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The best food dehydrator – Our recommendations for 2021

Not everyone knows how to use it and what are the advantages of a fruit and vegetable dehydrator, and if you have the problem to buy it, it is necessary to carry out the documentation work for some time. For the most hurried of our visitors, who do not want to read the entire buying guide we offer, we specify from the beginning which are the positions 1 and 2 in our top of proposals. The first stage is occupied by the Excalibur 9 model, a professional device that meets the most notable characteristics for this category of appliances: it is powerful and offers efficient heating in different stages, thus being able to dry as many types of food as possible; includes a large number of trays and provides a drying surface for large amounts of ingredients; it is equipped with a thermostat, a large fan and a timer function that saves you worries, and can be programmed to work for extended periods of time; materials used in manufacturing, including polycarbonate trays, promise operational safety. When you want to find another brand or you are unable to purchase this dehydrator, our advice is to opt for the product number 2 in our list of hierarchical offers, namely Ezidri FD500 .

Comparison table

It can be used for fruits and vegetables, having enough drying space, thanks to the 9 built-in trays, which have a working surface of 1.4 sqm. Together with the thermostat adjustable between 29-68 ° C, it will quickly dehydrate any food, regardless of the water concentration.

Like any other device in a higher range, which is not only high-performance, but also reliable and easy to use, this one also requires a slightly higher investment.

It is a semi-professional dehydrator model, which you can use successfully for any kind of food, being perfect for those who always want a healthy snack.

With a power of 500W, adjustable on 3 temperature levels, and with 5 trays with a diameter of 34 cm, you will be able to introduce not only fruits and vegetables, but also herbs and a series of spices, becoming very useful in any kitchen.

Being entirely white, inevitably certain foods will dehydrate and stick, which will give you a little more hassle when cleaning.

Given the drying capacity and power, we can say unequivocally that this model is an excellent dehydrator for home use, included in the semi-professional range.

It has a very useful LED display, incorporates 5 large trays, on which you can place almost anything, and their compartmentalization helps dry evenly, preventing the mixture of flavors – this is what this model recommends for home use.

Although it is roomy, practical and beautiful, you will need a little more patience, as it has a power of only 240W, so it requires more time for drying.

It can be used to dehydrate a wide range of foods, from fruits and vegetables to meat, pasta and bakery products. In addition, it is accessible.

How to choose a food dehydrator

Buyer’s guide

Diets include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, but they are not always included in the daily diet in the fresh state. Many consumers do not have much confidence in commercial cans, because, along with the main ingredients, they can also include a number of additives, preservatives or added sugars. Of course, this is also the case with dehydrated vegetables and fruits, which are preferred in many combinations of cereals and breakfast mixes.

Even the prices of conventionally marketed products can be quite high and that is why we should not be surprised if many people prefer to preserve and dehydrate their food on their own, in order to keep them longer. All you need to do is have a suitable fruit and vegetable dryer so that you can store these ingredients. Here are the criteria you need to check in order to find a good device.

best food dehydrators for the money

Technology: separates devices of this kind into two categories: with vertical air flow (circular) and horizontal flow (box type). Users who will use the services of a dryer to process large quantities of food and want to carry out the entire process in the shortest time are advised to always opt for a device with horizontal air flow.

All appliances have a heating element and several overlapping storage trays, but for those in the mentioned category, the hot air is directed from front to back or from one side to the other. This means that the food is heated relatively evenly, and contamination with other flavors from each ingredient is minimal. The part that will delight you the least is a higher purchase price.

If you prefer to save money and use that item quite rarely, one with a vertical flow will fit excellently in your kitchen. Here the air is directed from the bottom up, which is why the heat distribution is very efficient, because the hot air tends to rise above the cold. However, this makes him pass successively through each layer of ingredients, taking from each one the flavors and imprinting them on all the others. If you intend to dehydrate different fruits and vegetables together, then it is better to avoid this solution.

Capacity: can be variable or fixed. Do you plan to dehydrate small and moderate amounts of food? – Then it is better to buy a box type model, which offers a limited space for drying, distributed on registers and baskets. These versions have the heating element placed on the side, making it possible to uniformly process all the ingredients.

For those interested in a fruit dryer with the possibility of expanding the capacity, circular products are the most suitable, as they consist of a series of overlapping tubs or trays, to which you can add multiple compartments, depending on the drying power. In the case of a powerful device, even 20 trays can be inserted without other complications.

Power and temperature: First of all and to guide you where to find food dehydrators at a good price, try to find a device that offers at least 200W. On the market you will find models with low, moderate or high power. When looking for the most affordable price, you will need to buy an example of limited power, 200-300W. People who have greater investment opportunities can purchase a 400W one. For the most demanding customers, parts that exceed 400W power are recommended.

As for the temperature, for fruits with a high content of vitamin C, low values are recommended, around 30-40 ° C and that is why it is good to have a dryer that works at this value level, a fact demonstrated by sufficient opinions about the better food dehydrators. Ingredients with a lot of liquids can be processed at temperatures above 50 ° C, and if you want something that works quickly, make sure it has a value level of at least 70 ° C.

best food dehydrators for the money

Cost: varies depending on the type, number of trays / baskets, built-in functions, total device efficiency and brand. For buyers who will use the device very often, we recommend a fruit and vegetable dryer at higher prices, which can meet the extended requirements, especially in terms of performance. When the procedure will be performed only occasionally and in small quantities, settle for a cheap one.

If all this is respected, all the chances to choose the right product are on your side. Here’s where to find other food dehydrators at good prices: online. When you order online, you can also get substantial discounts, but the quality of the devices is unchanged. If you still receive the same type of guarantee, there is no point in wasting time looking in stores.

Recommended models in 2021

Excalibur 9

best food dehydrators for the money If until now it was an unknown aspect, any reader will know that the Excalibur brand produces some of the most efficient semi-professional and professional dehydrators in the world. It was, therefore, only natural to include in our top of products such a device, so the model with 9 trays in this example fits perfectly on the type of professional dehydrator.

It can be used both for fruits and vegetables, or even for other foods that need to be dried efficiently. It offers a total power of 600W and ensures temperatures between 29 ° C and 68 ° C, the effective drying surface totaling 1.4 square meters. The 9 trays are made of polycarbonate, very safe and resistant.

The device can be programmed to operate without other controls within a maximum time interval of 26 hours and includes a fan with a diameter of 18 cm, which perfectly ventilates the food inside, eliminating the vapors released more easily.


Includes enough drying space, with 9 trays and 1.4sqm work surface

Provides optimal power values, allowing thermostat temperature adjustment between 29-68 ° C

It can be scheduled for 26 hours of work without other necessary orders

It is a professional, high performance model


Higher investment than others in the top


Ezidri FD500

best food dehydrators for the money If you are interested in a semi-professional dehydrator model for home use, the Ezidri brand has a very advantageous proposal for you. We are discussing this model with 5 trays because it ensures a good price-quality ratio and because it is one of the best-selling offers at the moment. The model offers 500W power, based on which it will effectively dry vegetables, herbs, spices, fruits of any kind and many other foods.

To dry the smaller ingredients, it comes with a sieve and a flat tray, as additional accessories. The trays have a diameter of 34cm and are made of non-toxic polycarbonate, perfect for food processing. The device is equipped with a temperature control system in 3 main stages, between 30 and 65 degrees Celsius. Overheating protection and motor safety are very useful safety functions.

Upon delivery, it is accompanied by a 2-year warranty, which many buyers will be happy to hear.


Semi-professional model – can process vegetables, fruits and other foods

Includes 5 multi-storey trays, to which others compatible as needed can be added

It heats efficiently, up to 65 degrees Celsius, based on the power of 500W

It can be adjusted in different working steps


Unspecified timer


Gorenje FDK24DW

best food dehydrators for the money

People interested in finding out which are the best dehydrators of fruits and vegetables, have at their disposal this product launched by Gorenje. It is about the FDK24DW model, a high-performance, high-capacity device, simple to use and useful in any kitchen. It allows the processing of a wide range of foods, such as: vegetables, fruits, meat, bakery products, pasta and much more.

It is a spacious device, provided with 5 overlapping cooking trays, which offers the possibility to position the food in categories, in order to minimize the mixture of flavors. This mode of compartmentation allows the optimal and uniform drying of each layer. The device is equipped with a medium power motor, 240W, suitable for home use. To streamline the process, the model offers users the ability to set the desired temperature level.

It can be between 35 and 70 degrees C and allows adjustment at any time. The device has the dimensions of 315 x 315 x 300 mm and weighs 11.4 kilograms. It has a pleasant, white design that can be integrated into any kitchen. It is easy to use, as it has an electronic display and LED screen.

To make the necessary settings, you have several inscribed buttons, easy to identify. The dehydrator has a built-in timer function, has protection against overheating and emits an acoustic signal at the end of the drying session.

High-performance device, equipped with a lot of functions that increase the utility

Equipped with 5 cooking baskets, which ensure the processing of a considerable amount of food, in a single batch

It allows electronic control and has an LED display, which simplifies the use of the product

The temperature can be adjusted during the entire drying process

Built-in timer function, for automatic shutdown of the device after the selected operating time has elapsed


The motor offers limited power, 240W


Heinner HFD-404TD

best food dehydrators for the money

Those who want to buy a fruit and vegetable dryer at a good price, can use this model with confidence. Besides the advantage of the low acquisition cost, this product amazes with its efficiency and quality. Even if it is a cheap device, it can process a wide variety of fresh products, such as fish, meat, greens and, of course, various fresh fruits and vegetables. The procedure is very simple. All you have to do is slice the food, place it inside the appliance and store it after drying.

Thus, you can enjoy healthy and delicious snacks throughout the year. The performance of the device is ensured by the powerful motor, of 400W and adjustable temperature, in 4 different levels: 38 – 48 – 58 – 68 degrees C. Thus, you can adjust the degree of heat, for the optimal processing of the different categories of products. This model has a compact, cylindrical design.

With 4 trays superimposed, the device ensures uniform preparation of each layer, minimizing the risk of transferring flavors from one ingredient to another. The device is equipped with LED display, timer for programming the use time, up to 12 hours.

Being a white model, it is simple to maintain and can be fitted in any room where food is prepared. It is a useful accessory for both raw vegan cooking enthusiasts and those who are accustomed to keeping fruits and vegetables for longer. The product offers an advantageous ratio between quality, benefits and price. In addition, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

The product has a very good ratio between quality and price

The powerful engine ensures the processing of the ingredients as fast as possible

Compact design, simple and pleasant, easy to use and handle

Buttons and LED display allow you to make the necessary settings

The temperature is divided into 4 levels, for choosing the optimal degree of heat

It is a versatile model, able to dehydrate a wide range of products


This model does not allow the preparation of yogurt


Dekassa DK-6600

best food dehydrators for the money

Here is a high-performance and complex model that can easily aspire to the title of the best food dehydrator. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables that can quickly turn into healthy and delicious snacks, this device is able to prepare yogurt. Dekassa DK-6600 has a cylindrical shape and is provided with 5 overlapping trays, which ensures an increased loading capacity.

The 9 containers positioned in the upper tray of the device are specially designed to obtain plain yogurt or with various flavors. Each of these vessels has a capacity of 80 ml and is accompanied by a lid. The model has an adjustable thermostat, which offers the user the flexibility to set the degree of heat required for each food. You can choose between temperatures between 35 and 70 degrees Celsius.

This fruit dryer is equipped with a 250W motor, provided with protection against overheating. It is not a consumer that requires a high level of electricity and has a fairly quiet way of working, extremely important features for an appliance.

It has a pleasant design, with dimensions of 29.5 x 33 cm and weight of 3,675 kg, being easy to handle. In addition, it can be easily stored in kitchen furniture when not in use. The ratio between quality and price is excellent, especially if we take into account the 24-month warranty.

High-performance product, ideal for dehydrating a large variety of vegetables and fruits as quickly as possible

It is provided with 9 containers for preparing plain yogurt or with various flavors

The adjustable thermostat offers the possibility to set the required degree of heat

Spacious interior, with 5 overlapping trays

The 250W motor power ensures low electricity consumption


Although it is consistent with the benefits offered, the purchase price is slightly higher than other similar models


Rohnson R291

best food dehydrators for the money

We recommend this offer for available users to spend money on a cheap and good fruit and vegetable dryer. It is clearly a device with vertical air flow, with circular multi-storey trays, which will be able to efficiently dehydrate fruits, vegetables and meat, up to a maximum thickness of 2mm.

As drying power, it derives from the 245W offered, which allow obtaining inside variable temperatures in the range of 35, up to 70 degrees Celsius. You can deduce that it will work quite quickly, when the situation requires it, because the value of 70 is a relatively good one for the accelerated drying function.

A number of 5 drawers, along with the delayed drying system, guarantee good results, give limited storage space, but relatively enough to dry food suitable for 2 people. The process is regulated in different stages, distributed 5 by 5 units (degrees).

It is a good investment as a consumption of funds.

It works efficiently, with 245W and a maximum dehydration temperature of 70 degrees C.

It dehydrates fruits, vegetables and meat as well, allowing temperature adjustment of the entire process.

Allows accelerated drying due to vertical air flow.


It is a smaller capacity piece, processing food for 2, 3 people.


How to use a food dehydrator

Do you want to eat healthy even in winter? Do you need snacks full of nutrients to give to your child in the school package? Are you planning to replace high-calorie snacks with others that are more suitable for your health? A food dehydrator can help you in all these things, provided you use it properly.

best food dehydrators for the money

Food dehydration tricks

Use the appropriate temperature settings. This varies depending on the device you have, but also on the foods you dehydrate. Carefully consult the manual that accompanies the device and do not forget that at temperatures above 40 degrees C vitamins begin to degrade.

Make sure at least 95% of the moisture in the food has been removed. If you have used the appropriate time and temperature settings for those foods, and yet in the end are soft, spongy or sticky, supplement the drying time. High humidity in the environment, for example, can change the recommended times.

Do not rush. It is okay if you expose the food to the dehydration process for a longer period of time, but if the temperature rises unjustifiably, a crust will form on the outside that keeps the moisture inside, making them more perishable.

Carefully prepare food before subjecting it to dehydration. Vegetables and fruits must be washed very carefully. Banana and apple slices will be sprinkled with lemon juice so as not to change color.

To increase efficiency, fill the entire capacity of the dehydrator. If it is about different vegetables and fruits, choose those with similar dehydration times. Heat the appliance, as you would with the oven, before introducing the food. Cut slices of equal thickness to be processed at similar intervals.

Dehydration of vegetables

If you want to shorten the processing time, or to get chips that can be consumed as such, specialists recommend washing the raw material, preparing the slices and then scalding them for a few minutes in boiling water in which you add the desired spices.

Fruit dehydration

Once fresh fruits are selected, in perfect condition, and the slices are sectioned, they will be placed in the machine on a single layer. If you want to check the degree of drying, take out a piece and let it cool first. Check it first with your hand, so that it is not soft or sticky, then cut it with a knife and check the edges as well.

Some people recommend that before the final storage, the fruit chips be placed in a jar, which will be shaken daily, so that the moisture residue is evenly distributed. In addition, if condensation is observed in the jar, the dehydration process will be continued.

best food dehydrators for the money

Keeping food dehydrated

Dehydrated vegetables and fruits should be protected from light, heat and moisture. Once the dehydration process is complete, allow them to cool slowly to room temperature to avoid condensation in the bags. The best method of storage is in vacuum bags with the help of a special dedicated device. If this option is not valid, you can use zippered bags, the recommendation being to get as much air out as possible.

We do not advise you to store dehydrated foods in the freezer, as ice crystals will form which alter their structure.

In the first weeks, we recommend that you check the condition of the bags weekly. Experience has shown that properly dehydrated and stored foods can last for 20 years.


Depending on the food, it may sometimes be necessary to rehydrate it before consumption. Rehydration is very simple: put a cup of that food in a cup of water and wait about 4 hours. If we are talking about the vegetables that you need to include in a specific recipe, and you use a slow cooker type appliance, all you have to do is put the ingredients in the bowl, add the amount of water mentioned in the recipe, and the vegetables they will rehydrate themselves.

Popular brands:

Mixtures of dried fruits and vegetables are often the most filling and delicious snack you can take when you are on a diet or aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the bags found in the market are quite expensive, especially if you want to buy enough for the whole family. Fortunately, in the case of fruits there is a solution: food dehydrators. You will also be able to introduce vegetables, and depending on the model, you have the opportunity to dry larger quantities. That being said, all you have to do is buy the right model of device. We advise you to go to a manufacturer such as Excalibur, Ezidri or Gorenje and we offer you some information about them, which will clarify the importance they have on the market.

best food dehydrators for the money Excalibur is one of the leading American brands on the market for fruit and vegetable dehydrators. Since its establishment in 1973, the manufacturer’s interest has been directed towards making the best dehydrators on the market, and the mission has been preserved to this day.

The business started in a small garage in Sacramento, California, has now grown and expanded globally. It can be said without hesitation that Excalibur devices have revolutionized the way people have begun to relate to raw food, increasing interest in preserving enzymes and vitamins in food.

Models with different capacities are available in the range of dehydrators of the manufacturer in question, which can incorporate between four, five, nine or ten trays. Each of them has a timer, with working time ranging from 26 hours to 99 hours, but people who want to use the device rarely, for small amounts of food, can opt for a cheaper product, without timer.

From soft or hardened vegetables and fruits, to fish, meat, herbs and spices, the possibilities of dehydration are numerous, and this without additives and preservatives. In the future, the manufacturer is confident that dehydrators will replace the popularity of microwave ovens in every home.

best food dehydrators for the money

Ezidri is a brand less known to the general public, but it has won the trust of people interested in a vegan or, in any case, healthy lifestyle. In addition to household dehydrators, the company’s offer also includes fish smokers and apple slicers. The competitive prices at which they are sold is just one of the reasons why the brand’s products have come to the attention of consumers.

It belongs to the private company HIL (Hydraflow Industries Limited), which was founded in New Zealand in 1981. Currently, the products under the tutelage of this manufacturer are sold in countries around the world, from Australia, Singapore and Malaysia to Romania , France, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Ezidri has become a name synonymous with food dehydrators, but we can say that this is also true of other appliances that have appeared under this company. In addition to the quality that established it, the brand is also recognized for its high-performance technology, as well as for its functional design.

Ezidri dehydrators are distributed on the market only after they have passed rigorous control tests and obtained the operating authorization from the Quality Control Certification program.

best food dehydrators for the money

With the mission to “simplify life”, Gorenje is a Slovenian producer, which quickly entered the most important markets in the world. Specialized in the segment of consumer appliances, a variety of products come out of this manufacturer’s factories, without which everyone’s life would be significantly more complicated.

The offer includes large and small appliances, as well as heating / cooling solutions, along with numerous accessories. From washing machines, refrigerators and built-in ovens, to vacuum cleaners, shredders and electric kettles, to electric boilers, bathroom fans and through pots and pans, you find absolutely everything you need to equip a fully functional home .

The Gorenje Group owns production plants in European countries such as Slovenia, Serbia and the Czech Republic, and 20 years ago it also entered the Romanian market, where it currently carries out only import and distribution operations. The products bearing this brand are sold in 90 countries, not only on the European continent, but also in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Georgia, South Africa, Singapore, among others.

Gorenje’s history begins more than 60 years ago, and is now the main brand of the Gorenje Group, along with another internationally renowned brand, Asko, recognized for its premium ranges. In addition, the manufacturer owns six other influential brands in Slovenia.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Heinner HFD-402

Users who have decided to enjoy the benefits offered by such a product, but do not want to invest a considerable amount of money, have at their disposal this model. Heinner HFD-402 is a cheap and good fruit dehydrator. Even if it is available for a great price, it enjoys the quality offered by its manufacturer, a company with extensive experience in the field of home appliances.

It is an efficient device, a feature due to the powerful motor, which offers an increased power of 400W. It ensures optimal and fast dehydration of all foods. A big plus of this device is the temperature adjustable in two stages: 48 degrees and 68 degrees C. Most of the time, drying fruits and vegetables requires different levels of heat.

It is recommended, in the first phase, to use a slightly higher temperature and then set a low value. Thanks to the 4 trays, this model from Heinner allows dehydrating a considerable number of fruits and placing them in categories. The trays are adjusted in height to make room for larger foods. The device has a compact, white design, which takes up very little space in the kitchen.

It is efficient and useful in any family, regardless of the approach. For easy use, the device is equipped with a mechanical control panel. It has two buttons, one on / off and the other for setting the desired temperature. The series of advantages is completed by the guarantee offered for a period of 36 months.

Quality offered at an advantageous price, with extended warranty, of 36 months

The performance of the device is ensured by the powerful 400W motor and the built-in multiple functions

It allows the processing of a large amount of food, thanks to the 4 height-adjustable trays

It offers the possibility to regulate the temperature in two stages, in order to make the dehydration process more efficient

Two-button control panel, easy to use


Although it is provided with 2 temperature levels, the model does not allow the selection of an intermediate value

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