beko refrigerators reviews – usage instructions

Do you want to take full advantage of your Beko refrigerator? Want to know how to optimize the preservation of your food? What temperature to select? How to store your food? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your modern and economical device.

At first glance, using your Beko refrigerator seems very simple. However, whether you put your family's health or energy savings first, it is very important to take care of the ideal temperature and take some precautions to ensure the optimal quality of the food stored.

The right temperature

Your refrigerator combines the freshness of the food. To consume them safely and securely, it is important to select the correct storage temperature.

In the refrigeration area, make sure that the freshness indicator, placed in the coldest place of the appliance, indicates that the desired temperature – between 0 and 4 ° C – has been reached.

In the freezer compartment, put a thermometer to make sure the products are stored at -18 ° C.

Store food in the appropriate compartments

Beware of bacteria! If you have a Beko refrigerator , make sure you store your food at the right temperature:

The coldest area is at the bottom of the unit, and as the temperature rises, the warmest part is at the top. So you have to place the most fragile goods in the lower part of the appliance (just above the vegetable drawer).

beko refrigerators reviews – usage instructions

The vegetable drawer is specially adapted to accommodate fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as cheese. Just above, on the bottom shelf, place raw meat and fish, cold sausages, anything you've already started, fresh produce and raw milk. The top shelves are suitable for cooked food, yogurts and other unopened dairy products.

In the door, you can store eggs, butter, spices and sauces in jars, as well as drinks.

To allow air to flow properly between foods, avoid filling the device to the brim and remove products from the package. Watch out for expiration dates! Place the products in the order of their expiration, so that the most perishable ones are directly accessible and not at the bottom of the device.

Freezer compartment organization

The use of suitable freezer bags or plastic containers is particularly suitable. Firm and resistant to moisture, this type of packaging protects your food, avoiding drying and loss of vitamins. Do not forget to write on the package the nature of the product, the date of its freezing and the quantity packed.

Do not put hot products in the freezer, so as not to damage the products already stored. Also, never refreeze a thawed product, with the risk of affecting its taste, nutritional qualities and even freshness. To freeze a large amount of food, divide it into several batches. Thus, the freezing will be of a better quality, because it will be done faster, and the defrosting will be more efficient.

Energy saving

Remember that proper installation and maintenance limits the energy consumption of the refrigerator. You can optimize consumption by other measures: letting cooked food cool before putting it in the fridge, quickly closing the appliance doors, checking the tightness by closing the door on a sheet of paper (if it can be easily pulled, then the rubber gasket must changed).

Also, install the device in a dry and ventilated environment, away from heat sources, avoid any risk of overheating keeping a distance of 5 cm from the wall. When thawing a product, put it in the fridge (it helps to cool the fridge on the one hand and you don't even have to use the microwave). If the appliance does not have a No Frost cooling system, defrost it regularly.

beko refrigerators reviews – usage instructions


Refrigerators (refrigerator, freezer and refrigerator-freezer) must be placed in a room whose temperature never drops below 10 ° C. Below this value, the device no longer works. This is because it no longer differentiates between outside and inside temperature. The appliance will no longer be cold, which causes the interior to heat up. The cooling chain is no longer respected, therefore, stored food expires faster and must be consumed quickly.

There are three solutions to protect your device from too low temperatures: move the device to install it in a room where the temperature reaches at least 10 ° C; if you cannot move it, the best solution is to disconnect it and transfer the food to another appliance, in order to avoid any defect of the combine and the alteration of the food; if the room is heated, it is better to bring the temperature to a minimum of 10 ° C.

I'm going on vacation. What to do?

We are all in a hurry to go on vacation, but a trip of a few days requires some preparation. Here are some steps to follow to prepare your Beko refrigerator for your absence, depending on its duration. If you are planning a short stay (one week to 10 days), you can let the device work. It can be helpful to throw away food that expires during your absence to avoid unpleasant odors.

If you plan to be away for a month or even an entire season, it is best to unplug the appliance to save energy. Empty the refrigerator and water tank (if necessary), clean the inside of the appliance and leave the doors open to avoid unpleasant odors.

Many Beko combines are equipped with a holiday mode, which you can activate in case of prolonged absence. This feature deactivates the refrigerator compartment and keeps the freezer on. If you are gone for a month or more, throw away any food that may be spoiled, put all other foods in the freezer and activate the holiday mode.

beko refrigerators reviews – usage instructions

Maintenance tips

If you have a classic cooling appliance, then the freezer creates ice and must be defrosted manually. As soon as the ice reaches 3 mm thick, the consumption of the device increases by 30%. Therefore, it is necessary to defrost the compartment regularly (be careful not to use sharp objects to break the ice; you can use a plastic squeegee and a sponge soaked in hot water to soften the ice).

If the appliance is not built-in, clean the grille behind it (condenser) at least once a year, as well as the dust on the engine and check the rubber gasket on the doors. Also, keep the back of the refrigerator always well ventilated.

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