8 ideas to mask the hood in the kitchen

Because it is easier to inform and apply than to experiment and improvise, we provide you with some already tested ideas on how to mask a hood. We have included both means that require major interventions in the assembly, as well as light tricks, accessible to anyone.

Among the most demanding rearrangements of the kitchen are those in which you have to change its appearance, without resorting to new products, but giving the objects a new face for a different style. You don't have to be very creative, it's enough to be well informed. Read below what and how to do to mask a kitchen hood.

Change a closet

The most convenient option, if you have several suspended bodies of the same type, is to modify such furniture to cover the hood. This way you can keep the style unit of the kitchen and save money. Basically, you can make the necessary changes yourself, not being very complex, and then you can take care of the assembly.

Use a custom mask

Because many hoods are completely different in size than the furniture, especially if this is a standard purchase, you will need to use a body similar to the one you have, but made to order, to fit.

Executing such an order will not be very expensive, but the main problem will be to find the same color of wood or veneers the same type of sticker as in the case of other cabinets. A darker or lighter shade could create an unpleasant impression. Therefore, many opt for a complementary style, different from that of furniture.

8 ideas to mask the hood in the kitchen

Whether you want to use an ordered mask or modify a wardrobe, you must first make sure that this technical solution matches the type of hood you have and the way it is mounted.

Add consoles

Another idea you can apply is to transform the section in which the hood is mounted into a decorative element of the room. By adding consoles as decoration elements, you can get a very effective integration effect in the whole kitchen. First you need a plaster mask to cover the hood, and on it you can easily glue decorative consoles made of durable and easy to clean polyurethane foam.

This solution is suitable for kitchens that are furnished and equipped in a classic style, including turned wood furniture or similar, as well as traditional elements such as grooved niches or profiled furniture.

You can adapt this solution for an apartment with minimalist lines, simply using a plaster mask, but in this case the functionality will be obvious and the masking effect no longer has the same force.

Use a fireplace mask

If the position of the hob is appropriate, you could try an original solution, framing the hob with a fake pole and a decorative mask for the hood and thus creating the illusion of an open fireplace. This idea has a greater visual impact, but involves sacrificing a useful space. If style matters more than space, then you can apply this solution with very good results.

For large wall-mounted hotels with ceiling exhaust, this option already exists directly from the manufacturers. The design is created in such a way that you can mount the hood without intervening at a constructive level. It already has the appearance of a fireplace, it is ready to integrate into the whole kitchen.

8 ideas to mask the hood in the kitchen

Build a single facade

This is also an idea for those who have enough space. Such a solution can have a very pleasant aesthetic effect, but it eliminates the surface that you can use around the hob. By building a false wall of one color and the width of the hood from one end to the other, you will create the impression that the hob is actually embedded in a niche, and the hood will go unnoticed.

Such a single-sided loss will still erode your visibility and require constant and difficult maintenance around the hob.

Use a sticker

A cheap option, designed to wipe out the metal parts and technological elements of a hood, is to use the sticker. It is a trick dedicated especially to redefining the appearance of a hood. You will not be able to hide it, but its elements will merge with those of the room. You can apply a self-adhesive foil if you are already using a simple pattern for walls, such as squares, brick patterns or stone ribs. For any model you will probably need a custom sticker.

Incorporates a telescopic hood

A practical and efficient choice is the use of telescopic hoods . They are very suitable for simple solutions of adapted cabinets. It is an idea that has several advantages. You can get the masking effect you want at the same time and increase the efficiency with which you eliminate unpleasant odors, smoke and steam from the kitchen.

For such a hood, a false cabinet with a vertical door is normally used. Once you open the door, the gas piston system locks it until you no longer need the hood's telescopic extension. When you turn off the hood and close the closet, the appearance does not betray the presence of the equipment.

8 ideas to mask the hood in the kitchen

Reverse or applied hood

For those who do not want to build hanging cabinets, stick decorative elements or build false walls there is the possibility to purchase a hood that is designed not to stand out. Reverse or applied hotels, with absorption on the counter, are ideal solutions for kitchens where exposed hotels take up too much space or destroy a carefully created design pattern.

And in this case you have to consider the inherent disadvantages of the absorption units, as well as the need to arrange differently the space in which the hob is located. These hoods take up space both around and under the hob, because you will have to mount the engines and possibly the exhaust.

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