6 useful functions of the food processor for daily usage

In search of a food processor that will bring you as many benefits as possible, you will have to choose from a large number of products that contain a long series of functions in the description. We have extracted some basic specifications that any chef is looking for. If these features are on your favorite product list, then you're on the right track.

In order not to be easily impressed, read the list of functions we have compiled for you. The more you find these combined in one device, the more time you will save and you will get better results with the help of a single investment. Here are the operations to follow:


By processing food by an electrical device we mean several types of operations. Usually, high-performance robots have the ability to process food in several ways by using accessories. Cutting, slicing and chopping are the operations you most often perform in the kitchen, to prepare various dishes, from the simplest to the most festive.

This function is actually based on one or more knives that are used in combination with a number of accessories. If you have a good blade and some well-thought-out components, you can easily solve some chronophagous operations: chop onions, prepare sliced or noodle salad vegetables, quickly get a vegetable mixture for soup.

This function is so important that some say it defines the basic idea of a food processor and that without it you have an incomplete appliance, but that depends on the equipment you already have in the kitchen.

6 useful functions of the food processor for daily usage


This function consists of finely chopping, mixing and emulsifying food. Blending / mixing is usually done in a tall bowl, provided at the base with a knife. If you are particularly interested in this function, or you want to use the container for measurement, pay attention to the gradation it has and if it is easy to see.

Because this blade is fixed, chopping and mixing by this operation is efficient, but it does not always lead to a sufficiently fine bird, especially in the case of viscous products, which do not mix well in the vessel. To eliminate this inconvenience, some food processors have a vertical blender, consisting of a motor with a detachable or fixed end. Other products use higher power and speed and get excellent results.

The blender became more and more popular with the modernization of the hospital industry and the growing influence of diets on the population's diet. The function can be used for chopping vegetables and fruits, separately or in a mixture. For drinks you can add ice cubes and in other cases it is useful for introducing, in the form of a nut, nuts and hazelnuts in a composition.

Mixing / kneading

Among the favorites of kitchen lovers is the mixing and kneading function. Most of those who complain that they no longer find the time and energy to take care of cooking find in this function a remarkable help.

A simple, stand-alone mixer is more of a kind of electric tel, but for performing complex operations the most suitable is the bowl mixer of the food processor, which usually has a large enough bowl and edges high enough to prevent splashing and to encompass the entire composition.

The net advantage of this function, as found in food processors, is the powerful motor that replaces the chef's enduring effort. If you need to homogenize the composition for sarmale, small, burgers or cheese filling of pies, it can be solved at the touch of a button. Even more appreciated are the devices that include kneading hooks, which can eliminate tens of minutes of difficult kneading by hand of some doughs and cakes.

6 useful functions of the food processor for daily usage

For devices that include additional functions and more heads, elliptical movement designed for complete homogenization and more speeds, you can look for robots for Bosch kitchen or from other high-performance brands.

Mincing meat

An important function that requires a powerful engine and good quality blades is the mincing of the meat. In a kitchen where cooking is varied, a meat grinder is essential, but independent models are often very difficult to assemble and handle, require a lot of space and are difficult to clean. The classics are a real show of strength and destroy the furniture.

Kitchen robots, on the other hand, are designed to be easy to handle, eliminate the need for manual force, do not need to be fixed with a vise and do not take up space to perform a single task. The product is designed to make cleaning easy.

With more speeds and site you can choose the texture you want to get from the beginning, without having to pass the meat several times through the car to get what you wanted.


In addition to graduated containers, a great relief for any recipe enthusiast is the presence of an electronic scale integrated in the food processor. The ability to accurately weigh ingredients without the need for other dirty appliances and containers to fill the kitchen countertop is truly a relief.

If you have not paid attention to this detail so far, once you have this feature it will be very difficult for you to give it up. By using the scale you get the ideal composition for any type of food. Apart from that, you will notice that you can easily remember many of the recipes that you often make at home.

6 useful functions of the food processor for daily usage

Fruit squeezing

The fashion for juicers has passed, but not for natural juices and smothies. If you are on a diet, improvising cocktails or want to eat and drink naturally, a juicer included in the robot's functions can get rid of an older model, which you probably crammed into the pantry because you used it a lot. rar.

The advantage of multi-function food processors is that you do not have to give up preparing food or drinks just because the whole process is difficult, takes time and consumes excess and gets too dirty. If you have the opportunity to squeeze fruit easily and without headaches you will probably tend to enjoy the juice regularly.

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