4 tips for use for the multifunctional electric grater

For many, cooking is a pleasure, except probably in the preparation phase (cutting, slicing and shaving the ingredients). Electric scrapers save you exactly this hassle. Preparing fruits and vegetables becomes child's play. For salads or cooked food, this device adapts and gives excellent results. Here are 4 sets of usage tips, from purchase to maintenance.

Do you really like vegetables and fruits that are shredded or cut into rings? Are you a skilled confectioner who likes to prepare his own ingredients, such as walnuts or grated almonds or chopped chocolate? Instead of spending time doing these tedious tasks, invest in an electric grater, which we teach you to use correctly.

Before first use

Before putting a new device into operation, it is necessary to read carefully the instructions in the user manual, to check the electrical installation and its power needs. It is also necessary to choose a place at a satisfactory distance from the outlet.

Great care and attention when unpacking and handling the cones provided, because their blades are very sharp. Do not connect the appliance to a power supply under any circumstances before it is assembled and ready for use.

4 tips for use for the multifunctional electric grater

First, remove all the parts and accessories from the package to get acquainted with them and to find out what each one is used for and how it is assembled. Wash all detachable parts and accessories with hot water and detergent and wipe them well or place them in the dishwasher. You can also wipe the base that houses the engine with a damp cloth and dry it very well.


Study the assembly diagram of the model you bought, available in the instruction manual. For some models, the cone holder is inserted first in the device, then the cone for crushing food, for others the operations are done in reverse order.

Regardless of the situation, you must follow some very important rules: handle the cones carefully, because they have very sharp blades, fix the elements well, usually until you hear a specific "click" and do not turn on the device until the assembly is complete.

Some scrapers have a locking mechanism, which prevents the cone from moving if the support is not locked securely or the cone has not been inserted correctly. Finally, position the container to collect the processed food. If it needs to be mounted on the appliance, depending on the model, you can expect the grater to have a cone locking mechanism if the container is not mounted or if it is not mounted correctly.

Connect the tool to the socket, checking in advance the observance of the voltage needs. Do a "rehearsal" before proceeding: press the On / Off button to make sure the device turns on. Thus, you can be sure that it is not damaged, but also that it has been assembled properly.

Fixing components may be a bit difficult at first, but you shouldn't worry. Over time, they will "roll" and be able to be operated without much effort.


After you have correctly mounted the grater, obligatorily integrating the right cone to obtain the desired result, and you have placed it on a stable and flat surface, you can prepare the ingredients to be processed.

4 tips for use for the multifunctional electric grater

First, choose your food carefully. Like manual graters, electric ones have certain limits imposed by their consistency. They must be firm enough not to crumble and to accumulate in the support, but not excessively strong, such as sugar or meat. Hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds must be peeled beforehand.

If the ingredients do not fit into the food tube, cut them in half or cut them so that you get the perfect size to fit in the tube and slide easily into it. It is time to connect the cable to an electrical outlet and insert the food into the tube, as well as the push accessory.

Press the start button and start pushing the food down, applying constant but gentle pressure. As the cone blades are very sharp, the ingredients must be handled with care. Never use your fingers or other kitchen utensils to push food down, but always use the push attachment provided with the appliance.

After finishing processing the vegetables / fruits / cheese, press the start button again and collect the grated or shredded food. Depending on the model, some multifunctional graters have a continuous use time limit, which can range from 1 to 2 or more minutes. Therefore, be careful to turn off the device after these intervals, especially since it takes about a while to process a series of ingredients that fit in the supply tube. You do not have to keep the appliance on when you put food in it.

Cleaning and maintenance

Make sure the appliance is unplugged and that the blade has stopped rotating before handling or cleaning components. Remove all parts and accessories, starting with unlocking the cone holder, an operation without which you will not be able to detach the blades.

Wash detachable items with hot water and detergent or put them in the dishwasher. In any case, sanitation must be done after each use. Again, the handling of the cones requires special attention, because the blades are sharp.

4 tips for use for the multifunctional electric grater

If your grater is equipped with some plastic components that have been stained from some foods, such as carrots, it is recommended to rub them with cooking oil before regular cleaning. Some models have included special cleaning devices or brushes to operate between the blades.

Before reassembling the appliance, make sure that all elements and accessories are completely dry, so as not to risk their exposure to prolonged moisture. The appliance itself, the base that houses the engine and the power cord cannot be cleaned in the sink or in the dishwasher. If necessary, you can use a soft, damp cloth, followed by a napkin or a dry cloth.

Store the power cord around the base of the appliance or in the specially provided compartment. If you do not use the device frequently, you can keep it in its box. In any case, the blades must not be accessible to pets or children.

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