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How do you choose the best smart yala / lock? What functions and features should the yala / smart lock have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Best Yale / Smart Lock In a world where the safety and security of your home is growing, it is only natural that we should always look for new ways to keep bad people away from the things or people we value.

Considered a place where peace and security should flourish, a person's home is a place whose privacy has been abused too many times. As a result, people lose confidence in classic locking systems, as they can be easily destroyed by a thief.

But technological progress has led to the development of so-called yales or smart locks, or smart . These are considered by many to be a safer option.

If you are interested in buying such a product, here is everything you need to know about the best yale / smart lock.

Top 3 smart yale recommended

Why choose the best smart yala / lock?

While a conventional yale can still protect your home, but only if you choose high-performance, burglar-resistant models that you can easily change the key to without a locksmith, smart locks do more than keep your home protected .

Depending on the locking system you choose, they can connect to other smart devices in your home . In addition, through an application , most allow you to lock and unlock them remotely .

Because they don't need a conventional key , you won't have to worry if you forget your keys at home .

You can also monitor the activity of children or employees . Some models include specific access codes for each person. This way you can see who left or entered the house and at what time .

How to choose the best smart yala / lock

Best Yale / Smart Lock A yala or a smart lock can include even more advantages than those mentioned above. However, in order to enjoy all the benefits of such a lock system , it is necessary to be very well informed before making a purchase.

Because it is a new field for most of us, a hasty choice could confuse you more than help you. So how can you make the right choice , given that there are quite a few models on the market?

You need to find the necessary information to help you know very well how these devices work. It is also good to be able to anticipate the consequences of choosing each type of smart yale available on the market.

You will find all the information you need in this shopping guide that we have prepared especially for you. Here, in addition to valuable information, you will find at the end the best smart locks on the market, carefully selected, now available at the best value for money .

So here are some things to keep in mind:

The type of yala or smart lock

  • Yala smart with cipher

A smart cipher lock will ask you for a pin code to open the door. Basically, this way your house will turn into a big safe. These locks are very easy to install and allow you to set different codes for different people.

This way you will know who enters, who leaves, and at what time, this whenever you want. Most smart yales use a touchscreen panel . However, there are some models that still integrate a panel with classic buttons .

You can also find combined models . For example, there are models that only integrate the cipher panel . Others, in addition to the panel, include doorknob or knob door handles .

Many of these models allow you extended connectivity , via Z-Wave or other channels, to your smartphone, or other smart devices in your home.

  • Wireless and keyless smart lock

There is a wide variety of such models on the market. This means that if you have a WI-FI connection , you can connect to the lock using this connection. Moreover, if you have a WI-FI remote control, you can lock and unlock the door from anywhere in the world.

But you have to keep in mind that these locks are generally part of a complete security package . If you do not purchase them this way, you may not be able to enjoy a dedicated application.

Therefore, if you want to control them using your phone or other smart system like Alexa, you will have to buy a special adapter.

There are also locks that fall into this category and work via Bluetooth . We will talk more about connectivity below, but as an idea, they are able to feel that you are close and open the door without you having to take any action in this regard.

  • Smart Yala with smart key

If you do not have a smartphone but still want to enjoy the benefits of such a lock system, you can buy one that works with a key or smart remote control .

You will need to carry the smart key with you, just as you probably carry the key to the block's stairwell door. Once you reach the door, to open it you will have to bring the virtual key closer to the lock , and it will open.

In addition, if you decide to install this type of lock not only on the front door, but also on the back door, or on the interior doors, you can use the same smart key to open all the doors. The only condition is that the locks are connected to the same system.

  • Smart fingerprint lock

Best Yale / Smart Lock A lock sensor with a fingerprint sensor will ask you to scan your fingerprint to open the door. Because each fingerprint is unique, they are difficult to falsify or alter. In addition, you cannot lose your fingerprint just as you would lose your keys , and your fingerprint cannot be replaced.

The operation of this lock is fascinating. A sensor scans your fingerprint, then turns the information into a numeric code. The first time you put your fingerprint on the sensor, this data is recorded and saved. This means that you can use the lock to give access to more people.

However, the system is not without flaws . For example, you will not be able to reset your fingerprint , just as you could reset a password, which may be inconvenient in some cases. In addition, sometimes cuts or scratches on the fingerprint or sensor malfunctions can leave you locked out.

When buying such a yala, look for one that has a built- in cipher panel or a conventional lock, so you don't get locked out if the fingerprint reader fails. You should also check the frequency of false rejections . If it is large, it is better not to buy such a yala.

In terms of material, choose one that is made of hard brass or steel , to the detriment of aluminum that can be compromised using a crowbar . Don't forget to check the maximum number of fingerprints that can be registered and saved by the lock, to ensure that it is suitable for your family's needs.


The smart locks or yales that are currently available on the market have three types of connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooh or Z-Wave .

  • Smart lock with Wi-Fi connection

It will be very easy for you to use such a lock because the connectivity is identical to that of any other device with WI-FI connectivity . You will need to have a Wi-Fi router and a smart hub in your home.

This way you will be able to have a record of the people entering and leaving the house, but also the possibility to lock and unlock the door of the house from wherever you are in the world.

  • Yala smart with Bluetooth connection

The Bluetooth connection gives you the same functionality as a Wi-Fi system, except that a Bluetooth connection will not consume your battery as fast . The batteries should last you at least a year in this case.

Unlike a Wi-Fi model, your lock will be able to connect automatically to your phone with Bluetooth connection, so you will no longer need an adapter or a special hub.

However, such a hub will allow you to centralize all the smart devices in your home, so that you can access, monitor and control them through a single application on your phone, without having to use an individual application for each device in part.

  • Smart lock with Z-Wave connection

An option that is only now becoming more popular in our country, is the Z-Wave connection . The difference from the other models is that this channel does not connect directly to your phone .

A Z-Wave connection uses a compatible hub in your home to communicate with the signal from another smart device . Then turn this signal into a command that is understood by your router. Once this connection is established, you can access, monitor and control the smart yala from anywhere in the world.


Battery life is a key point to consider when choosing a smart yale. Too few homes have an electrical installation that reaches to the door, which means that the smart lock will have to be powered by batteries.

Best Yale / Smart Lock You should know that battery life is affected by the type of connectivity with which yala works. Therefore, the ones with Z-Wave connectivity have the lowest power consumption , while Wi-Fi locks consume the battery the fastest. Bluetooth also uses a little battery, but it also has a short wavelength.

Compatibility with door type

Most smart locks are compatible with existing door locks on the entrance to the house. But remember that there are models that ask you to completely change the lock you already have, or models that only involve changing it.

Also, some locks are meant for left-hand use, while others are for right-hand use. If you don't have a door yet and you want to buy a lock like this, this is not a problem, but if you want to buy one for a door you already have, you need to pay attention to this aspect.

Also make sure that the lock is intended for external use , not for interior doors. Otherwise, it may not be resistant to external environmental factors.

What functions and accessories should the best smart watch / lock have?

  • Home automation hub – allows you to connect the lock to other smart devices in your home.
  • Mobile phone compatibility – Most smart locks come bundled with a phone app that lets you control it with your phone. You will need to make sure that the application can work on your phone and is compatible with your operating system.
  • Remote control – Although present in most smart yale models, this is not the case for everyone. So, if you want to be able to control the door remotely, make sure that the product integrates this function.
  • One-touch access – or One Touch Lock. This is a function that allows you to close or open the door with a single touch.
  • Security system – The best smart yala comes bundled with a security system so that your home will be protected.


We recommend you to buy the best smart yala / lock online . Here is the place where you can find a model that suits you both in terms of budget and in terms of appearance and functionality. You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of many discounts, while you will buy conveniently, and the product will be sent directly to your home.

Before making any kind of online shopping, don't forget to check the opinion of other buyers. Their experience may lead you to give up a product that is not suitable.

Now that you have read this information, you are ready to buy the best smart yala / lock .

Best yale / smart lock: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of yale / smart home locks that offer excellent value for money.

1. Portass UPGW02 waterproof smart lock

Best Yale / Smart Lock This outdoor / indoor yala is a product with luxury finishes, of a superior quality to those existing on the Romanian market.
It is a weather-resistant yala, able to operate from temperatures of – 25º C and up to + 55º C.
Because it is a modern smart lock, you can forget about the care of the keys, because the access can be done with the help of:
fingerprint (300) – security code (300) (digital keyboard 12 keys) – card (MF card, ID card) – mechanical keys (2 keys).

See details and price

2. Yala smart Safer WIFI with remote access

Best Yale / Smart Lock Yala intelligent WIFI with remote access suitable for hotel or office and residential use.
You can install such a yala to which you can send an access code for a period defined by you directly from your mobile phone.
It is also equipped with a high security lock, and is also equipped with a mechanical lock / opening based on the key. Gateway Included.
Access is by phone, code or card.

See details and price

3. Yala smart Ultraloq Smart

Best Yale / Smart Lock

Designed for doors with a thickness between 33 mm – 50 mm.
The door can be opened in several ways: 4-8 digit code – Fingerprint – Key – Smartphone application.
Through the application you can change the access code remotely.
The opening direction is set and changed from the lock and the application.
The lock works at the following temperatures: The outer part from -35º C to 70º C –
The inner part from -10º C to 55º C.

See details and price

4. Yala access Anviz L100K standalone with fingerprint and code batteries

Best Yale / Smart Lock

Capacity 99 fingerprints and 99 access codes.
It is suitable for office access, server room, where you want to restrict access to the door, without the need to install a complex system.
It works directly on batteries (4 pcs x 1.5), which ensures sufficient action time.
Sensor: AFOS407 Optical Sensor.
Awakening sensor: Infrared.
Housing: Zinc alloy.

See details and price

5. Nuki Smart Lock 2.0

Best Yale / Smart Lock Lock and unlock the door with a single touch – from your smartphone or smartwatch.
With the Auto Unlock feature enabled, Nuki recognizes your phone without even touching it and automatically unlocks the door when you get home.
Nuki locks the door a few seconds after you leave home with the Lock 'n' Go function on your smartphone or by pressing the Nuki Smart Lock button.
Manages access for family members, friends, guests or nanny, on a permanent basis, regularly or for a single event.

See details and price

6. Sherlock S2 smart lock

Best Yale / Smart Lock

Convenient indoor installation. Just attach the S2 to the inner key cylinder.
Keyless, regardless of inside or outside, using the "Sherlock" application, you can control the switch.
Child lock. Closing and opening with a simple touch from the inside. Convenient.
Custom security chip for each. Sure.
The application virtual key can be easily set and distributed remotely.

See details and price

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