6 ideas to arrange your kitchen like the professionals

In order to be able to use the kitchen in the best possible way, you need organization and ideas whose implementation will give you impactful results. The short text I have prepared for you includes the most important lines to follow in arranging a kitchen like a book. Here you will find important indications regarding planning, facilities and style.

Because the kitchen is often the center of the daily activity carried out at home, it would not be bad to be inspired by its organization and endowment from those who take care of it most of the time. We have selected for you some ideas of designers that could help you to arrange your kitchen like a professional.

Plan according to needs and budget

When defining the way you want the kitchen to look, take into account the way you want to use it. If you are among those who prefer to gather in the kitchen all the pretensions for a relaxing evening, think of a spatial arrangement that centrally places an island or table and chairs, add a bar or even a sofa. If you use the kitchen occasionally, strictly for cooking, do not spend too much on comfort zones.

Consider the necessary budget and related to the type of work you undertake. For a new kitchen, the costs are different from those needed for a remodel, but the latter can hide unforeseen work. You may find that it is necessary to change the water installation or reorganize the electricity network, increasing the amounts required.

6 ideas to arrange your kitchen like the professionals

Use the shape of the kitchen

First you have to decide if you want an open space kitchen or a closed one. For the open space, the way the furniture is distributed, the light, the colors and the floor, as well as the way of ventilation or the work and relaxation spaces will constitute an ensemble with the rest of the level.

With simple, square or rectangular closed kitchens, you will have less hassle; they can be arranged by the most useful and suitable spatial distribution of the furniture and appliances, with a safe work front or with two fronts, according to preferences.

If you have a space with a different shape at hand, usually in the shape of an L or a U, pay special attention to the way you place the basic triangle of the kitchen, consisting of a sink, refrigerator and stove. Try to place them at a distance of a few steps from each other, or with easy access. If space is limited, this L or U arrangement may be most advantageous.

Choose the right style

The right style is not necessarily the latest trend. It is important that it functionally covers the way you use the kitchen and you feel comfortable with it. The most common are the classic style, the modern one and sometimes the minimalist one. The classic style includes furniture in dark colors, made of wood or MDF, with conservative shapes, glass doors for hanging cabinets, and the floor and decorative tiles are made of tiles.

The modern style uses straight lines and calm colors. Most of the time, functionality and simplicity dictate the whole. Those who prefer minimalism choose clear geometric lines, and additional decorations or features are missing. If you are passionate about cooking and technology, choosing a hi-tech style will come naturally. Practically the lines remain the same as those of the modern or minimalist style, with the difference that all the endowments are of the latest generation, from drawers to refrigerated boxes.

Very popular lately are vintage or rustic kitchens. A vintage kitchen is recommended in pastel colors, and includes makeshift cabinets, painted furniture, the use of porcelain and patinated wood. The rustic ones are characterized by natural wood and sometimes fake brick, exposed beams, ceramic tiles and wicker decorations.

6 ideas to arrange your kitchen like the professionals

Pay attention to materials and design

Along with the furniture, the obvious elements that make up the style of a kitchen are the sink, the countertop, the wall decor and the floor. The choice of sink is among the most subjective: you can opt for sinks of various shapes and colors, with a tub or two, with faucets made of stainless steel, copper, brass, chrome or bronze. You can choose a fixed or flexible pipe, mounted on the counter or on the wall.

The top can be made of solid wood, pale in various finishes, granite, quartz, marble or ceramic. The choice depends on the way you thought about the whole kitchen, but also on the properties of the materials. The stone countertop is very resistant, and the ceramic one is easy to clean. On the other hand, a wooden countertop can be changed quickly if you want to intervene again, the stone ones being more suitable for islands, but heavier and with a slightly higher price.

Tile flooring is gradually starting to give way to wood flooring, whether it is natural or laminate flooring or parquet. If you have decided to use underfloor heating, then you have to go a few extra steps and you have to add materials to the shopping list.

Leave enough space

Because a kitchen is comfortable and useful only if you can move freely through it, use a basic rule regarding passageways. They must be at least 90 cm, respectively over 1.1 meters in the work area around the sink and stove.

It is equally important to provide enough space for the doors and drawers to open, and for this it is advisable not to position them in the corners or with the opening to the passageway. When calculating these spaces, do not forget that your kitchen will not be empty, but will be most often populated, the chairs will be occupied and the corridors will narrow.

6 ideas to arrange your kitchen like the professionals

Choose quality appliances

Whether it's refrigerators, hoods, food processors or toasters, their design and quality will give you the best experience in the kitchen. Choose the products in time and make sure they fit in the space.

You will have to opt for the type of oven and hob supply. Those who decide to supply gas have at their disposal several established brands that have mainly gas products, such as the Zanussi series of stoves. For those who prefer electricity, the offer is quite large, both for stoves and built-in hobs and ovens.

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