6 appreciated companies that produce hoods without evacuation

Are you looking for a hood without a pipe and you don't know exactly which brands sell these products? We present, below, some of the most popular names on the Romanian market, along with brief information about the available offer and experience that supports the performance of the devices made.


Hotels without evacuation are an efficient and elegant option for kitchens where cooking is not intensive and spaces where structural changes cannot be made to pass the exhaust pipe through a wall. The ease with which it is installed and the discreet and elegant appearance have made these products easily gain in popularity, being offered as an alternative to classic models by many of the brands that produce hoods. Here are some of the most appreciated companies in the portfolio of which you can find these devices.



The Beko company started its activity in 1967 and was founded by Leon Bejenaro, the brand name coming from the first letters of the two names of the founder. The products developed under this brand cover large appliances (washing machines and models for dishes, tumble dryers, refrigerators, cooking products, including hotels) and small appliances.

6 appreciated companies that produce hoods without evacuation

In the latter category you will find appliances for comfort (humidifiers, fans, air heaters, etc.) and electrical appliances for the kitchen (coffee makers, mixers, toasters, etc.).

The range of hoods includes independent and built-in models, and in the design category you can opt for a decorative, telescopic or traditional format. The available absorption capacity varies between 165 and 635m3 per hour, which means that you can easily find appliances suitable for kitchens with an area of 6.5 to 25sqm.

The offer of versions without evacuation includes professional and household models, with carbon filter and the option to adapt the appliance for circular operation, if necessary.



Although the Zanussi brand is currently owned by the Swedish company Electrolux, it was founded in Italy in 1916 by Antonio Zanussi, a blacksmith, who started the company to produce ovens and stoves. In 1958 the washing machines were launched under this brand, in 1960 the Zanussi TVs, and in 1964 they brought to the Italian market the first refrigerator with freezer compartment.

The products present on the Romanian market currently cover the category of cooking appliances (ovens, hobs, stoves, hoods), dishwashers, refrigeration options (refrigerated boxes, refrigerators, freezers), variants for washing clothes and vacuum cleaners. Under this brand, a line of professional devices for the HORECA segment is also developed and sold.

The hotels available in the Zanussi range cover a variety of formats: traditional, fireplace type, telescopic and built-in. If you are looking for a hood model that does not use a drain pipe, in this manufacturer's offer you will find versions with a modern design, easy to integrate into the furniture structure or more classic formats, which pleasantly complete the look of the room.



If you turn to the Gorenje brand, it is good to know that under this name is a Slovenian company founded almost 70 years ago. Although the beginning of its existence meant the development of devices for agriculture, today the brand is one of the best known manufacturers of household appliances internationally. In Romania, the name Gorenje means over 300 models of appliances available.

6 appreciated companies that produce hoods without evacuation

Gorenje was the first supplier of washing machines in Yugoslavia, the product being launched in 1964, and in 1968 it joined the companies producing refrigerators. Currently, the Gorenje group sells products under 9 brands.

The range of hoods includes four collections: Classico, Ora-Ito, Simplicity and Gorenje design by Karim Rashid, thus offering the possibility to choose from a variety of formats according to personal preferences. The extraction efficiency reaches up to 790 m3 per hour, and the versions without evacuation are discreet and efficient.



Romanian brand designed to provide quality products at an affordable price, Star-Light offers, among others, a line of hoods, both in the classic version, with exhaust through the piping connected to the outside, and in the recirculation system.

Most models of hoods without Star-Light exhaust offer both the option of recirculation, with carbon filter and the option of extracting air and eliminating it to the outside, through a pipe. They are available at prices starting from 200 lei, and in terms of absorption capacity, the devices reach up to 530 m3 / h.



Whirlpool is an American brand founded in 1911, so with over 100 years of experience that have brought it today to the leading position in the production of home appliances. The brand has been present in our country since 1996 and is owned by Whirlpool Corporation, along with 24 other brands including Indesit and Ariston, also available on the Romanian market.

The product range includes classic and microwave ovens, hobs, stoves, hoods, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators and air conditioners. Among the models of hoods available, you can find options with an absorption capacity of up to 800m3 per hour, which means spacious kitchens, with surfaces that reach up to 32sqm and A ++ energy efficiency variants, for low consumption.



Founded in Berlin in 1883, Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft AG began its activity as a manufacturer of electrical equipment. The company was first acquired by Daimler AG and then by Electrolux, marking the home appliance industry with innovations that have changed the way we consider home comfort.

The name AEG means the first electric refrigerator and the first tumble dryer with a heat pump. The brand's products are distinguished by a special design, the concern for form and details being an important factor since the 1900s, when architect Peter Behrens was included in the company's team, thus laying the foundations of the first concerns in what is now called modern industrial design. .

6 appreciated companies that produce hoods without evacuation

AEG's portfolio includes home appliances for cooking, options for cleaning dishes, appliances for cooling and devices for washing and drying clothes. In the range of hoods you will find this time also models for the countertop, which integrates in the surface on which the hob is mounted, in a vertical position. The offer also includes telescopic, fireplace and decorative options, and the variants without evacuation are dual options, with the possibility of using the pipe as well.

These brands are only part of the options available on the Romanian market, but they are among the most popular names under which you can easily find the best hood without exhaust for your kitchen. Choose carefully, evaluating all the important technical characteristics and the match with the space in which you want to install it.


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