bosch hbg633nb1 review 2021


Benefits of bosch hbg633nb1:

It provides a capacity of 71 liters, with a power of 3.6 kW.

4D baking system and digital control panel, with 10 predefined programs.

Includes EcoClean Direct system for easier cleaning and CoolDoor for safety.

It reaches a temperature of up to 300oC, optimal for pizza dishes.



Quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies, used to provide easy and comfortable use, also mean a significantly higher price than other similar versions in size. Because it is a built-in option, it will also be necessary to cover the costs of inserting it in the furniture.



The baking compartment has a capacity of 71 liters, and the integral appliance has the dimensions of 59.5 x 59.4 x 54.8cm, optimally combining a compact format, with a generous space for cooking. It includes four levels that you can place baking trays or grill type, which you can use individually or at the same time, if you urgently need to cook a larger amount of food.

The working power is 3.6kW, but you do not need to worry about energy consumption, because Bosch HBG633NB1 is one of the models of electric ovens(here and our comparative list)designed to meet the energy efficiency class A + .

bosch hbg633nb1 review 2021

Regarding the power management options offered, we can tell you that you are dealing with an ultramodern model, with a 2.5inch TFT display and touch keys. The oven recommends your cooking temperature, tells you how many degrees are inside and provides you with 10 predefined programs: standard upper / lower heating and Eco, with low consumption, grill with small / large surface, with or without convection, defrosting, pizza and so on

The interior walls are covered with GranitEmail, which offers good resistance over time, to frequent wear and cleaning, and the back, which is harder to reach, is covered with ceramic nanoparticles. These have the role of dissolving and absorbing fat even while using the oven, so that no extra effort is required on your part.

Because it is designed as a family device, this technical version is equipped with a door that does not exceed 40oC when using the oven, residual heat sensor and safety system, which locks the control panel to keep the little ones in safety.

Inside, it reaches up to 300oC, above the average level offered by most electric ovens, which easily takes it to the area of semi-professional versions. If in general, the difference from 230 – 240oC to 300oC can prove extra, for those who frequently prepare pizza and pastries will be an essential addition.


Conclusion after bosch hbg633nb1 review:

It is an affordable premium product, with a high-performance combination of technical features, both in terms of power and efficiency, as well as in terms of comfort and safety in use. If you are renovating your kitchen and you want to have the best, without emptying your pockets, Bosch HBG633NB1 is one of the options worth considering.


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