7 steps to prepare the perfect coffee for your tastes

Fresh, flavorful, energizing – that's how every cup of coffee you taste should be, and you can enjoy this experience right at home, if you follow a few rules and follow the steps to get a good coffee.


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks on the planet, a psychoactive stimulant that creates a state of well-being and gives energy and better concentration. If you are one of those people for whom the day always starts with a coffee and you can't afford to always buy ready-made coffee from the city, you will definitely be tempted by some tips that guarantee a delicious taste and an intense aroma right at home.


Always use fresh coffee

Yes, it is really easier to buy ready-ground coffee, either vacuum-packed, in packages large enough for a few weeks, or in bulk, from the supermarket. Unfortunately, in neither case will you enjoy the qualities of the product for a long time, because the exposure to air decreases in quality.

The golden rule says not to use ground coffee for more than a few days. So you can buy from a reliable supplier, who grinds the grains in front of you, once or twice a week. Another option is to purchase a grinder with which to ensure your fresh coffee whenever you need, or to buy a 2 in 1 coffee maker, with integrated grinder.

Don't forget that coffee beans also differ and that the degree of roasting influences the taste. Choose a more fried version if you like the chocolate shade and want a less acidic version.


7 steps to prepare the perfect coffee for your tastes

Be careful how you keep the berries

If you have decided to grind the beans at home, it is important to know how to keep them properly to preserve their flavor. Never put them in the refrigerator, and once you have unsealed the bag, it is good to store them in a container that allows airtight closure. The best are the glass or ceramic jars with lids with rubber lining.


Combine only with quality water

Water with an unpleasant taste, whether we are talking about the annoying chlorine or any other aroma, spoils the taste of coffee. Some people prefer to make this drink only with bottled water, to make sure they get a good coffee. Another efficient option is to use an activated carbon filter, either in the form of a cup or in a format that allows installation in the sink.

For coffee enthusiasts, some manufacturers have included in the list of products and coffee makers that have integrated such a water filter, which has the role of eliminating any factor that can change the taste.


Start by grinding the coffee and cleaning the filter

You will always get the best taste if you manage to grind the coffee just before brewing. Chop the beans until they reach a grain similar to salt and in sufficient quantity for the desired amount of coffee and the strength you need.

The general rule is that for a cup of about 200ml, so if you want to make three servings, you will need 45g, and for four cups, 60g of ground coffee.

If you have a coffee maker with washable filter, check if it is cleaned well and rinse it again if necessary. When replacing it, if necessary, we recommend that you rinse it well with hot water before first use to remove any plastic or metal particles left over from the manufacturing process. Don't forget to wash it after each use.

Do you use disposable filters? It is important to try to choose the best options because they also influence the taste of the coffee you consume. Specialists recommend models that are specified without dioxin, which have been bleached with oxygen or natural ones, which have not been bleached at all.


Put the coffee and water in the filter

Carefully pour the ground coffee into the prepared filter and place it in the space inside the coffee filter. Pour a little water in the center of the coffee, with rotating movements.

7 steps to prepare the perfect coffee for your tastes

If you use filtered water in a cup-type device, it is good to fill it before you start grinding the coffee, because it usually takes a few minutes until you get a larger amount of clean liquid without the smell or taste of chlorine.

Fill the appliance tank with the amount of water you need, taking into account the number of cups or mugs you need to fill. Most coffee filters ( here and the comparative list ) offer you the possibility to prepare up to 10 – 12 cups for a single use of the device.


Settings and infusion

If you have opted for a simple filter, all you have to do is press the On or Start button and wait for it to be ready. But for those who have chosen a better version, there is also the possibility to choose the intensity of the flavor or even the processing temperature. The optimal range is between 90 and 95 o C, the higher the level, the higher the risk that the liquid obtained will be more acidic and bitter. So, if you opt for a device that allows direct customization of settings, it is good to know exactly what infusion parameters you want.



Although many of us prefer to make a larger amount of coffee, which we keep warm so that we can serve several times during the day, we recommend, if possible, to make a fresh cup every time. . Thus, the aroma is better maintained and you benefit from a greater part of the benefits of coffee consumption (nutrients, antioxidants, etc.).

So it is best to do exactly as much as you consume each time. Also, in order for this liquid to act to normalize blood sugar, it is recommended to consume it without a sweetener (sugar, honey), possibly only with milk or a piece of dark chocolate.




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