6 steps to use the pan like a chef

Do you want to enjoy the delicious taste and special texture specific to grilled dishes without being able to cook in this way? Using a grill pan on the stove can give you this pleasure, if you follow some basic rules regarding the use, cleaning and storage of the dish and some culinary tricks that we have detailed for you.

Buying or discovering a grill pan in your grandmother's pantry does not automatically turn you into a chef worthy of professional competitions or culinary shows with millions of fans. For starters, you need to learn how to use the grill to get delicious results and practice preparing as many recipes as possible, while keeping the pan in optimal operating parameters.  

Add smoked ingredients

In order for the steak prepared in the kitchen, in the pan, to be as close as possible to the specific taste of the grill, slightly bitter and smoky, you can use a trick as simple as possible.

Leaving the meat on the fire to catch a burnt pojghita is by no means a viable option, given the fact that that layer is toxic and bad in taste. Liquid smoke can have the same result.

But certain spices such as smoked salt or smoked pepper can successfully make up for the lack of embers and salty-bitter tone.

If you want to enhance this note, it is recommended to use ingredients specific to Southeast Asian cuisine (Philippines, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam): fish sauces, which you can buy from specialty stores or supermarkets under the name of nuoc-mam or nam-pla; soy sauce or huisin (based on orange and soy juice). However, it is not recommended to consume these spices if you are allergic to gluten.

6 steps to use the pan like a chef

Preheat the container

No matter how hasty or impatient you may be, think of it as "haste spoils things." Work on something else for a few minutes, until the pan is fully prepared to serve you to its full potential.

You will sacrifice this time, but which in the end will be considered won by the quality and flavor of the dish on the plate. If you insist on using it before it has warmed up evenly enough, you will receive on the piece of steak the map of the overheated and unsatisfactorily heated points.

You can use a simple test, available to anyone, to determine if your instrument is fully prepared: that of the water drop. When you pour liquid into the hot pan, the speed at which it evaporates indicates the degree of heating of the grill.

The hotter it is, the more appetizing you will get steaks, with slightly crunchy edges, similar to those due to exposure to embers.

Prepare the ingredients and grease the pan

Even if the grill pan is famous for the exceptional quality of the prepared steaks, it still can't work wonders, no matter what the manufacturing companies say. The mastery of the chef cannot be completely replaced.

While you wait for the pan to heat up, you can cut the meat into slices thin enough to penetrate successfully without burning on the surface, but at the same time thick enough not to harden and lose its texture. juicy as soon as you put them on the fire.

6 steps to use the pan like a chef

As a small amount of cooking oil is required, you can choose between greasing the preheated pan with a piece of paper napkin, or greasing the pieces of meat directly with a special brush. The second option guarantees that the oil in the pan will not burn and will not smoke unnecessarily on the stove.

Avoid olive oil, because it has a lower burning temperature than sunflower, which promotes the release of toxins.

Cover the pan

As the outdoor grill can be provided with a lid, which has undeniable advantages, the same accessory is recommended for grill pans.

The lid is essential for maintaining an ideal temperature around the product, for keeping the steam and juice left by the meat inside, favoring the cooking of a tender and juicy steak, as well as maintaining the meat's contact with the smoke for a longer time. In addition, it considerably reduces the amount of smoke emitted in your kitchen.

If you haven't bought a grill pan yet, keep in mind that not all of them come with a lid. It would be best to opt for a set, to be sure that you benefit from perfect compatibility between the two products, both in shape and size.

The doubletta frying pan can be a good solution. Thus, you will cook safely, without smoke or drops of hot oil, the lid being hermetically closed. Spinning food with a kitchen utensil is no longer necessary, being done by simply turning the pan.

If you already have a grill pan that does not have a lid, and no other utensil in this category is suitable for the purpose, you can improvise by placing on top of the food shattering a plate or a slightly deepened tray, turned upside down.

6 steps to use the pan like a chef

Clean the pan after each use

To ensure a long life, make sure that immediately after you have finished cooking and cooling, remove any traces of dirt or burns from the surface of the grill.

Usually, a few drops of dishwashing detergent and a non-abrasive sponge are enough. Sometimes, however, the hardened burn needs a wire sponge. If you do not have such an instrument or you are reluctant to use it, you can improvise one of a wrinkled and clumped aluminum foil.

Also use coarse salt to dissolve the burn. After rinsing, wipe the pan with a paper towel, dry it completely, then grease it with a thin film of oil and season it again.

It is not recommended to soak the dish overnight to avoid rust. Cleaning the dishwasher is not an option for this product.

Store the grill in favorable conditions

Always keep grill pans between uses (here is a list of compared models) in a dry and cool place. If you hang them on a support, leave space between them so that they do not collide.

If you want to place them in a drawer, it is recommended that you fold a towel between them.

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