6 kitchen appliances that cost less than 30euro

Do you need something else in the kitchen to make your work easier, but is the budget a bit limited? Don't worry, you can handle reasonable investments. Here are some quality appliances that you can buy at prices lower than 100 lei.


The arrangement and endowment of the kitchen often means significant costs, if it is about furniture or large appliances such as the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher. But you can complete the list of electronic devices that help you prepare meals faster and better with a few devices that are available at prices below 100 lei. They are perfect options for those who reach this stage with a limited budget, but still want to benefit from quality products.


Mini Chopper Russell Hobbs Explore 22220-56

Do you waste a lot of time chopping onions, peppers, parsley and other vegetables then you cook? Replace the knife and the bottom cutter with a modern and efficient alternative, such as this mini shredder from Russel Hobbs.

As the name suggests, it is a small capacity version, with a bowl that allows you to load a volume of 340ml with the ingredients you need to grind. Includes stainless steel blades, which you can detach to clean them more easily, non-slip feet and 130W motor.

6 kitchen appliances that cost less than 30euro

The lid is provided with a safety closure, to prevent accidental opening and spreading of food through the kitchen, and together with the bowl and slats, it can be inserted in the dishwasher. It is easy to use, being activated by means of a stop / start button and includes a single working speed, so you will manage the degree of crushing following the dimensions of the pieces and turning off the device when you are satisfied with the result.


Blender for smoothies Turmix ZILAN ZLN-0511

Do you like to eat smoothies or have you just decided to change your diet and the nutritionist recommended them to you? You can easily prepare them by adding a blender specially designed to make this type of drink.

Turmix ZILAN ZLN-0511 can be used to grind and mix ingredients, to crush ice, but also to grind. The container included in the design has a volume of 600ml, enough to be able to fill 2-3 glasses and therefore serve the guests.

The engine has a power of 350W, enough for the small quantities you work with, and the dish and blades can be easily washed in the dishwasher. It is provided with a 1.3m cable, which ensures easy access to the nearest available socket.


Star-Light toaster TEB-850BR

Do you like toast and love to eat hummus or avocado paste, but not sure if you can afford to buy a toaster? Star-Light TEB-850BR helps you enjoy well-browned slices, at a price well below 100 RON.

The design is retro, with rounded corners and edges, but the vintage elements stop here, in terms of functionality, the product accumulating features as modern as possible. As you might expect at this price, it is a version for two slices, which you can not only fry, but also thaw, if you kept them in the freezer.

6 kitchen appliances that cost less than 30euro

It is one of the versions that allow you to choose the degree of frying, in 7 steps, so that you get exactly the desired result, and includes an 850W motor, powerful enough to ensure a quick frying, without unnecessary waiting times.


Sandwich maker Albatros S2B-750

The easiest and fastest way to prepare a sandwich is to use a device made especially for this. If you like to combine all kinds of foods (tomatoes, cucumbers, meat, cheese, mozzarella, eggs, ham, etc.) between two slices of bread and you love the delicious taste of melted cheese, Albatros S2B-750 can be a device you have need in the kitchen.

It has a compact design, easy to store, and the exterior is black, with an elegant look and easy to clean. It is provided with anti-slip feet, cold handle, which prevents accidental frying of the hands, light indicator that signals the operation and non-stick plates, grill type. So you get those specific grill rows.

As for the engine, we can tell you that it includes a 750W version, which helps you prepare, in just a few minutes, sandwiches for everyone in the house.


Albatros Elegance kettle

The best kettle is the one that offers you a large enough capacity for the whole family, a tailor-made motor and an affordable price. One such model is the Albatros Elegance, with a 1.7-liter tank, with a graduated window, through which you can see exactly how much liquid you have to add.

Includes stainless steel coated heater, filter that prevents impurities from entering when you turn on the tap, overheat protection and automatic shut-off when it reaches boiling point.

The cup is wireless, the cable being connected to the detachable base. This format helps you to pour more easily, without being limited in movements by the length of the power cord. The engine has a high power of 2200W, which ensures rapid heating of the water, so you do not have to wait too long in the morning for a cappuccino.


6 kitchen appliances that cost less than 30euro

Bosch MCP3000 citrus juicer

Would you drink fresh orange juice or lemonade every day, but you can't squeeze the fruit halves well enough without a suitable device? Try this Bosch juicer with a 25W motor, which opposes all the heavy parts in your place. All you have to do is cut the fruit in half and lightly press each half on the rotary squeezing system.

It is provided with a collecting container with a capacity of 0.8 liters, large enough for up to 3-4 glasses, and the detachable components can be washed in the dishwasher, so you don't have to worry about rinsing them. It is one of the most useful home appliances for breakfast, it is small, easy to store and use.



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