On October 18, producer Jackie Chan, director Antony Szeto, and the cast Sammo Hung, Liu Feng Chao, Wang Wen Jie, Wang Fe, Zhang Jin, Mao Jun Jie were at the Beijing premiere and press conference of Wushu, which opens on October 24 this month. The film, which shows the hardships of young people training in martial arts, reminds Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung of their Peking Opera training days.

Jackie Chan says that what he underwent back then was much tougher than the cast members, “It was really arduous, we hardly had enough to eat, enough clothes to keep warm, training was extremely tiring, and Master could cane us anytime!”

Pointing at Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan says, “Had I been familiar with law back then, I’d have sued you.”

Sammo Hung rebuts, “Actually, at that time, majority of the people in Hong Kong were poor. It was equally gruelling whichever profession you were in. We were considered fortunate. Our Master was an exceptional person, and he adopted Jackie Chan as his son, and doted on him the most. Yet you were saying such things about Master, how ungrateful. Our Master took in many disciples, but he didn’t took a single cent from us, and even slept on the floor together with us.”

Jackie Chan immediately corrects himself, “I’ve never said Master treated me badly. You’re putting words into my mouth. Can’t stand you.”

The two, who have been “brothers” for a few decades, also relate their sweeter moments. Sammo Hung reveals that the two would hold hands when walking down the streets, “Many do not understand my relations with Jackie Chan, we could hold each other’s hands when taking a stroll, we would bathe together in the same tub, he would help massage my back, dry my hair. Some said we were ‘sick’, but we were actually very healthy, we weren’t sick.”

Jackie Chan recollects, when he was still very young, Sammo Hung was already quite generous, whenever he visited his little juniors, he would give them 50 cents or 1 dollar as pocket money, so the juniors all adored this big brother.

At the press conference Sammo Hung would often dig at Jackie Chan, not giving him any respect at all. And the awkward Jackie Chan would often announce he would beat the crap out of Sammo Hung, yet throughout the whole press event, Jackie Chan had been especially respectful in front of the big brother, a testament to their strong bonds.

When Jackie Chan decided to do a movie promoting wushu, he personally invited Sammo Hung to appear in it as he was not able to spare any time.

“I was forced into it. I didn’t know they had been secretly planning such a big affair. I had to join the production just a week after I was informed. They told me it would only take 10 days of my time, but in the end, I had to stay for 20 days. But owing to my relations to Jackie Chan and boss Cen, of course I didn’t say anything. Whatever they say, I would gladly do it.” says Sammo Hung.

Wang Fei, Wang Wei Jie, Liu Feng ChaoAnother reason Sammo Hung was doing this film is to help groom such young generation wushu talent Wang Wen Jie, Liu Feng Chao, Wang Fei, etc.

To promote Wushu, Jackie Chan, apart from producing the film, also brought the cast to Cannes Film Festival, walking the red carpet with them, bringing worldwide media attention on the film. His job was to attract the media, and let the wushu skills of the main cast members speak for themselves.

Jackie Chan also confirms his intention to join hands with Beijing TV to shoot New Shaolin Temple TV series that is set in contemporary times and features winners and finalists from The Disciple.

Sammo Hung reveals that he would be directing two movies next year. The first is set to begin production in early 2009, and Sammo Hung will not only be directing but also starring in it. While there’s a worldwide economic crisis currently, Sammo Hung says that he has acquired almost all the funds. He’s not saying any more about the movie other than it being an action drama.

The other movie would be an action comedy, and Sammo Hung hopes to cast his son Timmy Hung. However, this is still in early stage of pre-production, and he says that it’s very tough coming up with ideas for this genre of film, as hardly anyone is doing it anymore.  Sina

Wang Zhe: Could this be for real?Another film, 《王者》 (He Who Would Be King), an action comedy purported to be tied to Sammo Hung and numerous wushu stars like Zhao Chang Jun, Ji Chun Hua, Bruce Leung, Xiong Xin Xin, Shi Xiao Long, Li Wan Tong, etc., supposedly begins production next month.

One rumoured plotline has Zhao Chang Jun playing a retired police officer, who would rather eke out a living by running a foot-wash shop. His senior Sammo Hung asks him to come out of retirement, but is turned down. Bruce Liang, a real estate boss, on hearing his son about about having met a real martial arts exponent, arrives at the foot-wash shop to challenge Zhao Chang Jun’s skills and test his character.

Another possible plotline surrounding this Lunar New Year film relates to the emergence of a national treasure, with everyone vying fiercely to possess it. Facing such immense wealth, how many can remain untempted? The theme is “To become a true king, one needs to possess a righteous heart, only he who is benign is fit to be the king.”  
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