Cake with butter cream and mascarpone

I got to the cake recipe with butter cream and mascarpone because I was challenged! 😀

During the campaign launched by Dr. Oetker "Cakes are the soul of the holiday" Paula made a beautiful cake and challenged me to make one. I'm so modest :)))))) and I say it's just cute, but how good it was I brag! :))) And because the weekend is still coming, I challenge you to try the cake recipe 😉

Cake with butter cream and mascarpone

Cake with butter cream and mascarpone

  • Wheat:
  • 200 g flour
  • 100 g sugar (powder)
  • 30 g cocoa Dr. Oetker
  • 1 sachet Dr. Oetker baking powder
  • 250 g yogurt
  • 2 eggs
  • 75 ml oil
  • vanilla essence Dr. Oetker
  • For the cream:
  • 125 g butter
  • 200 ml whipped cream
  • 250 g mascarpone
  • 150 g sugar (powder)
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar Dr. Oetker
  • vanilla essence, to taste
  • For decoration:
  • 200 ml whipped cream
  • 150 g Almette cream cheese
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar flavored with vanilla bourbon
  • chocolate chips
  • For syrup:
  • 240 ml of milk
  • 3 tablespoons Nesquik

Preparation Cake with butter cream and mascarpone:


Mix flour with cocoa, powdered sugar, baking powder and a pinch of salt. After mixing them well, sift them into a bowl. Make a hole in the middle and pour the oil, yogurt, vanilla essence and the 2 eggs. We start mixing at the low speed of the mixer, until the ingredients are mixed, then we increase the speed of the mixer and mix until we obtain a homogeneous and glossy composition.

The composition is turned over in a tray 20 cm in diameter, lined with baking paper and put in the oven, over medium heat (150 degrees, electric oven with ventilation) for about 40 minutes, depending on the oven. Test with the toothpick. Remove the top on a grill and leave to cool.

Butter cream with mascarpone:

Soft butter, left at room temperature, mix with powdered sugar and vanilla essence until creamy. Add the mascarpone and mix well.

Separately, mix the whipped cream. When it starts to take on consistency, add the vanilla sugar and mix until it becomes firm. If necessary, a whipping cream hardener can be added.

Put whipped cream over butter cream with mascarpone and mix lightly until smooth.

We cut the cooled top into 3 parts that we lightly syrup with the milk in which we dissolved the Nesquik. We assemble the cake in the tray in which we baked the top. Divide the cream into 2 equal parts and distribute it between the worktops. Let the tray cool until the cream hardens enough.

Meanwhile, we prepare the cream for decoration . Cream the whipped cream until it reaches the consistency, then add the powdered sugar flavored with Bourbon vanilla and mix it becomes fluffy. Add the cream cheese and mix until the composition is homogeneous and firm. Store in the refrigerator until use.

We take out the cake on a plate and dress it and decorate it with cream for garnish. We also sprinkled some chocolate chips and ready our delicious cake 😉

Good appetite! 😉


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