5 manufacturers of popular electric hobs

Are you looking for a good electric hob and you want to know which manufacturers can provide you with quality models? Find out, from this article, some names that have won the trust of customers over time, as well as what they have to offer in this category of products.


Glass or ceramic induction hobs, independent or built-in, with one, two, four or six burners – regardless of the model you are looking for, it is good to carefully evaluate the offer of brands already recognized in the field of household appliances. Read below what I offer you five of the most appreciated brands of electric hobs available on the Romanian market in terms of experience and products.



With more than 92,000 employees, a turnover of more than $ 1 billion annually, more than 68 million products sold annually, 65 production and research points and 6 recognized brands, Whirlpool Corporation easily maintains its leading position in development, manufacture and distribution of household appliances worldwide.

Along with KitchenAid, Indesit and Hotpoint, Whirlpool is among the brands that represent this corporation on the Romanian market. Under the Whirlpool brand you will find in our stores air conditioners, washing machines and dryers, refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, standard and microwave ovens, hobs, stoves and hoods.

The range of hobs includes gas and electric models, most of them designed to be incorporated into furniture, with mechanical or touch control panel. The electric versions cover structures that include from 2 to 10 burners, with stainless steel, ceramic or safety glass surface and prices starting from 390 lei and up to 4800 lei. Regarding the operation technology, you can choose between vitroceramic and induction models, the power provided varying between 0.3 and 13kW.

5 manufacturers of popular electric hobs


Samsung is one of the brands that offer models of electric hobs for the medium-high segment. The beginnings of this name date back to 1938 and initially meant the sale of noodles and other consumer products in Korea and then export to China. The penetration on the market of electronic products took place in 1969 through the sale of black and white televisions, and in the '70s the company already exported household appliances.

At the moment, the Samsung brand covers the field of telecommunications, IT and home appliances. The latter category includes the production of refrigerators, air conditioning systems, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens and built-in appliances (ovens, hobs, hoods, washing machines).

As you may have already noticed, Samsung is the brand you should aim for if you want a built-in electric hob. The offer includes models with 2 to 4 burners, vitroceramic and induction, with touch control panel and power from 3 to 7kW. You can choose between options with a cooking surface made of ceramic, stainless steel or glass, and the price generally varies between 600 and 4900 lei.



Founded in 1883 in Berlin, with the support of Siemens and Halske, AEG began its existence by participating in the installation of electrical infrastructure in Germany. After a more difficult stage from a financial point of view, AEG AG entered the market in the '80s on the market of telecommunications equipment, components for electronic devices, office equipment, computers and home appliances. The company was acquired by Electrolux in 1994, the AEG brand remaining representative for the electronic home appliances market.

The offer of AEG appliances available in Romanian stores includes devices for refrigeration, washing and drying clothes and food preparation (ovens, hobs, hoods, stoves, microwave ovens, built-in). AEG produces and sells gas hobs, with standard electric and induction, being one of the few brands that provides you with models in which the entire surface generates an electromagnetic field, without distinct heating zones.

AEG electric hobs have 1 to 6 heating zones, are available at prices starting from 1100 lei, and offer you up to 13kW depending on the chosen model, most versions being with built-in design.



The Bosch Group is one of the world's leaders in the field of technology supply, its activity being divided into four areas of activity: mobile solutions, technical solutions for industry, consumer goods and technology for the energy industry and buildings. Founded in 1886 in Stuttgart by Robert Bosch, the company now has over 300 branches worldwide, four of which are located in Romania, where the company has been present since 1994.

5 manufacturers of popular electric hobs

In terms of household appliances, the Bosch brand manufactures cooking appliances (microwave ovens and built-in versions, thermal drawers, hobs, hoods, grills, steam appliances), washing machines and dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators.

The Bosch range of hobs includes gas, radiant and induction electric models, mixed-structure options (gas and electric) and models with integrated hood. If you want to buy an electric hob ( here is our list of analyzed models ) from the Bosch range, it is good to know that most of them are built-in. The structure includes in most cases from 2 to 5 burners, with ceramic or safety glass surface and power up to 13kW. Prices generally vary between 800 and 6600 lei, so it is a slightly more expensive brand than the average.



Present in stores in over 100 countries, with more than 280 million customers worldwide, the Beko brand has managed to gain popularity and reputation in the home appliance market.

The company specializes in this sector, manufacturing refrigeration products (refrigerators, freezers, combines), washing machines and tumble dryers, dishwashers and cooking devices (stoves, independent and built-in ovens, microwave ovens, hoods, hobs). and thermal drawers).

The Beko brand offer includes only built-in models with gas-fired, induction and vitroceramic hobs. The electric ones have between 2 and 4 burners, ceramic, stainless steel or safety glass surface, and are available at prices starting from 270 and up to 2100 lei.

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