caramel cake recipe ideas

Caramel Cake Recipe

caramel cake recipe ideas


  • # Rock:
  • # 5 eggs
  • # 100 g sugar
  • # 2 tablespoons oil
  • # 30 g starch
  • # 100 g flour
  • # 1 baking powder
  • # 3 tablespoons chocolate balls
  • # For the cream:
  • # 3 yolks
  • # 200 g sugar
  • # 220 ml milk
  • # 250 ml fresh
  • # 1 tablespoon starch
  • # 10 g gelatin
  • # For the syrup:
  • # 50 g sugar
  • # 100 ml water
  • # 2 tablespoons chocolate liqueur
  • # For the glaze:
  • # 100 g dark chocolate
  • # 50 g butter
  • # 50 ml fresh liquid
  • # 1 tablespoon chocolate liqueur
  • # For caramel decoration:
  • # 50 g sugar

How to prepare Caramel Cake:


The egg whites are separated from the yolks and beat hard with a pinch of salt. When it has hardened well, add the sugar and continue mixing until we obtain a glossy meringue. Mix the yolks with the oil, then slowly incorporate them into the meringue.

We mix the flour with the baking powder and the starch and we incorporate it in the above mixture. At the end, the chocolate balls. We pour the obtained dough in a tray (24 cm in diameter) lined with baking paper and put it in the oven over medium heat until it browns on top. The toothpick is tested with a toothpick 😉

Caramel cream:

We mix the yolks with the starch. Homogenize. We soak the gelatin in a few tablespoons of cold water.

We caramelize the sugar and when it has become golden, add the hot milk. Beware of steam and the fact that it swells and can swell. Put it on the fire again and keep it until all the caramel melts, stirring constantly.

Pour the hot caramel over the yolks, slowly so as not to be lumpy. Put it on the fire again and stirring constantly, boil it until it starts to thicken. The consistency should be like that of a sour cream. Leave to cool and when it has reached a bearable temperature on the finger, add gelatin and let it cool until it starts to harden.

Mix the liquid cream until it becomes fluffy and incorporate it into the caramel pudding. We cut the baked and cooled top into 3. We divide the cream in 2 and distribute it between the 3 tops, which we syrup.


Bring the water to a boil with the sugar until the latter dissolves. Leave to cool, then add the liqueur.


Melt the chocolate together with the butter and liquid cream. After it has cooled, add the liqueur. Let it cool and when it has reached the consistency of a thicker cream, pour it over the cake.

Candy decor:

We caramelize the sugar, then with a fork we draw lines (abstract :))) on baking paper, greased with a little oil.


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