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 Post-production of Invisible Target is being carried out in Beijing and Benny Chan, together with Wu Jing, grants an audience with the press. According to Benny Chan’s introduction, Invisible Target is about three police officers’ attempt to nab criminal Wu Jing. However, the three are driven by their own motives, rather than out of a sense of justice. In the process, they neglect that they are police, see on Wu Jing a shadow of themselves, and see on each other their own shortcomings, and end up having a heavy price to pay. Benny Chan also reveals that Wu Jing is the strongest fighter in the movie, “Even when Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue and Jaycee Chan combine forces, they still cannot beat Wu Jing.”

While Benny Chan admits that it’s very difficult to achieve breakthroughs in action films, and they are not easy to film, he still believes that Invisible Target will show something new. He says that, taking commercial elements into account, there is about 60 to 70% of action out of the film’s 130 minutes runtime. It has a lot more action scenes than any of his previous movies. The film is tightly paced to ensure that the audience won’t doze off.

Benny Chan says that he puts the safety above everything and doesn’t demand an actor to personally perform death-defying stunts. “When shooting an action scene, I would come up with my own ideas and discuss with the martial arts director Nicky Li and the cast members to find out if they’re able to handle it, and to what degree. I also have to consider if the audience will be convinced, if an actor or actress turns into superman or superwoman, even if they don’t use stunt double, the audience would still says that it’s fake.”

As with the case of New Police story, Benny Chan is again detonating the police station, and far more were vehicles being blown up. “In less than 5 minutes after we began filming, three ambulances, two police cars, and two fire engines arrived, owing to calls from the alarmed passers-by.” Wu Jing adds, “Accidents only occur when one is not careful. As long as sufficient precautions and preparations are taken, there would not be much risks.” Benny Chan continues, “There is not much gore in my films, what I want are exciting actions rather than violence.”

Benny Chan emphasizes that the fight scenes are intricately woven with drama, in every action scene, he would discuss with the cast, “what they’re fighting for”, “what kind of feelings they should carry when fighting”. “The action has already been planned long ago, when we started filming, I just wanted to tell a good story, to achieve a balance between story and action.”

Among the new actors, Benny Chan believes Nicholas Tse has the best chance of becoming the next action superstar. “While Nicholas Tse didn’t have any formal training, he’s truly obsessed with martial arts. Have you seen any actors who’d train at home? Once, he was practising with a staff at home, he broke a hanging lamp. This is why he’s my first choice for action movies.”

Wu Jing says that the most difficult moments when filming Invisible Target was when he tore his ligament after jumping off from fifth-storey. Whenever he lifted his legs, he would feel excruciating pain. Yet he couldn’t shirk work and had to continue filming while enduring the pain. Wu Jing is currently resting and recuperating, so that he would be in tip-top condition when his next project begins filming.

Invisible Target is tentatively planned for Hong Kong release on July 19.  Beijing Morning Post


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