7 precautions when installing and using a Beko stove

The place where you place it, the positioning of the power cord and the gas hose, the transport in good conditions and the installation by a professional – are just some of the aspects that you must weigh well before you start using a stove.


Beko cookers are among the best options you can choose for your home. They are available in gas, electric or mixed power supply variants and offer you everything you need from a cooking device in this category. Did you choose it, did you order it, did you receive it at home and can't wait to prepare the first dishes for it? But do not forget that such an appliance must be installed and used carefully. Here are some recommendations that are good to keep in mind no matter what model you choose.


Carefully frame the stove in the kitchen space

Although, in principle, you can place the stove anywhere in the kitchen or cooking area in an open-space apartment, there are some rules that you must follow for your safety and that of your family and the efficient operation of the device.

First of all, the floor must be able to support both the weight of the stove and that of the pots and pans and the cooked food. It seems a condition respected by default, but this is not always the case in houses built by people with less experience in the field.

7 precautions when installing and using a Beko stove

In order for the base of the appliance to always be easy to cool, it is important to place the stove on a hard and smooth surface, which allows easy air circulation, so avoid placing it on the carpet or carpet. The floor must also be straight, without unevenness.

Regarding the positioning of the furniture in front of the stove, the rule says that you can place cabinets on the sides, as long as there is at least 65mm between them and the device, and above, if the distance to them is at least 750mm. But don't forget that the furniture you place next to the stove must be heat resistant, so the material will deteriorate quite quickly.


Ensures the stability of the device and good ventilation

Most models have anchor chains at the back that attach to the wall. It is a simple and effective measure to ensure the stability of the stove, which you should consider.

Because the combustion of gases releases toxic substances that must be effectively removed from the room, it is essential that the space is well ventilated. If your kitchen does not have a window, it is important to provide a fixed ventilation mode that allows the evacuation of waste gases to the outside. Most Beko technical manuals include clear details about the size of the vent you need to create for everything to be fine.


Do not lift a standard stove by yourself

Because its weight is quite large and a stove dropped down can be easily damaged, we recommend that you always carry such a product with the help of a second person. Avoid using the door handle or even the door as a support during moving, as the hinges may sag.


Use the services of a professional for gas connection

If you have chosen a Beko stove with a gas hob, it is good to make sure that the gas installation is completed and in good condition before the device arrives and proceeds to the installation stage. This step must always be performed by an authorized person, otherwise you will lose the warranty provided by the manufacturer. In addition, any mistake in the connection process can result in explosions or poisoning.

When placing the stove, make sure that the valve that allows the gas to be opened and stopped on the circuit is easy to access. It is equally important that the hose that provides the fuel supply be protected and maintained in the best conditions. So, make sure that it does not touch the hot areas of the appliance, it does not bend or be pressed or crushed by the nearby furniture elements or even the base of the stove.

If you want to change the type of gas used and go for example on the cylinder, it is advisable to use the services of a specialist to do this correctly.


7 precautions when installing and using a Beko stove

Electrical connection

The fully electric or electric oven always requires an earthed socket and a fuse with capacity suitable for consumption. Just like the gas connection and the connection to the mains is done by a professional, to protect the rights included in the warranty.

Because a damaged power cord can lead to a short circuit, electric shock, or fire, we recommend that you ensure that it is always protected from sharp objects, pressing or crushing, excessive bending, and contact with hot surfaces that can melt the protective layer, so do not place it near the hob or oven. Also, the plug of the power cord must be easily accessible.


Additional measures

We know that cardboard packaging is uncomfortable and can take up a lot of space in the home, even when you fold it. However, it is recommended to try to keep the stove box and the protection elements inside. If you want to move, they will offer you the best transport and storage option.

If it is necessary to transport it and you no longer have the packaging in which you brought it, you can use bubble wrap, applied in several layers and glued with quality adhesive tape. When you move such an appliance there is a risk that the grill and the trays inside will fall towards the door, scratching the glass.

You can avoid this either by removing these accessories and transporting them separately, or by covering the inside of the bottle with cardboard. In either case, it is best to use duct tape to glue the side door. The stove always moves to the vertical position.


It saves energy

You can use less gas or electricity by preheating the oven and avoiding opening the door too often. It is equally effective to cook several dishes at the same time in the oven or one after the other, so as to eliminate the fuel consumption involved in the preheating stage.




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