7 reasons to buy a bowl mixer for your kitchen

Resistant, durable, easy to use and maintain and easy to adapt to a variety of kitchen tasks, the bowl mixer is among the appliances that work efficiently and quickly, without taking your hands or needing too much of your intervention. . Find out in this article what other benefits such a device can offer you and how it can help you have more free time.


All those who have been put in the situation of whipping cream from scratch or mixing egg whites with sugar until they get a frothy texture, which stands alone, certainly appreciate the usefulness of a kitchen mixer, even in its simple, handy version. But when you turn to bowl models, we are already talking about a much more complex device, which can help you quickly and easily solve many of the stages of cooking. If you are not yet convinced that you need such an appliance, we invite you to find out below some of the reasons why you should consider it.


Time economy

The most important advantage that a vertical bowl mixer offers you is the less time consumption, the only resource that no one can give you back. The mixer saves precious hours in two ways. First of all, in order for the structure to minimize user involvement – all you have to do is add the ingredients and press a button – you can solve other things while working, thus reducing the total duration of hours spent in the kitchen.

7 reasons to buy a bowl mixer for your kitchen

Secondly, because its movements are faster and more efficient than those of human arms, the mixer performs the same operation in a much shorter time than if it had been approached manually. The whipped cream is ready in a few minutes, the creams are homogenized quickly, and the dough incorporates the ingredients more easily.


Less physical exertion

From mixing liquid cream compositions to dense doughs for cake, bread or cake, the action itself is always tiring for the hands, no matter how good you are in terms of fitness. The usefulness of a mixer of this type becomes all the more obvious as we talk about older or less powerful people, for whom preparing a composition that requires perfect mixing can be difficult and tiring.

You can consider, without exaggerating a bit, that the presence of a vertical bowl mixer is synonymous with another pair of arms in the kitchen, which will help you whenever you need it. Completely eliminate physical exertion so that you can prepare a variety of mixtures and preparations and still be full of energy when your guests arrive.


A variety of uses

Most mixer models in this category are equipped with three basic accessories: paddle, tel head and dough hook. The palette is what helps you work with creamy compositions, which are neither liquid nor very consistent. You can use it to obtain various creams, sarlota mixes, sauces, flavored butter, soft doughs for cakes or croissants, to put a fluffy puree on the plate, mixed at low speed or to homogenize the composition for parjoale or sarmale.

7 reasons to buy a bowl mixer for your kitchen

The tel tip is designed to work with liquid mixtures that require loosening. With it you will get whipped cream, you will beat the egg whites and yolks with sugar and you will process the cream to obtain homemade butter. You can also use it to prepare the composition of omelette, pancakes or schnitzel coating.

The most coveted accessory by people who are used to preparing homemade bread or cakes is the dough hook. This element helps you to easily and efficiently incorporate flour and any other ingredient into denser doughs, which also means the greatest physical effort in the case of manual mixing. From this point of view, a bowl mixer with a strong enough motor is the best gift for housewives who still keep the traditions and cook Easter and holiday cakes, but also for chefs who usually prepare pizza dough at home or make donuts frequently.


Additional accessories

It is good to know that there are, among the models of bowl mixers on the market, versions that allow the addition of additional accessories, most often available in the offer of the same manufacturer. This option to expand the operating area can turn the device into an efficient replacement for any high-performance food processor.

Among the accessories that can increase the value of this product, greatly simplifying cooking, are the knives for peeling, cutting and chopping, which turn the mixer into an effective blender with which you can prepare sauces, cream soups or smoothies. You can also add elements that allow chopping pieces of meat and vegetables, rolling and cutting pasta, obtaining ice cream, sectioning fruits and vegetables in a spiral or other attractive shapes, etc.


Resistant and durable

Because most are designed to cope with quite demanding movements, these products most often have a robust structure, with metal elements and heavy base, which ensures stability and offers good durability over time. It is therefore one of the categories of products that you buy for a long time and that will accompany you for several years in your culinary experiments.

7 reasons to buy a bowl mixer for your kitchen

Easy to use

Despite the long list of accessories you can use, these devices are essentially very easy to handle. The device starts and stops at the button, the rotation speed of the accessories can be selected quite simply and intuitively, the most complicated thing being often fixing and removing the working heads. It cleans quickly, without too much effort, many of the models including bowl and work accessories that can be included in the washing machine.

It is among the household appliances that can be easily understood and used by older people, less familiar with the latest technology, many models including mechanical control panel, with buttons operated by pressing or rotating.


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