6 ways to get aromatic coffee at home

Most coffee enthusiasts want to be able to prepare themselves, at home, a fragrant, fragrant, warm, tasty drink… and with minimal effort, as much as possible. Rejoice: your wish is achievable!

For enthusiasts who want to enjoy the best coffee in town right at home, there are no less than 6 popular methods of preparation, from which you can choose the one that offers you the most satisfaction, or which seems the most more suited to your style.


Chemex is a "coffee cone" with an extremely elegant design, ideal for the moments when your friends come to visit and you need more coffee than usual. The special filters it uses are up to 30% heavier than other filters; the preparation method is simple: hot water flows on the coffee placed in the special filter, and the resulting coffee accumulates in a container located below.

For optimal results, use a coffee with a medium-large granulation; the average preparation time is about 4 minutes, and the costs of the initial purchase must include disposable filters.

6 ways to get aromatic coffee at home

As a work capacity, the largest can generally prepare up to 6 cups of cage. The resulting aroma is a balanced, clean, refined, floral, with sweet notes. Although they are portable, these containers are quite fragile, and if we are talking about a disadvantage in terms of them, it would be relatively difficult to clean with a special brush.

French press

The method of the French press was invented in 1929 and is considered the best and easiest way to obtain a high quality coffee. It seems that her admirers claim that it would be the only way to completely and unalterably extract the flavors of coffee.

As a working principle, it is not complicated at all: in a press, the coffee is soaked in hot water, pressed and strained. The essential oils responsible for the characteristic aroma, antioxidants and caffeine diffuse better and remain unaltered, so the drink is considered suitable for people who want a rich and expressive taste experience.

For the preparation process, coarsely ground coffee is used, in an amount of 14 – 17 g for each cup. The cooking time is about 4 minutes. The device can be purchased at extremely varied prices, it is available in sufficient sizes for up to 8 cups, it is easy to clean and absolutely portable. In addition, it does not require any consumables.


The air press is a relatively new device, launched on the market in 2005. It is made of plastic and includes 3 components: a filter sits in a coffee basket at the base of the main container. The ground coffee is also in the main body, in which hot water is added. With the help of a piston, it is pressed downwards, which creates an extra pressure that pushes the coffee through the filter, directly into the cup.

The coffee used must be medium – fine ground; use about 17g for a cup. The preparation time is 1-2 minutes, and the aroma obtained is a sweet, intense, similar to espresso.

The device is portable, easy to clean and very popular especially in the community of people who prefer to travel by caravan or tent. Its main disadvantage is that you can only make a cup of coffee at a time, but among friends it is nice to spend time talking and making a delicious coffee.

6 ways to get aromatic coffee at home

Stove espresso machine

This coffee brewing device was patented in 1933 and uses a principle similar to the classic espresso, ie boiling water pressure. In this case, the coffee stays in the upper container, and the boiling water in the lower one will infuse it, due to the steam pressure.

A medium-fine coffee is used for these recipes; however, the amount of grind used is slightly higher, of 17-22 g for the pretentious ones. The cooking time is relatively short, 5 minutes, depending of course on the number of servings. The resulting aroma is strong, slightly bitter, very similar to a classic espresso.

Although there are products with variable working capacities, most will make only two small coffees. The product is portable and durable, but you need a stove to use it, so traders boast that they have developed models compatible with the induction hob.

Other advantages that are worth mentioning are related to the easy cleaning and the fact that it does not require any other filters or consumables.

The coffee siphon

If you want a spectacular way of making coffee, the coffee siphon is the right alternative for you. It will definitely impress your friends, but at the same time it can prove to be a process suitable for people who show patience and meticulousness.

The device originated in Germany in the 1840s: ground coffee is added to the top vessel, and the vapor pressure pushes the water upwards, where the coffee is infused. Once the heat source disappears, gravity pushes the coffee into the bottom container through a filter.

For this device you need medium ground coffee; it takes about 6 minutes to prepare a portion. The result is an impressive one, which highlights the most subtle aromas of the berries. The price of such a product is not to be neglected, and you will have to add the subsequent cost of the filters.

As I said, the piece is a pretentious one: it is difficult to transport, difficult to store, fragile and a little nightmare when it comes to cleaning. But hey, we're talking about tasty and flavorful coffee, not easy maintenance!

6 ways to get aromatic coffee at home


Yes, you read that right. Coffee maker ( several models compared here ), this simple, classic, old, cheap device is one of the best methods to get a delicious coffee. The hot water is poured over a conical filter containing the coffee and then drained into a collecting container.

The time required to obtain a coffee is 1 – 3 minutes. Aroma is a complete one; the acquisition cost is bearable and the maintenance is as easy as possible. The only downside is that you have to be careful when the filter paper runs out to replenish yourself on time.

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