Beko FSE62110DX review 2021



Booster function that reduces by up to 35% the time required to reach the desired temperature.

Lower gas consumption compared to other models.

The electric oven is equipped with timer and ventilation.

Burners with electric ignition and safety system.

Includes four-burner hob and medium-capacity oven.


The stainless steel exterior gives it a modern, special look and better corrosion resistance, but at the same time makes it even more demanding in terms of cleaning. Although the residues are easily removed, you need special solutions for stainless steel and a lot of care, because on the silver surface you can easily see even water splashes.

Beko FSE62110DX review 2021


Many recipes require a preheated oven to get the right texture and even in the rest of the cases, the time until the interior space is heated means whole minutes of waiting. A version with Booster function, such as this Beko FSE62110DX stove, helps you reduce downtime and cook faster.

Beko FSE62110DX review 2021

In concrete terms, the testle shows that Beko technology can shorten the preheating time by up to 35%, which will practically translate into the clear feeling that you have a very fast oven at hand.

This model of electric stove is a standard, efficient, durable and affordable version, intended for households that need quality at a reasonable price. It therefore emphasizes low fuel and electricity consumption, being provided with a new type of burner, which uses less gas, and timer which ensures precise control of the baking time in the oven.

It offers a traditional baking function, for puff pastry and biscuits, electric grill and lower heating for pizza. If you need fast heat uniformity inside the oven, you can choose ventilation baking, with both heating elements activated, or grill associated with ventilation, with heat release only from the bottom, for more delicate products.

The list of functions for safety and comfort includes both electric ignition, which eliminates the need for matches to use the hob, and the safety valve. The latter stops the supply of the mesh with gas, when the flame is accidentally extinguished, thus preventing toxic releases.

The hob provides you with four burners: one small, 1kW, two medium, 2kW and one large, 2.9kW. Although we are not talking about the most powerful options available, they give you enough strength to prepare efficiently from the classic boiled eggs to stews, borscht or canned winter.

The oven has a capacity of 66 liters and is accompanied by a large tray, ideal for tender steaks and well-raised cakes, prepared in sufficient quantities for 3-4 people.


This model from Beko belongs to the category of mainstream options, with technical features specially selected to offer efficiency, comfort and safety in use, while maintaining an affordable price. It fits just as well in a bachelor's studio as it does in the kitchen of a family with children.

Beko FSE62110DX review 2021

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