Are we better off for the holidays?

Today I will not talk about recipes, I will just ask you to stop for a few minutes and read, reflect and go there on your list of achievements this year another good deed. About the project launched by Cristi Roman together with Andie and Dana , I let you read below… I just want to thank you in advance for your involvement!

„- We start today the“ 10,000 lei ”Project through which we want to raise at least 10,000 new lei to help disadvantaged children from several places in Romania;

– The total amount raised will be divided between three decided and chosen places; These are:

1. Ianca Museum Association from Ianca (Braila) – Over time, the association has gathered over 1000 exhibits and established the Ianca Museum, also accredited by the ministry. Recently, the members of the association started to give classes inside the museum for children from low-income families to help them keep up with others in school. They equipped a room with computers, arranged it and take computer use courses with over 150 children. It helps them to do their homework and be at the same level as those who have a computer at home. I take them on trips to Braila, especially since many of them did not leave the community. In the long run, they plan to do an after-school for children, weaving workshops and other activities to attract children from the community;

2. The Together for the Future Association from Spantov (Calarasi) – consists of three young girls who managed to mobilize many people in the community, especially young people (they have about 40 volunteers who are involved in all activities of the association) and gain their trust . The first project they did was to arrange a playground because there is no place for young people and children to meet and spend their free time. The money they were funded so far was not enough for all the activities they wanted, and then they organized a fundraising event – a football championship – and managed to raise what they lacked. . They took courses with young people from the community to involve them in the long term in the activities they do. Now they also have an alternative education club that will run until the end of November. Usually, during the holidays, they raise fundraising campaigns (money or objects) for the poor families in the commune.

3. Solidarity and Hope Foundation (Iasi) – deals with two day centers (Mia Casa Center in Barnova and St. Marina Center) that take care of children from poor, disorganized or other families. Here they benefit from a hot meal (after school), receive homework help and have activities that help them integrate into society.

Are we better off for the holidays?

– It was a long discussion until we chose the places where the money will go, so they remain nailed; we are aware that there are even more serious cases, but so we decided in the end; obviously, whoever wants to donate elsewhere, is free to do so at any time;

– The money (monitored by Andreea and me) will go to the account of the PACT Foundation (not chosen at random, but carefully) which will then deal with dividing the amount into three + carrying out projects;

– The donation account is RO12BPOS70606197144RON10, opened at Bancpost SA- University Branch (PACT Foundation);

– You can donate directly with the card (lei, euro, dollars) and HERE , at the bottom of the page you will find the payment form directly with the card (don't forget to put “Project 10,000 ″ next to the name).

– There will be a surprise at the end of everything, with a small part of the money raised, but very important for someone in particular;

– Now, VERY IMPORTANT: in order to be able to follow exactly what amounts are collected, please, very nicely, to specify, when you make the donation / transaction, " Project 10,000 "; if you wish to remain anonymous, please specify " Project 10,000 Anonymous " (each "anonymous" will then receive an indication when it is published on the site, so that everyone knows that his money is taken into account and considered);

– Any amount, no matter how small, is important; Of course we would be happy for the amounts to be as large as possible, but any amount donated will be received on equal terms of satisfaction from us;

Andreea and I will keep in constant / daily contact with the associations and we will update in real time on special pages the situation of the money raised;

– Basically, on the page we will update daily you will find the list of all those who will donate (donation confirmed), with name / blog name, simple name / without blog or "anonymous with code";

We want to end the fundraising campaign by December 15 , so that there is time for some of the money raised to go to the immediate joys of the Holidays for the little ones;

People, friends, we ask you this: do you want to be part of this aid project that will end shortly before the Holidays and that will effectively and intelligently support several disadvantaged Romanian children in several areas of the country? Do you want to end the year knowing that you have contributed directly to this social project? ”

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