Beko – 4 types of popular products to buy in 2021

Beko is a brand of home appliances long considered in the "Discount" category, thus offering devices for small budgets. However, whether it is his washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners or even his cooking appliances, quality has always been an important element.

The main Beko household appliances are mainly designed in the group's Turkish factories. Initially oriented towards the design of low-cost products, Beko has gradually advanced to offer better quality devices today, keeping prices affordable. Growing steadily over the past twenty years, Beko is now the second best-selling home appliance brand in Europe. Here is what you can find on the Romanian market:

Washing machines and dryers

The Turkish company offers a wide range of washing machines and dryers. It also offers combined devices that have built-in washing and drying functions. Like many home appliance brands, Beko offers front-loading or standard-loading washing machines. Depending on your needs, you can also choose independent or built-in models.

Each model benefits from a variety of programs, such as the 14-minute Express cycle or the "Daily" function, which provides a 40-minute wash at 40 ° C.

Beko – 4 types of popular products to buy in 2021

The Beko brand offers several innovative technologies, such as the Prosmart Inverter friction induction motor, which reduces the volume of the device's sound and its energy consumption. Some models have anti-vibration walls or a drum that facilitates the sliding of textiles and therefore ensures a more efficient washing.

You can also choose from several models of dryers. Appliances equipped with a heat pump reduce energy consumption by reinjecting hot air produced by drying.

Cooking appliances

In this area, Beko has an extensive catalog in which you will find many built-in ovens, hobs, hoods and microwave ovens. It is up to you to choose the device that suits your needs. Ovens equipped with ProChef technology have side openings that ensure a more homogeneous circulation of hot air in the cavity for faster cooking, without preheating.

If you need to cook several dishes at the same time, you can opt for a Split & Cook model, which offers a capacity of 80 liters and the possibility to cook the dishes at different temperatures. This multifunctional oven also contains 80 automatic programs for cooking meat, gratin and other dishes prepared in optimal conditions.

To equip your kitchen, Beko offers the possibility to choose between several types of hobs. Some models with Indyflex thus have up to 8 cooking zones, which allow the preparation of many dishes at the same time. If you need a larger cooking surface, adjustable according to the size of the pots and pans, prefer a FlexInduction hob. For those who prefer gas supply, the Turkish brand also offers different models of stoves with up to 5 independent meshes.

Beko – 4 types of popular products to buy in 2021

Refrigerators and freezers

Whether you choose a refrigerator, a freezer or the best Beko refrigerator , you will have the choice between a built-in appliance or an independent classic model. Beko refrigerators are equipped with technologies that promote better food preservation and constant freshness. Thus, the EverFresh + compartment is designed to maintain the humidity in the vegetable compartment and to keep the food fresh.

The refrigerators, equipped with a freezing section, also benefit from the NeoFrost system which, thanks to the two independent ventilation cooling systems, helps to limit unpleasant odors and to regulate the air humidity depending on the compartment. This will cause the air in the freezer to dry out to avoid freezing, while the food will dry less due to the higher humidity in the refrigerator.

Beko also offers a wide range of more energy efficient and environmentally friendly devices. Class A ++ devices reduce the energy bill by 25% more compared to A + models.

Beko freezers offer a good variety of models equipped with practical options, such as the Maxi Box, which optimizes the space of the drawers or the reversible door of the freezer that you can position depending on the space.

You will also find a remarkable number of models adapted to more specific needs. For large families looking for more spacious appliances, high-capacity combines can have a capacity of up to 540 liters. For the more "inattentive", Beko offers an "alarm" option, which is triggered automatically when the door is opened for too long. Finally, Twist Ice Maker will allow you to get up to 28 ice cubes and then keep them in a compartment for this purpose.


The Beko dishwasher range covers most needs, right from the start of installation. You can choose between independent or built-in models. In some cases, it is possible to raise the height of the appliance to 60 cm from the floor, so that you spare your back when loading or unloading the dishes. If your needs require it, there are high-capacity built-in dishwashers that can accommodate up to 14 sets of dishes, while maintaining a classic size of 60 cm in width.

Beko – 4 types of popular products to buy in 2021

In terms of innovation, Beko offers several very interesting options and technologies. Thus, the AquaFlex program of the brand allows you to adjust the type of washing according to the compartment. Glasses and cups will be protected on the top of the appliance by light pressure, while plates and dishes will be washed more intensively to ensure efficient cleaning.

From the point of view of washing programs, the whole range is available. If you hurry, the quick wash function guarantees a cycle three times shorter than normal. However, this program will tend to consume more.

For baby dishes, the BabyProtect cycle washes at 70 ° C to remove all bacteria. Otherwise, Beko dishwashers offer standard programs, such as automatic mode, which adjusts the amount of water and temperature according to the degree of soiling detected. As with washing machines, some models are equipped with the ProSmart engine, which tends to reduce the noise level of the appliance and energy consumption efficiently. Some indeed offer a volume of sound limited to 44 decibels, placing them de facto among the most discreet devices in their category.

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