8 types of refrigerators and the differences between them

Mini fridge, refrigerator-freezer, side-by-side models or with a French design or cooling drawers that can be included in the furniture? The diversity of appliances of this type, available on the market, is a sufficient reason to inform you carefully about the models you can choose from before you start making your kitchen design plans.


When it comes to buying a refrigerator, the options are far from small. This is why it is important to know exactly which models you can buy, what are the differences between them and what advantages each one offers you.



The simplest from a structural point of view, the refrigerator is provided with a horizontal door and a spacious interior, but little or no compartmentalization. It is ideal for storing food that does not need a very rigorous arrangement, being often used in shops and restaurants, but also in homes, where you buy meat, cheese or vegetables in large quantities for the winter.

Their capacity generally varies between 40 and 300 liters, but you will also find small models for the car, with the option of loading from the lighter, and respectively, large versions, of 500 – 600 liters. But we draw your attention that the refrigerator is a variant of the freezer, keeping the food at temperatures below zero degrees, so it can't really replace a refrigerator.


8 types of refrigerators and the differences between them

Mini fridge

As the name suggests, it is a smaller version of the refrigerator, in which you can keep the food you will eat soon. Because they are specially designed to take up little space, these devices also offer a small storage capacity of between 10 and 100 liters.

They are recommended for caravans, trucks and cars, offering an efficient way to keep food fresh on the road. You can use them just as well if you live in a less spacious studio and don't cook much or as a side dish, in addition to a main refrigerator.

Some versions also include a small freezer, with a capacity of 1 – 3 liters, and door support for bottles, and others are designed to keep only bottles and cans, so analyze the interior structure well before opting for such a model.


The refrigerator with one or two doors

For those who want a classic cooling device, we recommend refrigerators with a door. With a capacity between 100 and 300 liters, these models usually include a freezer compartment, positioned at the top, a box for vegetables and fruits (in the lower area), food racks, bottle holders and, respectively, shelves placed on the door. The main disadvantage of this type of structure is the frequent exposure of the freezing area to the air in the room by opening the door.

A more efficient alternative is a two-door model, the smallest of which serves exclusively the freezer. However, this format is generally available in options with a larger capacity, from 300 to 500 – 600 liters, some of which are also provided with two freezer drawers instead of one, being more suitable, from all points of view, for large families.

You will find in both categories NoFrost devices, with automatic defrosting, antibacterial interior and unpleasant odor mitigation systems.



Under this name you can find refrigerators with medium and large capacity, from 200 to 600 liters, with three freezer compartments positioned at the bottom of the device and two doors. The location of the freezer at the bottom makes the rest of the shelves, which you use more often, more handy, including the vegetable box, which in the case of the refrigerator is located at the bottom being more difficult to access.

Because they are only available in spacious models, the combines are recommended for couples or families with children and less for studios where only one person lives, the large cooling space in this case means unjustified energy consumption.

8 types of refrigerators and the differences between them

From a functional point of view, you have at your disposal the most efficient variants, including models with LCD temperature display, predefined running programs that make operation more efficient, water dispenser, multiflow air circulation system, with differentiated temperature on the storage compartments, etc.



If you are familiar with American movies, you have certainly seen at least once a giant refrigerator with two vertical doors, which brings a lot with two narrower refrigerators, placed next to each other. One of the compartments is a freezer and the other is a refrigerator, each with its own door.

It is a useful format for those who frequently use frozen foods and want to be able to access them as easily as those in the refrigeration compartment. But because each of the areas is narrower than in the case of a combine, the space is somewhat crowded and more difficult to organize.


French design

Although it is harder to find on the Romanian market, it is good to know that there are also models of refrigerators provided with two doors in the refrigeration area and, sometimes, an opening in the form of drawers in the freezing area.

This system is designed to limit the heat that enters the interior at each opening and at the same time reduce the space needed in addition to the combine to frame the doors, which are in these models, much narrower.


Combine built-in

Contributing to the creation of an elegant and relaxed decor, with enough free space, built-in models are preferred in both small and spacious kitchens. These variants are designed to be integrated into the furniture, and if you want, you can completely hide them by keeping the closet door in which you include them.

Among the brands in whose offer you can find such products are the models of Samsung refrigerated combines (here are listed and compared offers ) , the versions from Beko, Gorenje, Grundig, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Bosch and AEG.


8 types of refrigerators and the differences between them

Refrigerated drawers

If you need extra cooling space, but would like something more discreet and modern than a mini refrigerator, we offer refrigerated drawers. There are newer devices on the Romanian market, quite expensive and not very easy to find, but very elegant and easy to frame in design.

They have the classic drawer format and can be inserted in the kitchen furniture, so that you can get what you need from them when cooking, without having to go to the refrigerator. It does not offer much storage space and the cooling capacity does not match that of a combine, but it works well enough to keep food cold and fresh.

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