7 reasons to use a mini fridge

Power savings, high portability, affordable purchase costs, small size – these are just some of the reasons why mini refrigerators are becoming more popular. Find out in this article what other aspects underlie the purchase of such an appliance.


Are you thinking of buying a mini fridge but you are not yet convinced that it is necessary to make this investment? You can easily find out by analyzing the main reasons why other people have chosen to invest in such a cooling device. We present them in detail in the following.


Accessible price

You can buy such a model at prices starting from 350 – 400 lei, at a capacity of 35 – 45 liters, up to over 1500 lei, in larger models, of 100 liters, or with special technical characteristics or produced by famous brands. A standard version, of energy class A + or A ++ can be bought with a reasonable budget, in order to be able to replace or complete a classic version of the refrigerator.


Energy adaptability

Many people choose to buy such a product because most mini refrigerators can be used both in the home, by connecting to the home network, 220V, and powered from the car socket, to 12V.

7 reasons to use a mini fridge

But beware, there are models designed especially for cars, compatible with 12V, but which do not allow home use or require the purchase of an additional adapter, and vice versa, versions that you can bring in the car only if you purchase an additional adapter for 12V. So think carefully if you want a mini refrigerator only for the house, only for the car, or for both contexts of use and carefully analyze the offer to find the right product.


Small size

You can find on the market compact models that do not exceed 30cm in height or depth, the most popular variants being those that fall up to a level of 50 – 60cm in height. So they are much smaller than a normal refrigerator and discreet enough that you can place them almost anywhere.

They are frequently used in hotel rooms, to provide customers with cold drinks and snacks, in many situations the mini refrigerator being placed under a table or desk, to save space. They are just as useful in offices, especially for those who work overtime, or do not have time to take a break to go to a restaurant or canteen for lunch.

This compact format also fits well in dormitories or student apartments where the large refrigerator does not meet the storage requirements. Because it is small, you can place it right in your room, hallway or living room, if you want to use it to store drinks, without overcrowding the room. You can even camouflage it inside a dresser, if it is roomy enough.

The small size makes these coolers the best option for those who are used to using the caravan to go on vacation or are passionate about camping and want to have access to fresh food during the time spent in the tent. It also fits well in the cab of a truck driver, who is always on the road, or in the trunk of a sales agent, who frequently travels by car.


High portability

Sometimes you just need a cooling solution that you can take with you. Because they are small and quite light, mini refrigerators can be moved without problems where they are needed. Do you defrost the large refrigerator and do you need a temporary storage space? You can bring the small refrigerator in the kitchen, alone and quite easily, from any space where you store it. You can just as easily lend it to your neighbor if he needs it.

Do you prepare a barbecue with friends in the garden and it is hot enough for the beer to quickly gain too many degrees Celsius? Move the mini fridge out of the house in just a few minutes, right next to you, and leave the cans cold until you open them. Do you give a New Year's Eve party or celebrate a birthday? Bring the device into the living room and quickly improvise a mini bar where you have everything at hand and more importantly, in the cold. The best mini refrigerator is in this case one with a glass door that allows you to easily track how many doses you have inside and when it is necessary to refill.


Don't consume much

These versions of refrigerators have an estimated average annual consumption that is mainly between 50 and 200kWh, while the classic, large versions generally consume between 250 and 400kWh per year. The differences are all the bigger, the more you focus on a smaller and more efficient model.


7 reasons to use a mini fridge

The perfect choice for few users

Although it seems designed as a device for specific use (additional option in the home, office, car, vacation, etc.), the mini refrigerator can be used efficiently as a main cooling device in homes where one person lives or in apartments with couples who don't cook much.

Models with a capacity of 50-100 liters easily provide enough space for one or two people who are not used to loading the refrigerator with a lot of products and who usually eat in the city.

In this way, it saves on electricity, preventing the situation in which one opts for a large refrigerator, which is more empty, consuming energy to maintain the low temperature in a space used well below its capacity.


It can be easily stored

If at some point you no longer need it, you can easily slip it in the closet or on a closed balcony, in a suitable package, which will protect it from dust and moisture and take it out again in the next warm season. You can just as easily take it to the storage room or move it to the garage, without taking up too much space or having to call friends to help you transport it.

Are you moving out of the apartment? The mini fridge will be among the easiest items to transport.

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