7 reasons to buy a sandwichmaker

Small, discreet, but very efficient, the sandwich maker is among the devices that it is good to have in the kitchen, regardless of the size of the family. It means short cooking time, ease of use, maintenance and cleaning, a variety of dishes that you can cook quickly and many other benefits that we talk about in this article.


The sandwich maker is a small household appliance, consisting of two metal plates connected by a hinge type system and heated by electric heaters, which are placed on top of each other to fry various foods. The most popular product obtained is the classic sandwich, consisting of two slices of bread and filling (cheese, cheese, vegetables, etc.). For those who are thinking of buying such a product, but are not yet convinced, we have included in this article some of the benefits identified by those who already use it.


Easy to use

In essence, a sandwich maker performs two main actions: pressing and frying. Pressing ensures the rapid penetration of heat into the ingredients and the thin and delicate format, and the frying creates a slightly crunchy crust that you like so much. To obtain them, all you have to do is place your favorite filling between two slices of bread, put the composition obtained in the machine, close it and turn it on.

7 reasons to buy  a sandwichmaker

Most models allow you to choose between at least two temperature levels and include audible alarm or visual signaling that notifies you when your breakfast is ready. Some versions come with several sets of plates, with which you can adapt to a wider variety of dishes. But they are easy to change and install.

In addition, these devices are part of the Plug & Play category, which means that they do not require installation and you can use them as soon as you have connected them to a power source. One detail that is good to consider is the presence of the handle provided with thermal insulation also called "cold handle". It protects you from accidental burning, turning the use of this appliance into one of the simplest and most pleasant actions you do during the day.


It takes up very little space

These devices have a slim design, up to 14-15cm thick, and a format that is smaller than an A4 sheet. Most allow vertical storage, being provided with support systems, but even those that you need to place horizontally easily fit in any closet or even in a drawer.

The small size recommends them for kitchens that are limited in area, for living rooms that do not have a separate space for cooking and for studios where free surfaces are a luxury. But it fits just as well in large homes, with generous space for cooking and state-of-the-art equipment.


Easy to maintain

The inner surface of the tiles is usually covered with a non-stick layer of Teflon or ceramic. Due to this addition, sandwich devices are easy to clean after each use, sometimes only with hot water, sometimes requiring the use of mild detergents for Teflon dishes.

In order to maintain the best non-stick, we recommend that you do not pour cold water over the appliance plates while they are hot and follow the maintenance instructions included by the manufacturer in the device manual.

7 reasons to buy  a sandwichmaker

More adaptable than you think

When we think of sandwich makers , most of us apply the label to the sandwich maker and think that these devices are too limited to be worth the money. In fact, you can use them for a lot of other dishes.

You can quickly and easily cook simple omelette or with vegetables or scrambled eggs, provided you have one of the models that include the plate with compartments for triangle sandwiches, which can frame the composition.

You will also get various pastries, especially using thin and fluffy doughs, homemade or bought (puff pastry, pancake batter, waffles, biscuits, etc.). Also in this category you can include puff pastry and sweet or salty filling.

If you like grilled vegetables, you don't need to take out the grill pan, because you can get them faster using the sandwich maker. Applying heat, at the same time, on both sides of the slices of zucchini, mushroom, pepper or eggplant speeds up the frying, so be careful not to leave them too long. Are you more of a meat fan? Slices of crispy and delicious ham are obtained just as quickly.


Time economy

Because the ingredients are pressed and heated simultaneously in two parts, the cooking time is significantly reduced. Do you have classes early in the morning and need a hearty breakfast to have energy all day? Your favorite sandwich can be ready in just a few minutes. Are you preparing the children for kindergarten and do you want to quickly place, next to the glass of milk or juice and a tasty dish, rich in protein and carbohydrates? Combine your favorite ingredients and give them a healthy and nutritious snack.


Uniform frying, no extra attention

If you decide to fry bread or vegetables in a pan or oven, you will need to turn them frequently and make sure they brown as evenly as possible to prevent burnt or raw areas. The sandwich maker applies the same heat to the entire surface of the plates that frame the ingredients, ensuring even cooking every time, without the need for you to intervene. In other words, you get a well-made dish, while you can prepare without worry for work.

7 reasons to buy  a sandwichmaker

The life-saving solution for unexpected guests

Do you have a surprise that you have nothing to feed them? You can quickly prepare some triangular mini-sandwiches, elegant and tasty, to get you out of trouble. Vegetarian? No problem. If you have tofu in the house, you can brown it a little to intensify its flavor, to add it next to some grilled vegetables. For such moments it is good to always have in the house a few packages with puff pastry that you can turn into hot snacks at any time, with any other ingredients you happen to have in the fridge.


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