4 types of electric ovens and when they are useful

Independent oven with hob, small countertop model, compact and easy to use, or a modern version, integrated in the kitchen furniture? Find out from this article what are the options you have when you want to buy such a device for your kitchen.


Have you decided to equip your kitchen with an electric oven, but for now you don't really know exactly what to choose from the multiple versions available both online and in traditional stores? We can help you with a short classification, according to the most important characteristics that differentiate them.


Simple built-in models

The advantage of the options with incorporation in the furniture lies mainly in the much more harmonious and compact aspect of the kitchen. Like the options that sit on the counter, these options also save you visual space, being included in a piece of furniture that was already there.

In addition, they are easier to clean, most of the exterior being closed in the cabinet structure and therefore less exposed to dust and food residues. From this point of view, the independent floor variants, with hob, are the most disadvantaged, the sides being frequently stained with oil and food residues that jump off the hob and requiring periodic cleaning.

4 types of electric ovens and when they are useful

A built-in stove is the ideal option for a kitchen with a modern or minimalist design, or a concept with a cooking island in the middle of the room. Unlike independent models, these versions are never accompanied by the hob. So you have to buy it separately.

Some people prefer to mount the built-in systems close to the floor, at a height similar to the independent ones, others opt for the placement at eye level, where the interior is easier to follow, without having to bend over.


Double built-in ovens

In most households you will find a single medium or large oven and in most cases it is enough. But if you live in a house with a large family, where you not only cook frequently, but also in substantial quantities, you can of course consider the option of a double version.

From this point of view it is good to know that most double built-in electric ovens include a large, standard oven, and a smaller one, which is usually used with the grill function.

It is important to remember that a double oven means a larger occupied volume, either vertically, if the two compartments are positioned below each other, or horizontally, if you choose a version with the compartments next to each other. So weigh the decision well, especially if you have a small or even standard kitchen, because these spaces are usually designed to fit the usual variants of appliances.

As with simple options, you also need to decide on the level at which it will be installed. You can opt for maintaining the classic location, under the worktop, in which you may or may not fit a hob you want, or lift the entire package at eye level, a more comfortable position, but which usually requires the separation of the baking area from the of the hob.

4 types of electric ovens and when they are useful

You will also find on the market double models that combine a standard electric oven with a microwave version, thus covering two cooking options. These are a useful and suitable option for those who are used to heating food in the microwave or would like to be able to do so. Combining the two elements into one saves money and space.


Independent oven with countertop placement

We refer here to smaller electric ovens, designed to be placed not on the floor, but on the counter. They usually have a smaller capacity, being designed for households with one to three people and small kitchens, in which you do not have enough space for a model that would occupy the surface of the floor.

They are just as effective as large independent alternatives, some include a hob, usually two-mesh, and most come with compatible grills and trays. Despite the limited size, they can be easily used to bake almost any dish, from steak and vegetables to pizza or cake, only in slightly smaller quantities.

It is one of the ideal options for those who do not like reheating food in the pan and are very easy to install and transport.


Independent oven located on the floor

It is the most popular and best known variant. The independent or freestanding oven is that model provided with legs or a base that allows placement on the kitchen floor, without the need for integration into the furniture. These versions are most often provided with a hob, which can be supplied with gas, electricity or can be an option with a mixed structure, which includes burners of both types. The best cookers with electric oven are, according to specialists, those that easily adapt to the power supplies of the home, which is why the gas hob versions are still quite popular.

4 types of electric ovens and when they are useful

The advantages of an independent oven come from the lower total costs, because you only pay for the appliance, the installation often means that you will simply connect it to the socket. In the case of a built-in model, you must provide both the furniture in which it will be framed and the installation services.

Secondly, such a version offers you the possibility to move things around the kitchen, if you realize at some point that it is not optimally organized or you want to change the furniture. Especially if it is an independent model powered entirely by electricity, which does not need a gas connection, you can place it almost anywhere (except near the refrigerator) and move it when you see fit.


Choose the design carefully, especially if you opt for a double built-in model, which will have a pretty big impact on the appearance of the whole room. Orient yourself to versions with ornamental details, only if the kitchen space allows, and choose light colors for small rooms.


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