8 features and tools for ideal kitchen

Is your kitchen currently a white paper that you have just started sketching? Use the information in this article to carefully choose the appliances you really need, to cook healthily and efficiently, and enjoy every moment of the project.


Few activities compare, for cooking enthusiasts, with the opportunity to arrange their own kitchen from scratch. Such an approach means, of course, expenses and time invested in identifying the best furniture and appliances options, but once everything is ready, the satisfaction will be commensurate. If you are in the early stages of such an arrangement, we come to your aid with a list of features that it is good to check from the beginning.


A suitable refrigerator

When choosing a refrigerator, because you really need one, it is important to look for a model that offers you a storage capacity proportional to your storage needs. For a studio with one or two tenants, versions up to 100 liters are enough, and for 3-4 people an interior storage space of 150-250 liters works very well. If you do not want to consume unnecessary electricity, we recommend that you do not be seduced by the giant options, of 300 – 400 liters or more, unless you are sure that you need so much space.

Look for an option in the energy efficiency class A ++ or A +++. They are a bit more expensive, but you will recover your investment along the way. Don't forget to carefully evaluate the organization of the interior space and to choose a structure that best suits your food profile. Some people, for example, definitely need more space for bottles, while for others it is more important to have two boxes of vegetables instead of one.


8 features and tools for ideal kitchen

Electric or gas hob

Although you can make tea with a kettle, coffee with a coffee maker and food in a pressure cooker, you still need a hob. It is the simplest and most adaptable cooking device, which easily solves a lot of culinary needs. With the right pans and pots, you can only limit yourself to it, if you do not have a budget for other appliances that allow thermal processing of food.

Do you cook frequently and do you need a model that doesn't take too much money out of your pocket every month? Opt for a gas-powered version. We know that they are not the latest craze, but these variants have been modernized, they look very good, they are available in formats that fit easily, in almost any type of decor, they are reliable and easy to use.

Do you have small children and do you really want a safe hob? Choose an electric one that works by convection. These products are indeed more expensive, but they work more efficiently than glass ceramic ones, they are easier to maintain, they include a variety of useful functions and their surface does not heat up.



Arriving at the oven, we are already talking about the second level of thermal preparation, baking, which not everyone uses. Depending on how you organize the kitchen, you can opt for a built-in oven or a stove with electric oven (the list proposed by us here ) which includes a hob and can be placed on the floor .

You also have the possibility to orient towards a model of independent electric oven, of small size, which can be placed on the counter, similar to those with microwaves, ideal for homes in which to bake in small quantities.


Kitchen robot

The food processor is a multifunctional device that replaces the blender, mixer, grinder, chopper and a few other devices that you should otherwise buy separately. Because it usually involves a larger investment than if you buy a blender or a shredder, it is good to buy this product when you can afford to focus on a truly quality one.

Cheaper versions have either too weak motors to easily cover all the functions they should perform, or the structure or accessories are made of less durable materials. If you are not ready at this time to direct part of the budget to such a device, we recommend that you cover the basic operations with individual devices.



A hand blender is, for example, affordable, available in variants high enough to care for both fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as denser and harder textures. You definitely need one in your kitchen if you like to prepare different bread spreads (hummus, pate, etc.), purees (peas, celery, lentils, etc.), cream soups or smoothies.


8 features and tools for ideal kitchen


Equally useful is a mixer, used for everything that means homogenization. You need it if you frequently prepare mayonnaise, whipped cream, cake creams, cake batter, ice cream mix, etc.

Some models, with a more powerful engine, are also provided with hooks specially designed to knead the dough, so you can successfully use such a mixer and to prepare donuts, cakes, bread, buns, etc.


Electric grinder

Replaced only by mortar with pistil and a lot of physical effort, with not so good results, the electric grinder ensures a very important factor in the kitchen: the freshness of the flavors. Regardless of whether you use it to obtain freshly ground coffee or to grind spices, the grinder influences your quality enough to be included in the list of products you must have.


Electric pressure cooker

The truth is that you can do without this device, but if you have it at hand, you can cook more easily the difficult dishes, which require a lot of cooking time (beans, duck meat, goose or rabbit, etc.). Significantly reduces the cooking time of rice, cooked vegetables and any type of meat.


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