.

Place the gelatin in a container and add just enough water to cover it, then leave it for about 10 minutes to hydrate. Put in a pot or kettle, 50ml of sour cream, ness, cocoa and coffee, mix using a whisk and then put on the stove over low heat. When you notice that the liquid has warmed up, add gelatin and mix until everything melts in the composition. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

In a bowl, put mascarpone, powdered sugar and rum or vanilla essence and mix until you get a homogeneous texture. Then slowly add the coffee and cocoa mixture and keep the mixer moving at low speed. Separately, prepare the whipped cream, using the mixer with the washed paddles, then incorporate it into the mixture, this time using a spatula or spoon.

Remove the top from the fridge, pour the cream on top and level lightly. Shake the pan a little to remove the air and put it back in the fridge for 2-3 hours, or in the freezer for 60 minutes. It is ready to decorate and / or consumed.


Coffee sherbet

It is a recipe with few ingredients and a seemingly trivial preparation process, but if it is not approached carefully, it can very easily fail. For sherbet you need 500ml of water, 1kg of caster sugar and 250ml of intense and aromatic coffee, strained well, so that the liquid is clear, without staining. An efficient option is to use a coffee maker, but you will still have to check the liquid carefully, because even the best coffee filter can sometimes allow the coffee to pass, if the beans have been ground too finely.

Put water and sugar in a pot and simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then increase the intensity of the flame. When you notice that the liquid begins to bind, gradually add the coffee, letting it continue to boil until the texture begins to change.

When the sherbet is ready, test it by pouring a few drops of syrup into a glass of cold water. If the syrup dissolves, it must be left to boil, if the beans are ready. Careful! When you do the test, pull the pot off the heat to stop boiling until you find out if the syrup is still needed or cooked.

Let it cool until you can touch the composition with your finger without roasting, then use a wooden spatula or spoon and mix until it changes color and becomes hard. You can keep it in tightly closed jars.


3 desserts containing coffee that will amaze your guests


It could not be missing from our list, being one of the most famous coffee-based desserts. For this cake you need: 50 biscuits, 3 – 4 sachets of vanilla sugar, 150g powdered sugar, 4 – 5 tablespoons caster sugar, a cup of infused coffee, 20g of ground coffee, a teaspoon of ness, one of cocoa, 5 spoons of whiskey or brandy, 2 cans of mascarpone cheese, 4 egg yolks, 500ml whipped cream.

Put the yolks in a large bowl, along with 2 sachets of vanilla sugar and powdered sugar, and use a mixer to mix them until you get a fine and even cream. Then incorporate the mascarpone cheese, still using the mixer, then let the mixture cool.

For the syrup you need to soften the biscuits, put the caster sugar and 2 sachets of vanilla sugar in a kettle and caramelize over medium heat. Add water when the syrup starts to turn copper and bring to the boil, then top with coffee. Allow the liquid to cool and add the brandy or whiskey. Beat the whipped cream separately in a bowl and then gradually add half of the mascarpone cream.

Soak the biscuits one by one in the coffee syrup and place them next to each other in a large tray. Spread a generous layer of cream on top, then top again with one of the biscuits, repeating until you finish the ingredients. Use the whipped cream for garnish and sprinkle a little ground coffee on top. Leave it to cool for a few hours and you can serve it in the right portions.

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