built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages

Choosing a built-in hob can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we gathered some information from reports and tests made by experts, so we could choose the best 10 built-in hobs available on the market right now.




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built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages


built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages


built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages


built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages


built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages


built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages


built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages


built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages


built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages


built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages


More and more people are choosing built-in hobs instead of a classic stove, and this choice is justified by the many advantages they bring to the kitchen. The best built-in hob brings elegance to the kitchen, optimizes the space and turns the cooking experience into a pleasure. This is provided that you purchase, from the multitude of offers on the commercial market, a built-in hob suitable for your personal needs. That's why we set out to provide you with a guide to useful technical information to turn your dream of having the best built-in hob into reality.

Built-in hob types. Advantages and disadvantages of each model.

We currently have three types of built-in hobs available on the commercial market: gas, electric and induction hobs.

Built-in gas hob

built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages

The most purchased is this model of built-in hob, similar to the one on the stove, being an extremely common way of cooking in our country, even if it is less efficient. With the highest costs, this model has an energy efficiency of only 50%, which means that more than half of the heat released is lost.

Built-in gas hobs are usually priced lower than other models and are recommended in families where cooking is common. As additional options, they come with an automatic gas safety system in case of extinguishing the flame and with the option of electric ignition.

Electric built-in hob

This model of hob is made of in vitro-ceramic material, and the heating of the cooking surface is done with the help of an electrical resistance embedded in the hob material. The advantages of using an electric built-in hob are multiple:

built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages

  • their extremely elegant appearance in the kitchen, due to their glazed surface without grills;
  • the possibility to set the temperature for each cooking surface, partly according to needs, which leads to a considerable saving of the electric current used;
  • the option of automatic shutdown after cooking, which increases the efficiency and safety of its use;
  • most models also have an environmentally friendly mode of operation, which will greatly reduce power consumption.

The electric hob also has disadvantages that you must take into account in your choice:

  • electricity consumption costs are higher than gas, which would lead to higher operating costs than the first gas model;
  • the cooking surface may remain hot for a long time after cooking, and this may cause accidents in the kitchen;
  • the cooking time is longer than in the case of the gas built-in hob model.

This type of hob is suitable for consumers who cook less often and in small quantities to fully enjoy the benefits of its use.

Induction hob

This built-in hob model works with the help of electricity, but the heat exchange is done only during contact with the pot or pan. Therefore, they are made of special materials, inscribed that they work with induction systems. The advantages of using the built-in induction hob are multiple:

built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages

  • it is extremely energy efficient, with a efficiency of 90%, almost double that of gas; this translates into lower costs on the electricity bill.
  • cooking time is reduced by almost half compared to gas systems, therefore you will gain valuable time for other activities;
  • the induction hob is completely safe: when you lift the dish off the hob, it will cool almost instantly.

Induction hob has one important disadvantage: it has a much higher price, even 2-3 times, than the other two models of built-in hobs It is recommended for those who cook frequently, but do not want to waste too much time in the kitchen.

Important technical characteristics of built – in hobs

The dimensions of the hob

The size of the hob is an important feature in making the purchase decision. Of course, the built-in hob can be mounted in several places compared to a stove, but that does not mean that you do not have to calculate in advance the places where it should fit. Make sure that the kitchen worktop is wide enough so that the built-in hob is as efficient as possible and you don't have any surprises.

Stove design

Because hobs must be organically integrated into the kitchen space, their design is an important selection criterion for many buyers. There are modern design hobs and vintage design hobs. If your kitchen is modern, with metal, glass and cool colors, you should turn your attention to modern hobs. If the kitchen is decorated in a rustic or vintage style, with warm colors, it is better to buy retro hob models to harmonize with it.

Manufacturing material

built in hobs and ovens avantages and disadvantages The basic material from which the hob is made is essential, because it depends on its resistance over time and its ease of cleaning. For example, stainless steel is the most resistant, especially in its anti-fingerprint version that also allows easier maintenance. Ceramic glass is beautiful and easy to clean, but it can be destroyed relatively easily in strong shocks. The built-in gas hobs are made of enameled steel, strong enough to be appreciated by customers. Your choice depends on the materials, exclusively the price you are willing to pay at the time of purchase.

Informed choice of the best built-in hob

From the information you have already read, it is obvious that built-in hobs are superior to stoves in terms of efficiency, space, design, but also because they can be cleaned much easier. In addition, they can be placed anywhere in the kitchen where there is a power supply, with the possibility of mounting in several areas, depending on preferences. Our recommendation is to invest in a quality hob, even if it is more expensive than a classic stove because you will not regret it: the cooking experience will be different, and the advantages of its multiple use.

You can buy the desired product online, because you will have access to more diversified products in a shorter time, price reductions at certain times of the year and free shipping of the product to your home. Do not forget to check the product warranty, which must be at least 24 months, but also if there are services available from the manufacturer near you, in case of malfunctions.

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