Duan Yi Hong – “Leopard” Yue Lu Xiang
 An ailing, languid leopard that constantly puts itself in a state of hunger, ever alert to the slightest movement of even the tiniest of his preys. Waiting and pursuits are his second natures, quickly following up with capture.

Specialises in Tae Kwan Do; creating and defusing bombs; surviving in the wilderness; skilled in all kinds of weapons, especially derringer.

Ni Da Hong – “Tibetan Mastiff” He Jian Zhong

Rough, brusque, violent, straightforward, doesn’t drag his heels. When his eyes are set upon you, your death is nigh. His assault comes in that split-second, there is nothing faster than his dual revolvers.

A deadeye; geomancy professional, familiar with topography, and well-acquainted with all kind of beasts on the prairie.

Wang Bao Qiang Wu Jing – “Goatherd” Yang Xiao Ming
The most inconspicuous among the four, looks like a goatherd, yet endowed with the most amazing skills, and loves considering himself a hero though people call him a goatherd. Fleet-footed as goat, light as swallow. Was a monk when young, becoming a master in martial arts. Later, trained hard in car stunts, becoming prince of flying car.

Expert in Shaolin Fist and flying car.

Zhang Li – “Hammer” “Yak” Han Dong Dong
An ice cold tool, kills in one strike. Loathes using the brains, preferring action. A big eater who gobbles down ten bowls of rice or 20 steamed buns in each meal.

A Hercules; no specific forms, just a pair of enraged iron fist and body that is hard as steel, and iron will. Whoever gets hit by him suffers a fate worse than death.

Wu Jing, who is now in Guazhou, Gansu, for filming, said on his blog entry, dated October 1, 2009, that he’s only called up at the last minute – after returning from Qingdao – to play one of the four detectives. While he didn’t state which, it should be the one with Herculean strength, given that the other three detective roles are filled.

Wu Jing also mentioned visiting Luohan Temple’s abbot Suquan in a ceremony in Mt Ermei before rushing to One Foundation FRD C1 Celebrity Charity Race in Chengdu, gaining spiritual advice and some scriptures from the abbot while Jet Li was generously and sincerely offering him advices affably, it’s as if he had returned to his training days, receiving caring treatment from a senior to his junior, how heartwarming.

He also visited two Sichuan babies he adopted, they are growing well. He feels that everything is hopeful, and Sichuan is really getting back on her feet.


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