cake with baking sheets and chocolate chip cookie recipe

For Easter, I really wanted to make, in addition to cake and Easter , a cake. Obviously with chocolate. :))) Being overwhelmed with things I bought the sheets not having time for them either. I couldn't say that they turned their backs on me :)) these sheets, but for when you don't have time and you're in speed, they are a valid alternative.

If you have the time, space and mood :)) I recommend thechocolate and condensed milk cake sheets.

cake with baking  sheets and chocolate chip cookie recipe

4 pandispan leaves

For the cream:

200 g dark chocolate
250 ml liquid cream
250 g mascarpone
50 g ground walnuts
1 tablespoon black cocoa
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoons hot milk
esenta de rom
Put the chocolate and whipped cream in a bowl over low heat. When it has reached boiling point, set it aside and mix well. Put the dish in the fridge for about 2 hours. You can also use the freezer, thus considerably reducing the preparation time of the cream.

We mix the ground walnut with the sugar and cocoa. Homogenize then pour the hot milk. If necessary, add 1-2 tablespoons of milk, just enough to get a thick cream.

We mix the mascarpone, then we incorporate the cooled chocolate cream, little by little. Add the walnut cream, stirring gently. Flavor with rum essence to taste.

We divide the obtained cream into 4 and distribute it on the 4 sheets of pandispan, overlapping them. Let the cake cool for a few hours, then portion it.

cake with baking  sheets and chocolate chip cookie recipe

English Version

Cake with sponge and chocolate sheets

By Eastern I want to do traditional cakes in Romania (“ cozonac ” and “ă),but I want to do a special cake (with chocolate of course). Because I was very busy, I buy some sheets sponge. They are not very good but I make my “business” .If you have time, space and if you wish that I recommend sheets sponge from Chocolate and condensed milk cake

4 sheets sponge

For cream:

200 g of bittersweet chocolate
250 ml whipped cream
250 g mascarpone
50 g ground walnuts
1 spoon of black cocoa
1 spoon of sugar
2 spoons of hot milk
rum essence

Put the chocolate and the whipped cream into a pot at a small fire. When it boil remove the pot and mixed until we obtain a homogeneous mixture. Put the mixture in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Ground walnuts with black cocoa and sugar are blend with hot milk. If you need put extra milk for a thick cream.

Mixed mascarpone, after we incorporate cold chocolate cream very easy. After, we incorporate walnuts cream, mixed easy. Put rum essence.

We divide the new cream into 4 parts and we lay by sheets dough.Put the cake at cold for a few hours, after cut it.

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