9 things to know about Bosch food processors for home

Bosch is probably one of the most well-known brands in the world, both in the home appliances sector and in the DIY and auto parts sectors. Today, Bosch food processors are recognized for their unique design, but especially because by choosing a Bosch multifunctional robot, you benefit from a device capable of performing a multitude of tasks.

Appeared in Germany, the brand has established itself worldwide as a landmark in many sectors through innovation, rigor and quality. These are reflected in the kitchen appliances, and in the rows below we have tried to essentialize the main points that you can follow when evaluating or comparing Bosch food processors on the market.

How it works

Although there are a variety of multifunctional robot models from Bosch, these home appliances generally operate on the same basic principle. A food processor generally has various tools that are attached to the head of the device. These will be used to chop, knead or mix the ingredients. The instrument will then make a circular motion around the container vessel, which is to be installed on the base of the robot. These movements are activated by the robot arm, which has a toothed belt that distributes the power and movement produced by the engine.


Bosch food processors are multifunctional devices, simple, intuitive and easy to use. With all their features you quickly become a refined chef. They allow you to cook a wide variety of recipes in two steps and three movements like an expert chef. With their many accessories, you can easily prepare a wide variety of foods in a short time and without wasting ingredients or energy.

9 things to know about Bosch food processors for home

Depending on the robot model you choose, you can perform a greater number of operations in the kitchen than you can afford in a limited time. Hence the almost unlimited possibilities of recipes, which help you to vary the dishes as much as possible and always have a wonderful result.

You can cut, for example, fast and convenient french fries with cutting blades. You no longer need to lie on a large surface of the worktop and waste precious time working with your hand and a blunt knife. Salads, vegetable soups or bread dough can be made quickly and well, all with the help of a multifunctional device.

You also save a lot of space in the kitchen, because you can replace several utensils and appliances with one. They can be adapted, depending on the model, to small kitchens, which are quite common in our country. They usually have powerful enough motors and are smart devices. With several functions, they are easy to use and have many additional accessories besides the bowl and lid, which will increase the difficulty of the recipes during several uses. Last but not least, the brand is constantly innovating when it comes to device design.


Depending on the model, you can use Bosch food processors to crush various ingredients and store them in the many containers provided between the appliance accessories. You can emulsify to quickly prepare homemade sauces or mayonnaise. You can chop nuts (to incorporate into cakes), various types of fish or meat to make meatballs or burgers and many other operations.

To beat the egg whites, the mixer simplifies your task. To squeeze fruits and vegetables without wasting a single drop of juice and without running out, you can use the food processor. Knead dough for pasta or to make bread, pizza or other delicacies. With Bosch robots you can quickly and evenly incorporate the ingredients without polluting the work surface.

How to properly maintain Bosch food processors

It is recommended to clean Bosch food processors after each use. Maintenance is usually done with water and a sponge, at least for the basics. Therefore, it is enough to pass the various moving parts under a stream of water to prevent the food from clinging, then wipe with a sponge and rinse.

Because most items are compatible with the dishwasher, maintenance will be easier. Regardless of the model chosen, avoid immersing the engine in water.

9 things to know about Bosch food processors for home

Engine power

Power varies from one model to another, from low power, 400 W, for simple tasks and smaller volumes to over 1000 W. This is important for those looking for a powerful and fast robot. However, the higher engine power comes with a higher noise level. Correctly estimate the power you need. Breaking a harder ingredient requires almost 700 W, so think especially about the different recipes you intend to prepare.

Variable speed unit

One of the most important criteria when looking for the best Bosch food processor is the possibility to vary the speed of your multifunctional robot as much as possible. While some models offer very low speeds with Pulse or Turbo function, others can go up to 7 speeds adjustable depending on the type of preparation.

Precautions for use

Before mounting or dismounting any part or accessory of your Bosch food processor, make sure it is completely turned off or even disconnected. Remember that you have to handle the discs and knives of your robot carefully, as they are very sharp, so we also advise you not to hold them by the blade, but by their central plastic axis.

For optimal and safe use of the device, we recommend that you do not exceed the recommended amounts and, of course, never insert your fingers into the various parts of the robot.

Vessel capacity

To determine the adapted capacity of the bowl, ask yourself how many people gather at the table. Bosch robots can be found both in the version with a 2.5 l bowl, suitable for a family of 4, and in models with a multifunctional bowl of 5 or 6 l, perfect for large tables, due to the handling of an increased volume of composition, either whether it's meat or dough.

9 things to know about Bosch food processors for home


The number of accessories determines the functions offered by the device. So, keep in mind all the features you will need, as a citrus juicer does not always come with a meat grinder or mixer.

The accessories provided with this device define its ability to bend to your requirements. Thus, the more accessories in the package of a Bosch device, the better. Therefore, it is a good idea to analyze the list of included accessories before making a final decision. The basic robots (entry level) are generally delivered with a set of graters and slicers, a chopping knife, as well as tel. As for high-end appliances, they come with other accessories: blender, a mini bowl and chopper, mixer.

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