Beko FSM62530DXMS gas cooker review


Benefits of Beko FSM62530DXMS gas cooker :

Interior with catalytic panels, which simplifies the cleaning process.

Modern design burners that increase gas efficiency.

Includes oven with ventilation assisted cooking and predefined functions.

The 3D cooking option allows you to cook three dishes at the same time.

The oven has an above average capacity of 72 liters.


Because it includes a traditional stove, with gas and cast iron grill, it may be less suitable, in terms of design and operation, for those who want to have only the latest generation products in the kitchen. This model is designed to combine efficient and high-performance technology with the robustness of classic hob systems.



Catalytic panels are among the most efficient self-cleaning solutions included in modern stove versions. They involve the use, inside the oven, of special materials, chemically treated, which absorb fats very easily and quickly, eliminating the need for classic cleaning with abrasive substances.

The only aspect you have to take care of is the regular use of the oven at temperatures above 200oC which contributes to the maintenance of the absorption capacity of the panels.

Beko FSM62530DXMS gas cooker review

This Beko FSM62530DXMS cooker is equipped with specially designed burners that manage the gas in a different way, increasing combustion efficiency and reducing consumption by up to 17%. So you can easily cook the best soups, stews and steaks. The mesh includes, in addition, electric ignition and safety system, which prevents accidental release of gas into the kitchen.

Regarding the use of the oven, we can tell you that you have a variety of predefined functions, which help you prepare the most popular recipes, without too many hassles. The integrated ventilation contributes to the rapid uniformity of the heat inside, a process that helps to cook food faster and to obtain tender cakes.

Among the predefined programs included is 3D cooking, which controls the air circulation inside, so you can prepare three recipes at the same time, without the risk of mixing flavors.

It is an extremely useful function for those who cook a lot, for families with large members and for festive occasions, when you have to prepare a complete party menu in just a few hours, without help.

Also for households where it is customary to prepare food in large quantities, the oven provides a volume of 72 liters, large enough for generous trays full of goodies, for the whole family. You can also prepare several portions of steak or grilled vegetables, thanks to the grill function, with different options for directing heat inside, depending on the thickness and density of the food prepared and how crunchy you want it to be.

Conclusion after Beko FSM62530DXMS review:

This Beko model is one of the electric stove versions, ideal for families who need an efficient, easy to use and durable cooking device. It is designed to solve brilliantly, both frugal breakfast snacks and complicated holiday dishes, shared with friends and relatives from far away.


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