7 essential questions and answers about refrigerated boxes

Car refrigerators can be very useful for those who travel a lot, who go to picnics frequently, who want to keep food cold for a short time. They must be chosen carefully so that they are suitable for your needs. You have to decide what type you would need, if you want a compartmentalized model or not, if you are interested in certain functions and what exactly you want to keep in it. Set a correct budget and think about all the situations in which such an article could be useful to you.

If you want to buy a car refrigerator, you probably have some questions about such a purchase. We will try to answer some of the most common ones in the following.

What types of refrigerator should I choose?

As you probably know, there are many types of products like this. You can opt for versions with freon pills (the easiest to use, they need reserves that must be kept in the freezer a few hours before use, they are easy to clean, they have a very affordable price), thermoelectric (connect to car socket or normal, do not cool, but maintain the temperatures at which the food was introduced, must be connected permanently), with built-in compressor (cool the contents inside, can also freeze, keep temperatures low while connected to the car socket or classic, but also when they are stopped for a period of time, they are a bit more expensive) or with absorption cooling (they can be supplied with electricity, gas or solar energy, they are bulky, they cost a lot).

Is a compartmentalized model helpful?

Yes and no. For example, if the option you buy allows a large volume of food and you have enough space to organize it as you wish, compartmentalization could be useful, because you will easily find what you are looking for.

But, if it is a smaller box, up to 30 liters, it is more likely that such a distribution will confuse you, because you will not be able to introduce too many inside.

The ideal variant would be an article that allows the detachment of the grills that have the role of delimiting the spaces and their introduction when necessary.

7 essential questions and answers about refrigerated boxes

How long can I keep food at the desired temperatures?

This is different from model to model. Thermoelectric ones, for example, are useful as long as they are plugged in. The ones with compressor, since they can also freeze the products, could keep them cold for a few hours.

The most popular with freon will be effective for up to 12 hours. If you use a few pills and the box is more empty, then it is likely that the temperatures will rise faster and the optimal conditions will be kept for a maximum of 6 hours.

You will receive this information for each product.

What key features can a car refrigerator have?

There are a number of details that will help you use such an article in a more pleasant way. This is what buyers most often appreciate.

The carrying handle – is very useful, regardless of the size of the box. If it doesn't exist, it will be difficult to handle the product and move it from one place to another or take it from the house to the car and vice versa.

Wheels – these accessories are appreciated on models that have a significant weight. If you do not want to bother lifting too much weight, with the help of wheels you can transport them more easily to the car or to where you need.

Compartmentation – we talked a little above about this equipment. It is really useful if the separate grills are detachable.

Multiple power options – the more ways you can power the device, the better. For example, there are models that can be connected to both the car socket and the classic one in the house, variants that run on gas, electricity or solar energy and so on.

The heating function – is a real help for people looking for such a product to go to the green grass, barbecues, fishing and so on, because it will also allow the heating of food, when they stay for several hours and want to enjoy hot food.

What can I carry in such a box?

In a refrigerator you can transport anything, from the most sensitive foods, which have in their composition mayonnaise, whipped cream or other perishable ingredients, to drinks, fresh fish and dairy products. But be careful with the time promised by the box. For example, if you know it will keep you cool for 6 hours, don't expect the beef salad to keep very well for 10 hours.

7 essential questions and answers about refrigerated boxes

When can a car refrigerator be useful to me?

There are a lot of situations where people choose to buy such items. Here are some of the most popular: when they go to nature and want to eat there, to keep the fish freshly caught, until they get home, to deliver products that must be kept cold, in case they have relatives in the country and are used to bring perishable food from there, etc.

How much does a car refrigerator cost?

When you are interested in buying car refrigerated boxes , most likely the cost also plays an important role. If you are not doing very well financially, the most affordable options are those with freon pills. Up to 100 lei you can find boxes of even 20-30 liters.

If you are not interested in costs, for the car, the most efficient option is the one with compressor, because it will freeze if you connect it to a normal socket.

These are the most common questions asked by those who want to make such a purchase. Try to inform yourself as well as possible before buying one model or another, in order to make the wisest choice for you.

If you want to compare as many offers as possible and get the lowest prices, don't forget that the online version is at your fingertips. In a few minutes you can enter a lot of virtual stores and opt for the lowest price.

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