5 ways to make exceptional coffee

For many people, coffee is not just a drink; it is a ritual, a special moment of the day. Some write down what they have to do that day, others spend their time relaxing before getting to work, and others use it in the weirdest hours for extra energy. However, how do you proceed to brag about the best coffee?

A few years ago, if someone had asked you what kind of coffee you wanted, you would probably have answered Espresso long / short. Today, however, there are so many innovative ways to make coffee that some people confess that they simply find it difficult to choose what they would like to drink. And on the other hand, there are at least as many tastes and flavors, and then, if you don't try them all, who knows what you're missing?

What are the most commonly used methods of obtaining coffee?

A short review of them reminds us about espresso machines of various types, presses, capsules or single doses, vacuum coffee makers, percolators, standard coffee makers. And these are just a few, because as the coffee industry evolves, like any other, new and new methods appear.


Espresso machines are not a new invention; they have been taking care of our caffeine level since the 1900's. Of course, today, cars are more and more complex, they have different sizes and shapes and they offer you a lot of additional facilities. The working principle remains, however, the same: pressurized water is pushed into a layer of ground coffee through a filter.

5 ways to make exceptional coffee

You can buy such a device at a low price, or you may have to make a loan for it, depending on what you want to do more precisely. Let's see, however, what to expect.

Cooking time can vary widely: a commercial device may need up to 40 minutes to warm up, while a household device will be ready to operate in 3 minutes. Once it's ready, your coffee will be ready in just 30 seconds.

The espresso machine uses finely and evenly ground coffee. The resulting coffee is strong and full of flavor; you can consume it as such, you can add water for an Americana or you can put milk.

The espresso machine is suitable for those who want a hard coffee obtained quickly, or for people who love coffee with milk. If, on the other hand, you prefer a subtle aroma, if you do not want to invest too much and if you do not have enough space in the kitchen, the espresso machine is a bad investment for you.

Stove espresso machine

If you do not want to invest too much in the preparation of coffee and still like the taste and flavor of an espresso, you can buy, at a very affordable price, this small accessory for the stove.

How does it work? The water in the lower chamber boils, the steam formed increases the pressure and pushes the water through the thin coffee in the upper chamber. The taste is not identical to that of a classic espresso, but you will definitely get a strong coffee.

Preparation time is fast, less than 5 minutes; it does not require any skills and is very easy to use by anyone. The coffee must be ground a little coarser than for the regular espresso machine. The aroma obtained is a strong one, and the strength can be "adjusted" by measuring and adapting the amounts of water and coffee used. It is worth mentioning that the vessel is also very easy to clean, an important addition to the espresso machine.

5 ways to make exceptional coffee

French press

The French press is the symbol of home-made coffee. Don't disregard her, because the bartenders have a real cult for her! It is cheap, very easy to use and, most importantly, it produces a coffee whose aroma cannot be reproduced by any other method.

It's not the fastest way to make coffee, but it's not so slow to make you sick. From hot water to ready-to-drink coffee will take about 10 minutes, but during this time you will have to deal exclusively with the preparation.

The only coffee suitable for this preparation is the coarsely ground one. If you opt for a fine coffee, it will pass through the filter and you will wake up with a bitter and dirty suspension. But the result obtained in the case of a correct preparation is incomparable: a unique drink, with a delicious texture, full of aroma.

If you're not a fan of the method, that's fine; not everyone appreciates the resulting aroma, and just as some are in love with it and ready to experiment with a variety of coffee, others are not at all impressed.


The percolator is not a new invention at all, but coffee lovers consider that the method has no respect for the drink itself, nor for the coffee bean, and obviously not for the consumer. And that's because what should be an aromatic liqueur is subjected to several boiling processes, the result becoming a brown and bitter drink.

The percolator should work for 10 minutes, but the specialists consider that it is much too much and that you should stop after 3-4 minutes. You need a coarsely ground coffee and its only advantages have to do with the speed and ease of use.


There are a lot of coffee maker models on the market, but they are all inspired by the classic coffee maker . Depending on the number of people for whom you prepare coffee every day, we recommend that you choose a product with the right dimensions.

The preparation method is simple: put the filter, put the coffee, press a button and the job is done. In less than 5 minutes after eating in the morning, you will be waiting for a hot and aromatic coffee. The macinis must be medium – fine, and the result will conquer you with its rich aroma, without any hint of bitterness.

5 ways to make exceptional coffee

The process itself is very simple, but of course, there is room for mistakes, depending on the amount of water and coffee you use. But the great advantage you enjoy is that you can customize your coffee recipe exactly to your preferences.

The coffee machines are also very easy to clean, not only affordable from a financial point of view. Their only disadvantage is that you have to be careful with your stock of filters, because if they run out and you forget to buy, you will end up with the pathetic vending machine on the ground floor of your workplace.

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