Beko BIM25300XM great oven review


Benefits of Beko BIM25300XM:

The interior is equipped with catalytic self-cleaning panels, the door with CleanZone technology and hot steam cleaning.

Possibility to lock the display for the safety of the little ones.

The oven offers a capacity of 71 liters and ventilation for uniform and fast heating.

You can cook three dishes at the same time, thanks to the 3D function.

Electric model, with 8 predefined programs, including defrost and grill.



According to the evaluations of those who have already tested the product, in some cases, the elements with touch activation, in the control area, react more difficult. You must also allow the oven to heat up several times, following the instructions in the user manual, to remove residues from the manufacture that generate an unpleasant odor.



Because one of the biggest difficulties encountered by housewives in using an oven, electric or gas, is to clean the burned fat, Beko offers you a combination of measures designed to eliminate this problem.

Thus, the inside of the oven is covered with panels made of special material, chemically treated to absorb grease, and the door includes glass with a protective layer, which prevents the adhesion of food particles and, in addition, can be detached to be washed more easily.

Beko BIM25300XM great oven  review

The product also benefits from a hot steam cleaning function, which softens a little deposited dirt, in order to be easily removed with a damp cloth, without abrasive solutions.

If you have children, this model helps you work more quietly, knowing that the little ones cannot have access to the oven controls, the display can be blocked when you are not using it.

A feature also appreciated by families with many members is the capacity of 71 liters, above average, which means enough space to cook large amounts of food. You can opt for classic baking, or with ventilation, and, in addition, you have at your disposal the program with 3D heating that allows you to prepare up to three dishes at the same time, using the two trays and the grill included in the delivery package.

Beko BIM25300XM is abuilt-in electric oven , available at an affordable price and equipped with 8 predefined cooking programs, which helps you easily manage the baking conditions depending on the dishes you approach. The list of options designed to make your life easier is conventional cooking, similar to the classic gas stove, with heating up and down, without ventilation, ideal for puff pastry and biscuits.

You can also opt for grill or low grill, depending on the texture of the meat and the type of vegetables you want to make. For those who would like to prepare homemade pizza, the oven offers lower heating, ideal for forming the crunchy crust at the base of the dough.

If you are preparing to make the steak and just take the meat out of the freezer, the defrost function takes you out of the mess, considerably reducing the waiting time until the moment when you can actually put the meatballs in the tray.


Conclusion after Beko BIM25300XM review:

Beko BIM25300XM is one of the most suitable versions for efficiently designed kitchens, both in terms of space and cost. With its built-in structure, design and functionality that greatly facilitates the correct maintenance and cooking process, it offers everything you need for fast and well-made meals.


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