Baked sausage potatoes

Baked sausage potatoes
Baked sausage potatoes

* 1 kg of new potatoes
* 2 sausage huts
* 1 red bell pepper
* 2 eggs
* 150 g sour cream
* salt and pepper
* patrunjel
* thyme

Peeled and washed potatoes are cut into slices or in half if they are smaller.

Cut the peppers into strips, and the sausages into pieces a few cm long that we cut at the ends.

In a heat-resistant dish greased with oil, put the potatoes, peppers, salt, pepper, thyme and sausages in a layer.

Baked sausage potatoes

Put enough water to cover the potatoes and bake until the potatoes are soft and the liquid has dropped.

Beat the eggs well with a pinch of salt, then add the sour cream. Homogenize and pour into a bowl over the potatoes. Put it back in the oven until the egg hardens and starts to brown on top.

Serve hot sprinkled with parsley.

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