Cake with yogurt strawberries and mint

Here is an extremely tasty dessert, easy to prepare and refreshing.
A few ingredients, 30-40 minutes available and then look forward to enjoying a slice.
The combination of mint and chocolate strawberries has always been a happy one, so it made this dessert delicious.
At first I called it a strawberry cheesecake, then I thought that since it wasn’t cheese, it wouldn’t be right to call it that. I called it a yogurt, strawberry and mint cake instead .
Of course, it can be done with other fruits, which I intend to prepare throughout the summer.
After 8 chocolate has a mint flavor and gave flavor and aroma to the dessert, but it also helped me decorate it easily.
I hope you like this cake, yogurt and mint cake recipe !

Cake with yogurt  strawberries and mint

Cake with yogurt  strawberries and mint Cake with yogurt  strawberries and mint Cake with yogurt  strawberries and mint

Shape diameter: 26 cm Preparation time: 1 h


  • Biscuit crust:
  • 250 gr biscuits with caramel
  • 80 gr butter
  • Filling:
  • 400 gr large strawberries
  • 800 gr fat yogurt
  • 3 lg powdered sugar
  • 2 lg dark chocolate chips
  • 5 gr gelatin
  • a few chocolate bars After 8
  • 2 lg olive oil
  • Topping:
  • 1 lg starch
  • 200 ml sweetened strawberry juice
  • Decor:
  • black chocolate
  • White chocolate


Hydrate the gelatin in a little water. It is then heated on a steam bath until it becomes liquid and homogeneous. Be careful not to boil, otherwise it loses its properties.
Melt the butter.
The strawberries are washed and cut in half. The biscuits are ground on a robot or by hand, in a bag, with the help of a rolling pin. Add the melted butter and mix until a homogeneous composition is obtained. Prepare a round baking form, preferably with a removable ring. Place the biscuit breadcrumbs in an even layer. Let it cool. Mix the fat yogurt with the sugar. Add gelatin, mix. Add the chocolate chips, mix lightly a few times. Set aside.

Remove the biscuit base from the cold. Grease the inside of the mold with olive oil. It will give a little shine to the strawberries, I learned this tip from Vladut. Place a border of halved strawberries, alternating with chocolate bars After 8. See photo
Place a few strawberries on the entire surface of the biscuit base.
Pour the yogurt composition, lightly, so that no strawberries fall, level it lightly, garnish with the rest of the chopped strawberries and leave to cool.
Separately, pour the strawberry juice into a bowl, add a tablespoon of starch, mixing well and transfer to the heat. Stir until the composition binds, then remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly. After it has cooled a little, pour it over the top layer of strawberries. Garnish with pieces of white and dark chocolate and a few chocolate bars with mint. Let cool until ready to serve.
Simple, easy and mega delicious! Use this yogurt, strawberry and mint cake recipe!

Cake with yogurt  strawberries and mint

Cake with yogurt  strawberries and mintCake with yogurt  strawberries and mintCake with yogurt  strawberries and mint
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