Brief user instructions for Bosch food processor in 2021

You will find a lot of Bosch food processors, with various functions, and when you purchase you will receive the technical book from which you will find out exactly what precautions to follow, how to use each function and how to use the accessories in the package. A general guide that includes the most important aspects can be found here, in case it is more convenient for you or you prefer a short version.

It often happens that we lose the technical books of the products or hoard them in almost inaccessible places. Some textbooks are bushy and difficult to follow. In any case, we briefly explain the rules of use of a Bosch robot, in the short text below.


It is important to install the new appliance in good condition, to make sure that any possible failure is due exclusively to factors independent of how you installed it. It is advisable to place it on a straight, smooth and clean surface.

The best place to place the robot is the kitchen worktop. You have to pay attention to the details: put it as close as possible to a power source, without having to pull the power cord under other appliances. Some robots have a special place where the free wire can be placed, while other models even have a retractable wire.

Brief user instructions for Bosch food processor in 2021

Safety rules

Observance of the safety rules involved in the use of kitchen appliances is important, given the large number of domestic accidents. The rules are quite simple and concern both the correct use of the electrical network and the use of functions according to the instructions.

First of all, protect your hands when assembling cutting parts and accessories. Knives, discs and graters should only be handled when the robot is turned off and disconnected from the source. And the use of the functions that operate them is done only after you have screwed the lid of the container. To handle the cutting accessories, the instructions show that either the plastic handle with which they are equipped or their uncut edge are used.

Also as a basic precaution, check that the parts are mounted in the working position as shown in the manual and use them only when the assembly is complete.

When using a Bosch robot that is equipped with an arm and a bowl, do not force their release, operate the arm by unlocking the key or button.

Do not use accessories that do not belong to the appliance set. Only by using the original parts, with precise destination and design, you can obtain the expected results without risking injuring yourself or destroying the robot.

Using accessories

First, use the accessories for the tasks for which they were designed. Each of them has certain usage requirements that help you extend the life of the product and at the same time get the desired results.

The most common accessories you will find with a Bosch robot are: blades, shovels, kneading hooks and discs (shredding, slicing and scraping).

Brief user instructions for Bosch food processor in 2021

The pallets are designed to work with light compositions, creams and soft dough. The kneading hook is used for dough. The function of the goal is easy to guess, it being used for hard doughs and in the case of foods that should not be cut (salad, grapes).

The shredding disk, the slicing disk and the scraping disk need materials whose structure does not make their task difficult. Bilateral scraping discs, for example, are recommended when the products consist of vegetables, fruits and cheeses (but not in the case of hard cheeses or nuts). The medium fineness grating disc is generally suitable with raw vegetables (potatoes and cheeses that have a strong consistency) and also with chocolate and nuts. You will notice that the recommended speeds are different depending on the instrument used and the function. Follow the recommended steps carefully.

For a Bosch food processor that also includes a chopping machine, it is good to check the material you put in the chopper, in order to free it from bone debris and hard-to-cut tissues.

The accessories are stored in the storage boxes or in the containers intended for them. This way you save space and do not risk losing valuable pieces.

Using functions

When adding the ingredients to the vessel in which they are to be processed, the manufacturer recommends that you first turn off the robot and remove the lid, then add the missing ingredient. Once you have closed the lid again you can restart the operation by using the switch.

After using one or more functions, you must clean the robot's dishes, as well as the accessories you used, with water, unplug it and store it properly.

The mixing bowl is removed by pressing the release button, which raises the arm and allows the bowl to be fixed or removed. The recommendation for use is easy to check on the gradation of such a vessel: exceeding the line showing the maximum capacity can overload the engine, if it is a hard, viscous composition, or can compromise part of it, throwing it out of the vessel.

In addition to the mixer and the mincer, the blender is almost always in the combination of functions offered by the Bosch device. A Bosch blender can also be used to grind a small amount of solid material (a few tens of grams).

Brief user instructions for Bosch food processor in 2021

Cleaning and storage

It is important not to use abrasives or cleaning agents during cleaning, as they can lead to damage to the machine. Before cleaning the robot, unplug it, and then use wet wipes or rags to wipe the surface with very little active substance.

The bowl and utensils are usually made of a material capable of withstanding in the dishwasher, but it is preferable not to crowd too many plastic parts, as they can easily deform. If you opt for manual washing, you can use a brush for areas that are difficult to clean. Don't forget to clean the drive shaft as well.

To keep the food processor, it is recommended to disconnect it from the electricity and store it in the box. If you prefer to keep the device visible, for frequent use, do not forget to put the discs and blades in containers and bowls to keep them together.

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