6 steps to prepare the foods perfect on grill

Every hot season, grilling becomes an activity practiced by Romanians, and not only. But to cook meat and vegetables properly, you need a lot of concentration, and maybe it's not exactly the best idea to do this when you just want to relax and have a beer. Here are some tips that can help you master the grill and enjoy a beautiful day.

Real fire cooking requires skills and dexterity, and when you manage to perfect your talent to get the best steak or the most juicy ribs, then you can show your friends that you can be a master of the grill. To succeed, consider the following tips to help you find the unique flavor of the food you will be roasting.

How to prepare meat

You can't just buy the meat and throw it on the grill, it has to be prepared before you get acquainted with the fire. Meats such as mussels or chops will be cut, if necessary, and beat to tender, marinating in different mixes to taste.

Boneless meat is beaten to a uniform shape and thickness, and for the fibers to freeze. The fish and the chicken deviate from this rule in the form of wings and legs. In order not to get dirty or splashed around you, you can use aluminum foil or food between which you put a pitchfork before using the food hammer.

6 steps to prepare  the foods  perfect on grill


To give a refined taste to the meat, you will also use marinade. At the same time, it has the role of breaking a stronger meat. There are many types of mixtures you can make, they are divided into wet and dry. Wet are those that use oil or wines in combination with spices, and dry ones use salt and spices instead.

An oil-based marinade will be finer and will need more time to act on the meat, while an acid-based marinade (lemon, vinegar, wine, tomatoes, yogurt, etc.) will take a while. faster operation, can be used before cooking.

Cover the meat on each side with the mixture and leave it to cool for at least 30 minutes, in the case of fast ones, or overnight (those with oil). A thicker marinade, based on tomatoes, honey, yogurt, will be cleaned before being grilled, because it can burn.

The optimal period of marinating

Not all meats will benefit from a marinade in the same period. Some stronger ones need more time to penetrate, as does the type of mixture, as mentioned above.

Red meat, ie beef, lamb and sheep, needs a minimum of 4 to 6 hours of marinating to absorb juices and flavors, while game will require even more.

Pork and poultry will be mixed with spices for 2 to 4 hours, and game birds need more time, between 4 and 8 hours, in general.

Fish fillets, such as tuna or salmon, do not need more than half an hour and up to an hour, while whole fish, such as sea bream, sea bass or trout will stay in the marinade for 1-2 hours.

Vegetables can also be introduced into such mixtures, and can be left for up to an hour, depending on size.

6 steps to prepare  the foods  perfect on grill

How cold

First, you will light the fire using charcoal and a few dried twigs found on the floor, if you want the food to taste more smoky, but first you will wait for the flame to go out. The coals should have a color as close as possible to white, and slightly shiny, because this way the heat will be uniform and strong.

To control the temperature above the grill, if you need hotter and colder areas, move most of the coals to a single area.

Take the marinated meat and mixtures out of the fridge 30 minutes before making them, and put them on the grill (here are comparative examples) when the flames are subdued. When you use several types of meat, you will first cook the thin ones, which do not need a long heat treatment, but high temperatures, such as small, sausages, burgers – minced meat, in general, after them you will add beef, pork and chicken.

In the case of bone pieces, they will be kept on the fire longer to penetrate, preferably at medium temperatures.

Beef and lamb chops can be prepared in blood or medium, but fish, pork and chicken require complete cooking. You will know that they are ready when a fork penetrates them without difficulty.

The little ones are cooked by turning on each side, so at least three times, and they do not need much time, because they will dry out and lose their taste, becoming inaccurate, if they stay too long on the fire.

The meat should be turned only once, from one side to the other, to keep those beautiful burn marks, but the most important thing is to be cooked in its entirety.

6 steps to prepare  the foods  perfect on grill

Make your own burgers

The best burger meatballs are home-made, made from quality meat and fresh spices. A good ratio between muscle and fat is 80% meat and 20% fat because, thus, the cake will be tasty and juicy, and will cook better in its own juices.

Choose the right tools

Your grill arsenal should not lack tongs, which will help you return any fried food, thus preventing it from falling into the fire, as happens when you try to do the same thing with a fork.

Besides this, you can also buy a grill palette for fish, if you do it often and you think you would need it, a fork for grilling or even a metal spike for skewers.

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