8 things you need in the kitchen when you move from parents


Is it time to move out of your parents' house? Although you don't realize it at the moment, you need a lot of small and big things to recreate in the new home, the comfort of home. Here are some objects and devices that you definitely need in the kitchen, especially if you like to cook.


Is it time to take your own home and leave the comfort of your parents' house? It is definitely a beautiful period, in which the feeling of independence and the joy of being on your own feet give you wings and help you easily overcome any difficulty. Regardless of whether you go directly to your own apartment bought, or in a rent, with your partner or friends or schoolmates, it is important to think from the first days about the budget you have at your disposal and the things you need for a decent living, including the kitchen.


Electric or gas hob

If you are not yet ready to invest in a stove, either because it takes up a lot of space or because you do not cook enough or complex for such a device, an electric or gas hob is an effective alternative. Do you live alone or with your partner? We recommend that you focus on an independent model with two meshes, because those with one will create annoying waiting times when you need to work with two dishes at the same time (for example, steak and garnish, breakfast and coffee, etc. .)

For homes with more than two people, four-mesh versions are more suitable. In such a case, it is good to carefully evaluate the costs of use. Energy is a bit more expensive than gas, so if you are many in the apartment and the cooking frequency is high, it is good to go directly to a gas-powered version, even if you have to call a specialist to make the connection.


8 things you need in the kitchen when you move from parents


The refrigerator is the second essential appliance you need in your new home. The most important criteria in choosing it include energy efficiency class and capacity or volume. Both influence the consumption of electricity and therefore the bills you will receive monthly.

Don't be impressed by the luxurious look of large devices. For homes with one or two people, even when meals are planned in advance and food is bought in bulk, versions of 100-150 liters are enough. If you are 3 or 4 in the house, it is good to have at hand between 150 and 300 liters, and for apartments where more than 4 people live there are models that exceed 300 – 350 liters.

Before choosing, keep in mind that the refrigerator always works to cool all the air inside, whether you just have a salad on the shelf, or all the storage areas are full to the brim.


Pressure cooker

Most of us use standard pots, without realizing that using a version that works with steam under pressure can greatly reduce both cooking time and gas or electricity consumption.

Especially if you opted for an electric hob, we recommend you consider this type of dish, because it will help you cook foods that require a longer cooking time (duck, game, stews, etc.) without worries about bills. It is true that they are a bit more expensive and it is important to invest in a quality model, but it is worth the effort, especially when you are in a hurry to go to town, or you have surprise guests at dinner.

The kettle

Why do you need a kettle ? Tea, ness, hot chocolate, instant soup – these are just a few of the dishes you can get quickly and easily, while the stove is used for more serious business.

The kettles are affordable, easy to use, quickly heat large enough quantities of liquid to generally serve between 2 and 8 people, and simplify the dynamics in the kitchen, if you are more in the house. Most models include a safety feature, which automatically shuts off the appliance when the water is ready, which means you can prepare eggs, scrambled eggs, toast and other delicacies needed for a pleasant and energetic start to the day.



The blender helps you integrate in the daily menu a series of very nutritious, tasty, easy to make and economical recipes, from the category of cream soups, purees and pastas that are eaten on bread or pita or glue.

You don't need to invest much in a food processor or a large blender. A handheld is enough for you, which can provide you with at least 300 – 400W. Ideally, you should look for a 500 – 700W version to make sure you can care for just about any food. You can prepare for example hummus, pate, mushroom cream soup – rich in protein, pea puree – the perfect garnish for steaks, etc.


8 things you need in the kitchen when you move from parents

Vegetable cleaner

Yes, that little object, with the blade perpendicular to the handle, that helps you quickly get rid of the peel of potatoes, carrots, zucchini, etc. It is a very cheap accessory, which works wonders when it comes to reducing the time required to prepare any recipe that involves vegetables in large quantities.


The potato sieve

Puree is one of the easiest to make and appreciated garnishes for almost any kind of meat, from roast chicken, pork or beef to traditional parjoale. If you are still struggling with the fork, this is not the case. Although you can't put them in the blender, because they become sticky, boiled potatoes can be quickly transformed into a uniform and fluffy mixture with the help of a sieve.


Room drainer

You can't do without it and keep the kitchen organized at the same time. Look for a version large enough to keep the cutlery used in a day by the number of people in the house. It is good to know that stainless steel models are stronger and more attractive than plastic ones.



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