aromatic christmas wreath

Lately I've been giving up bread. I did not impose this on myself, it was a natural renunciation, which came naturally. We eat in the morning for breakfast, because then you can't do without it, but otherwise… very little, not at all 🙂 But the other day I missed a fluffy, warm bread with crispy crust and fluffy core to break with my hand and to eat it so "in vain" :)) without anything next to it.

I made the dough and left it to rise. I took advantage of the break and the fact that the dwarves were sleeping for lunch, I had a coffee and I started wandering around the blogosphere, to find out what's new, new for me as for others is old 😀 No , I will not start now to complain about the crazy pace of my activities, the fact that time has "entered the water" I do not think I am alone in this situation. I'll just say that sometimes I love and love the culinary blogosphere, full of nice and appetizing ideas, nice and interesting people… sometimes I don't like what I read, but that's another story!

That's how I really liked the crowns I saw at Laura's . Hers were sweet, but as I already had the dough made and some butter flavored with basil that was waiting nicely on the table to meet some potatoes I thought that some fragrant crowns would be just right to quench my thirst for dough fluffy.

But ready to talk and let's get to work…

aromatic christmas wreath

  • 250 ml milk
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 7 g dry yeast
  • ~ 500 g flour
  • Furthermore:
  • ~ 75 g butter
  • salt and pepper
  • green basil
  • For anointed:
  • 1 yolk
  • 2-3 tablespoons milk

Preparation Aromatic crowns:

Put the flour in a bowl and mix it with the sugar, salt and dry yeast. We mix the warm milk with the oil and slowly pour it over the flour. Knead a homogeneous and non-sticky dough. Depending on the type of flour used, add more milk if necessary if the dough is too thick or a little flour if the dough is soft and sticky. Cover with a clean towel and leave to rise in a warm place until it doubles in volume.

  • The dough can also be prepared in a bread machine.
  • You can also use water instead of milk

Soft butter, left at room temperature, mix well with salt and pepper to taste, then chopped green basil.

We turn the raised dough on the table greased with a little oil and divide it into approximately equal pieces, depending on the size we want. Each piece of dough is spread thinly in an oval shape. Grease well with aromatic butter, then with a well-sharpened knife cut narrow strips of about 1 cm, on the longest side of the dough sheet.

Each piece of dough thus cut is rolled (the roll should be made obliquely, I omitted this aspect, but in the end it was ok), then twisted in a spiral. The end is well inserted underneath, so as not to open during baking.

aromatic christmas wreath

Let the crowns grow in a warm place, during which time mix the yolk with a little milk. With this mixture we grease the crowns, which we then put in the preheated oven, over medium heat, until golden brown.

Good appetite! 😉

aromatic christmas wreath