Cake or ice cream – wich is healthier?

That was the question the kids asked me when they saw them. :))

They are just cakes, a very simple recipe, but their joy and delight were so great that the recipe becomes very valuable. :))

Can you imagine 2 chickens sitting on a cot in the middle of the room, by the light of the light bulb enjoying a cake and saying that they are at sea? :)) A real delight.

Cake or ice cream – wich is healthier?

3 eggs
150 g sugar
350 g yogurt
125 g butter
300 g flour
1 baking powder
vanilla essence
2 tablespoons chocolate chips

For decoration:

100 g milk chocolate
colored candies
24 ice cream cones

The soft butter at room temperature mixes with the sugar and vanilla essence until it becomes like a cream. Add eggs one by one, mixing well after each one. Pour the yogurt, mix, then add the flour mixed with baking powder. At the end we incorporate the chocolate chips.

Fill the croissants close to the edge, with the resulting composition and put them in the oven over medium heat until golden brown.

We take them out on a grill, let them cool,

Cake or ice cream – wich is healthier?

then we pass them through melted milk chocolate and roll them through colored candies.

/_QTxI1IxIp-Q/TShGoMByZHI/AAAAAAAAG4w/Ajmg3nPrR0s/s1600/Picture+2072+copy.jpg” data-rel=”penci-gallery-image-content”>Cake or ice cream – wich is healthier?
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