8 reasons to buy a multicooker in 2021


Compact, fast, quite affordable, with a function of keeping food warm and predefined cooking programs, the multicooker can be considered an impressive home appliance, and we have not yet finished the list of advantages. Find out from this article what else this modern device offers you.


Do you think that a multicooker would help you a lot in the kitchen, but you are still not convinced of its usefulness? The hesitation is understandable, especially considering the fact that in some cases such a product involves a financial investment not to be neglected. We detail below some of the reasons that convinced other people to take this step and bring such a device into the home.


Multi-functional appliance and more space in the kitchen

If you have small children and you already use a device for cooking rice and a pressure cooker, with a multicooker you can easily replace the two appliances, which you will no longer need. In addition, because you can use it to boil, fry or heat, you save a lot of dishes that you should otherwise wash (pan, pot, pan, etc.), performing all the steps of complicated recipes in the same container. All you have to do is change the program you are using. In the end, you only have to clean one dish and the time spent in the kitchen decreases significantly.

Fast cooking, under pressure

Because we are talking about time, it is good to know that multicooker models that include the pressure cooking function help you finish the food in up to twice less time than when using the traditional hob or oven.

The ingredients are thermally processed at a high temperature, under the pressure of hot water vapor that penetrates more easily the texture of vegetables and meat, bringing it quickly to the stage where it can be consumed. It is therefore an ideal device if you have a large family and demanding service and you do not have much time for cooking, but also if you have enough time, but you want to spend it with your loved ones, and not in the kitchen.

We also recommend that you consider it for holidays and anniversaries, moments when a multicooker can save the situation by preparing steak, garnishes, soup and, why not, delicious desserts (biscuits, cakes, cakes, etc.).

8 reasons to buy a multicooker in 2021

You don't have to know how to cook

Part of the charm of the multicooker comes from the predefined functions and programs that it comes from the manufacturer, which allow you to easily and correctly cook a variety of dishes without the need for advanced gastronomic knowledge.

For example, it is not necessary to know that the steak is best done if it is exposed to a temperature between 140 and 160 o C, as for pilaf you have to set it at 100 o C for a few minutes at first and then slow down. , maintaining a constant level of 70 – 80 o C. No time for this to happen. A standard multicooker includes from 10 to 49 predefined programs that deal with the technical details, so that you can focus only on the ingredients and relax.


Adaptability to any amount of food

The only limit that a multicooker imposes on you is its maximum capacity, meaning how much water and ingredients, respectively, you can add to the inner container, so that the appliance can work efficiently. Regarding the smaller quantities, it is good to know that, even if you bought a 7.5 liter model, because there are many in the house, you can just as well prepare today a single portion of rice or only two of soup, if the children are gone, or it is a dish that only you like.

The multicooker is therefore adaptable enough to be able to opt for a generous version in size, which you can use to the fullest on occasions, but which will serve you in the meantime, at half potential, for everyday meals.


Easy to maintain

First of all, we are talking about a single dish in which you can sauté, then boil, and finally fry a little for the crust, and not a pot and a pan, so we are talking about less time allocated for washing dishes. Second, the containers in these devices are covered with a non-stick coating, which prevents the ingredients from sticking, which makes them quite easy to wash, and steam cooking under pressure further reduces the chances of the vegetables sticking to the bottom of the pot.

In addition, some models include a dishwasher-compatible container, so all you have to do is put it in the machine to be cleaned automatically.

8 reasons to buy a multicooker in 2021

Cook clean and save energy

Because the space where everything happens is tightly closed, not only do you have fewer dishes to wash, but also the surface around the multicooker remains very clean. No drops of oil or fat that jump during the frying of steak or potatoes, or splashes of thick tomato sauce or stew juice.

Studies also show that the heating system used by these appliances, which heat the entire container, and not just the bottom, makes energy consumption lower than when using an oven or an electric hob.


Compact design and small formats

In variants up to 4 – 5 kg, a multicooker ( here is a list of products compared by us ) is a compact device, quite easy to place both on a large countertop and on a smaller table. These features recommend it as a smart alternative to the stove or stove, for caravans, living rooms, cramped studios or apartments with small kitchens.


Ideal for parties and safe

The function that recommends it the most as a good option for events is to keep the food warm, which allows you to prepare everything a few hours before the arrival of the guests. In addition, it is so safe and automated that you can leave it alone to cook while you change into an evening outfit.

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