3 ideas for you to build your dream home bar

Have you wanted to complete the design of your living room or terrace with a bar for a long time, but you find it a complicated project? In this article you will find three simple and easy to approach ideas, which can help you realize such a project in just a few hours, with impressive results.


Do you like to invite your friends over for a good glass of wine or a cocktail? Do you usually relax in the evening in the living room, with good whiskey at hand? Surely you have thought at least once the idea of arranging a bar in the living room, where you can keep at hand the best drinks, glasses for serving, ingredients for cocktails and other useful items. We offer you some ideas that can help you turn such a plan into reality, without too much effort.


Bar table or cart

It is the simplest bar option available and stands out from other options, through its high mobility and small size, which allow easy framing in any space. A bar cart is essentially a table on wheels, of medium height (70 – 80cm), with two or three shelves, provided with supporting edges, to prevent the bottles or glasses from slipping.

3 ideas for you to build your dream  home bar

These products can be made of wood, metal, glass or plastic, with a rectangular, oval or round design, they can be provided with handles or not, but they are always equipped with wheels that allow easy movement, without risking the balance of the transported elements.

If you can't find something to buy in online or traditional stores, or you would be more pleased to build such a device yourself, than to buy it ready-made, you can do it quite easily. The easiest option is a model made entirely of wood, for which you need: board, an electric saw for cutting, drill, screws, a grinder or some sandpaper, wood treatment, if you want to use it and outside, and paint or varnish for finishing.

Don't forget the wheels, you can easily find them in some stores that sell furniture or products for DYI projects.

We recommend, as indicative dimensions, a height of 80cm, with a width of 40cm and a length of 100cm. You can opt for a model with two levels: top and base, if you want to be able to transport and store ice buckets and champagne bottles on the bottom shelf, or with three levels, if you know that you will mainly use smaller bottles.

Such a bar model offers you the advantages of high mobility, which allows easy transport on the terrace or in the garden and, implicitly, the change of location right inside the living room, whenever needed. You can even pull it near the area where the armchairs are placed, so that you can easily serve yourself.


The bar – chest of drawers

Another simple way to get a living room bar, with low costs and little effort, is to adapt a high chest of drawers. Whether you already have it in the house or you buy it especially for this project, a chest of drawers with two or three shelves is perfect for those who do not want to get involved in a large DYI project.

Specialists recommend that you always place glasses and cups on the top shelves, because they are lighter and, at the same time, more fragile, and it is good to have access to them from a comfortable position, and full bottles on the bottom shelf.

The upper surface of the chest of drawers is perfect for preparing drinks and serving. You can complete it with a tray with two glasses and one or two of your favorite bottles, which will act as a decorative element, more clearly defining the purpose of the furniture object. If you want to highlight the bar, you can use a colorful sticker to customize the appearance.

Don't forget to stock up on glasses for each type of drink you want to serve and position the bar so as not to embarrass traffic, but still allow easy access to it.

Bar with space for cooler

What none of the above formats consider as a design is the possibility to integrate a mini fridge, cheap and good , in the space defined by the bar. If you want to have such a cooling device, in which you can store beer or ice cubes, we suggest you make a tailor-made bar yourself.

3 ideas for you to build your dream  home bar

It is not difficult at all and you only need the board, the saw for cutting, the drill and screws or nails and hammer, varnish or paint. We offer you a version with a height of 100cm and a length of 120cm, with a width of 60cm. If you can place the bar so that you sit behind it when serving, you can opt for a version with three covered sides, leaving free access to the shelves. If it will be placed against the wall, you can choose between leaving it open or installing two folding or sliding doors, according to your preferences.

Divide the interior into two different compartments, installing a vertical partition wall, made of planks. Determine in which of the areas it would be more comfortable for you to arrange the shelves and in which the refrigerator would fit better. Mount two or three shelves in the selected area, taking care to leave enough space between them to place bottles. You can place the shelves at different distances from each other, if you know exactly what you will store and where and it is clear to you that for certain objects, utensils or ingredients you do not need a high height.

Leave the other compartment free and use it to place the mini fridge. If you bought a shorter model and you have enough space left, you can integrate a shelf here as well. But don't forget that the cooling device does not have to be fixed to the walls, because it needs air for the engine cooling system. So leave enough space on all sides. To make everything look perfect, you can create a discreet hole in one of the walls of the bar to remove the power cord.


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