8 benefits of induction cooking machine

Induction hobs are increasingly recommended and bought by customers who want a modern kitchen. Find out what are the main reasons why users of such a device declare themselves hopelessly in love with it.

Cooking on an induction hob has the ability to completely revolutionize the way you cook food. The technology uses magnetic currents to directly heat the containers, instead of heating the contact surface with them. And the results are different: speed, accuracy and cleanliness.

So why are induction hobs better than classic stoves, used for so long? What are the arguments with which the buyer should be convinced of the usefulness and progress that such a device implies?

Faster food preparation

Given the technology used by induction hobs, the heat is transferred directly to the container in which you cook, not to the surface of the cooking machine. This means less losses and, obviously, a higher working speed. In fact, experiments have shown that water boils 50% faster than the induction hob than on the classic stove, electric or gas.

8 benefits of induction cooking machine

Delicious results

If you opt for an induction hob, you have many more options in terms of temperature settings. Obviously, when you learn to exercise this higher level of control, the risk of food being overcooked or left raw is greatly reduced.

Being a new cooking system, you will need a few tries to master it perfectly, but the idea is that an induction hob allows you to cook, bake, sauté exactly as you need, while a normal stove does not let you do to stay.

Fast cleaning with minimal effort

Do you remember how much you rub on the stove after frying something, when the oil jumps everywhere? Do you remember the misfortune left on the enameled sheet after baking the eggplants? Why don't you ever have something like that again?

The induction hob is covered with a layer of glass. Given that the work surface does not heat itself, the oil, water, sauces that accidentally reach it will not burn. In a few seconds after you finish cooking, the surface of the hob will be cold enough that you can wipe it immediately with a paper towel or a sponge with a little water and detergent.

Adaptability to pot size

As you can see, induction hobs have "meshes" of different sizes drawn on the work surface. It is ideal to choose the most suitable area with the diameter of the pot or pan you are going to use, but even if the compatibility is not perfect, the piece will not consume unnecessary energy: its operation automatically adjusts to the surface of the vessel.

Energetic efficiency

Regarding the heating process, the induction hob is much more energy efficient than the rest of the alternatives. The heat is taken directly from the vessel and transferred to the food; losses are minimal and bills lower. Moreover, you will be able to cook in relative comfort, including in summer, without turning the kitchen into an unbearable sauna.


If you want a modern kitchen, the reality is that the induction hob offers a much superior look to a classic stove. It will always be clean and shiny and there is no risk of staining, as does the enameled metal of the stove.

8 benefits of induction cooking machine

Are there any disadvantages?

What you need to be very clear about before you buy an induction hob is that you will probably need to change some of the dishes used for cooking, and that is because you need magnetic pots and pans. Thus, you will have to part with some of the containers provided.

Even this additional investment can be seen as a positive thing: you will give up a lot of dishes of questionable quality, for healthier options. For example, you will get rid of Teflon vessels in favor of stainless steel and cast iron.

If we are still talking about an upgrade, choose containers with a double, thick bottom: they distribute heat more evenly and are much more efficient for cooking. Because the risk of food burning or sticking to them is much lower, they are even easier to maintain.

How safe are induction hobs?

Since safety is always a topic worth considering, here's what you need to know about induction hobs.

First of all, there is no ignition system, no fuel, no open flame, so already a good part of the risks associated with the use of cooking machines are eliminated.

The work surface does not heat itself, but heats up from the pot that sits on it. This means that it will cool down in just a few seconds after removing the food bowl. This rapid cooling is very important, especially in families with small children.

Another safety element is that the induction elements close automatically when the pot is removed from the work surface; thus, the risk of forgetting the stove on is eliminated.

8 benefits of induction cooking machine

Considering the power supply, it was mandatory that the induction hob be provided with an electrical protection class. If the milk catches fire, the water bubbles too much or the lid drips condensate, the hob closes automatically and can only be turned on after the perfect and complete drying of the work surface. Of course, you can intervene with a paper towel to urgently fix the problem.

Many modern models are equipped with a locking system, so that children's little fingers can not accidentally change the settings made and can not start the hob alone, in the absence of parents.

The timer function will not only warn you when the cooking time has elapsed, but it will also automatically turn off the hob if you do not react promptly enough. Thus, you can leave the food on the fire, with enough water and the timer on, and the hob will stop on its own after the preset time has elapsed.

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